How you can Use Honey to cure Low Sperm Count


One of the major health issues that men can experience is low sperm count; it has affected many people and also hinders them from been able to have their own child.  This Condition is not a friendly one, it is something that you should avoid by all means and if you are having low sperm count, don’t worry, this information will guide you and help you overcome it.

Do you know honey is very powerful? It has physical, health and spiritual benefits and in this article, I will talk about a few things that honey can do for you, I know many times we take honey for it sweetness but there are much more benefits than sweetness that honey can offer you.

Honey does not only help with low sperm count, it also helps you perform better in bed, if  you cannot satisfy your woman as a man, sexually, then honey is the solution you need here to deal with that situation.

In most cases of the inability to have a child, our society as placed the blame solely on women, whereas, men can also be a cause, if a man has low sperm count, then he is not able to produce the required volume of sperm that is expected of a man on a normal basis, this will affect him, and he won’t be able to impregnate his wife, not to talk of conception or pregnancy and delivery.

So how Does Honey help you overcome low sperm count?

Get unripe plantain, cut it into pieces, you can fry it or boil it a little, and you can also take it raw, if you are taking it raw, you can add honey to it, and if you are processing it or adding it to your food, you should take the food together with honey, do this every day for 7 to 14days.

You will see the effect on the quality and quantity of your sperm, and you will be able to impregnate your wife, so also, if you want to use honey to enhance your sexual performance and libido, get honey and use it with milk and egg; that is;

Honey, Raw Egg and Milk, mix it together and take it daily for 3days, it will amplify your sexual performance in a great way, another way you can use it to improve sexual performance or libido in men is this;


Get Garlic and ginger, cut them into pieces, soak inside water and add salt to the water for 3days, after the third day, cut like 100g and add 50g of Honey to it, take it like that for 3days, you will experience great change in your sexual performance, this is very important because we have had too many cases of people complaining about their husband performance in bed, it has also shatter many marriage and destroy it, this should not be taken with levity. Women are always committed to their husband, when he satisfies them sexually, don’t open the door for the enemy to invade your marriage.

Lastly, this is for women out there, for those with vagina infections, or those that wants to prevent it from happening, this information will help you, there are many people out there, who are going through this situation and they don’t know what to do, this is the guide you need. Do you know Honey can help you eradicate and avoid vagina infections?

This is how it works;

Get a warm water, and mix it with honey, use it to wash your vagina every night, please don’t use a hot water, so you don’t burn yourself at the end of the day, get a warm water and mix it with honey, use it to wash your private part at night, it will eradicate any form of vagina infection and also, it will help you avoid it, I am waiting to hear your feedbacks.

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