Tridax procumbens


A Preacher came here one day and spoke powerfully, I was charged. I took my wife in a car, 2 am, we were driving round town, my wife asked what’s going on, I said just drive with me, we were looking for something. You must learn how to be spontaneous. Jesus saw five thousand hungry people, he asked from the disciples what their plan was, but he knew what he was going to do. You know we were trying to get a land, and all we could raise was 20 million naira, when what we needed was hundreds of Millions. Dr Myles Munroe came, we gathered at ICC, the who and who of the society were there, numbering about 8000 participants, all he could raise as funds for us was 20 million. I said Lord, what’s going on, he gave me a set of instructions.

As soon as I got to Abuja, the Lord led me and Pastor Flo to This Day dome, and I said Lord,I want this. I inquired, and I was told it was 4 Million naira per use, I said pardon? they asked what the name of our organization was, that we wanted to use that hall, a hall Opened by Bill Clinton, meant for the Creme de la Creme of the Society. But we were not deterred, we moved with confidence, two miserable boys from Ilorin, the woman told us, the previous church that rented the hall couldn’t spend more than 3 Months because of the Financial burden, but we said we are coming. As instructed by God, we sent the tithe of the funds raised to Dr Myles Munroe. At that point two members of the church sat me down and warned me not to touch the money being gathered for the purchase of land, I assured them I won’t, but the Lord has spoken.

After a lot of negotiations, we paid for 3 months. Soon afterwards, we went to Greece for one of my mentors birthday party. While we were there, the pastor who was placed on my table was incidentally the pastor who left our new church venue. While we were chatting, he informed me they couldn’t spend more than 3 Months, I shouted in Apprehension, throughout the party food did not enter my mouth, I was in palpitations, but when I prayed, my confidence was boosted.

When our rent remained two weeks,God showed up and we experienced a great explosion,such that we’ve never seen before, and that’s how the Journey to Glory started. It all began with Obedience to instructions.

#Empowermentdayof obedience

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