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The first way to do this is to use your digital photograph (or the photograph of the speaker(s) if you are not the one speaking on your advert. You might not be able to do this right way if you are using a classified advert but I will say more about it later. When you use your photograph, it instantly lowers the resistance of the prospect.
After this, introduce yourself or the speaker and quickly launch into a list of major benefits that the prospect will get when he attends your seminar.
From there, give him proof that the information you will provide to him works by showing him testimonials or any other evidence.
Also, give out a bait in your advert to collect the prospects’ contact address (phone number and email) by saying something like “If you are interested in this seminar, send an SMS with your name, phone number and email to 080xxxxx and get a N3500 valued gift.
NOTE – The gift might be a valuable free ebook, a free course, a CD/DVD or adiscount on the seminar fee.
The major purpose of collecting the contact details of the prospect is so that you can:
  • Send more sales details to him/her.
  • Follow up the prospects.
  • Sell the Seminar recordings to some who did not attend due to various reasons.
  • Invite them to other related upcoming seminar.
Collecting the contact details is where a lot of seminar people miss it and I would not like you to do the same.
This aspect is very important. If you do this, you might end up bringing 15 out of 20 who are interested to your seminar whereas if you had not done so, only 3 or 4 would have showed up.
The next important thing to be on your advert is the list of additional bonuses that the prospect will get when he or she attends. Make sure the bonus is huge and salivating so that it even costs more than the fee of the seminar. When the prospects see this, they will be wiling to choose your seminar instead of going to other people’s seminars.
Once this is settled, the next tricky thing to be careful of is your seminar fee. Do not over price the seminar or else your about to be caught prospect will run away.
Make sure the price is very affordable. I do not mean you should under price your seminar. NO! For instance, when most people want to sell a seminar targeted towards jobless people, you see them charging fees like $200 etc just because that same amount is been charged in other seminars.
You must know the value of your seminar, know your prospect as to what they can afford easily and use that in pricing your seminar and you will be amazed at the results you will get.
Finally, give out a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee 
You know what? I have discovered that a lot of people are not willing to give out the refunds for their seminar and to me, which means 2 things:
  1. Lack of confidence in what they are selling. (Shame)
  2. Marketing Ignorance
What these people do not know is that by telling the prospect that you will return all his money back to him if he is not satisfied, he will see closely that he does not have anything to lose by coming and so he will pay… and you know what?
Because he will be satisfied (depending on you), he won’t ask for a refund. That is just it. And if peradventure, one or two people decide to ask for refunds, oh! Feel free to give it to them and thank them for coming. They won’t even feel good about themselves if you have done a good work with your seminar.
Now, depending on if you are advertising your seminar with handbills, posters etc, there will be differences in how you combine all this factors but remember the headline, an affordable price, bait to collect contact details and Money Back Guarantee are extremely important.

Using your Classified Advert Effectively.

Now, I want to make something clear here. A classified advert (talking about the small spaced boxed adverts) can’t be used to effectively persuade someone to buy from you no matter what you are selling. The reason is that it can’t effectively contain all the messages that you want to use in persuading the prospect.
That is why if I want to use a classified advert to advertise a seminar, I would rather have them call me or preferably, I would send them to a website or blog where they can get the full details of the advert and I would also follow them up constantly (I would have collected their phone numbers from the adverts)
Okay, for example, if I wanted to do a seminar on “How to make 10% commission from calls made by GSM Users” and I wanted to use a classified advert, this is what I will do:
Here is my classified advert:
How to Make 10% Commission From Calls Made By GSM Users!
Get more details NOW by sending an SMS (Containing your name, email And phone number to 080XXXX (You ‘ll get a $29 valued gift for doing this)
Now, do you know the next thing to do once someone sends an SMS?
I will reply immediately with an SMS which says:
“Thanks for showing interest. To get more details NOW and to claim your $29 valued gift, visit www.XXXX.comToday before the offer expires!
Now, I will keep following up the prospects either through email or phone.
Normally, not everybody who shows interest will come to my seminars but then I will keep the customers’ database so that I can sell them the CD/VCD recordings of my seminar.

Follow ups (Using SMS)

Do you remember that I talked to you about collecting prospect’s phone numbers in order to be able to follow them up effectively? I know you’re thinking that would cost you a lot of money but believe me. It works!
There is a way out for you to afford sending SMS cheaply and that is by using the bulk SMS technology.
Make sure that your message (either by SMS/email) builds your credibility in the mind of the readers and it must show that you care for the prospect.

How to Pull in More Profits From Your Seminars.  

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