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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at SMHOS 1st Service.

Thanks be to God for he always gives his people gift, we are celebrating the season where we remember the birth of Jesus Christ, the gift of Jesus cannot be quantified. Lord, I thank you for giving me Jesus Christ. Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift, you cannot use money to buy the gift of Jesus, so all you need to do when they give you gift is to say thank you. Lift up your voice and give thanks to God. Lord, we thank you for the unspeakable gift, the gift of Jesus, which money cannot buy, go ahead and thank him for the gift of Jesus Christ, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Anytime we thank God for anything, that which you thank him for will multiply. Now that you’ve thank God for the gift of Jesus, every benefit that Jesus carries in redemption shall be released to you, with this thanksgiving ease things shall happen in our lives, in Jesus mighty name. you may be seated, give him a mighty hand.

Praise the Lord!!!
Topic: Anointing for Divine Protection

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof, thou crownest the year with goodness, God will Crown the year with goodness and all our path shall draw fatness, those who believe it are those who will say Amen and the best that God has for us shall be delivered unto us this season because we shall end the year well, in the precious name of Jesus.

Divine Protection is our divine heritage in Christ – Psalm 121:78, the best protection is that of God, it is failure-proof, error-proof, because God never sleeps nor slumbers, he is God, when he protects you you’re sure it Is the most authentic form of protection, his protection can never fail any day, anytime, anywhere, until you are protected by God you are not safe, no human protection can match that of God and I pray today that someone who come under the covenant of God today will enjoy his eternal protection in the name of Jesus.

We are too precious to God, say I am precious – Isaiah 43:4 that means that you are so precious that if anyone is after your life, God is ready to give that person in exchange for you, do you believe the word of God, say: whoever is after my life will go.

God says you are too precious, so because you are precious, we are precious, we are God’s special treasures we are not trash in the hands of God, he said you are too precious if anyone is after you, I will rather kill that person to let you go, therefore whoever is after you and I this year and beyond will go down and we will be preserved, shout a better Amen.

To touch us is to touch the apple of God’s eyes and there is no mortal man who can touch the apple of God’s eyes – Zechariah 2:8, say: I am untouchable, unmolestable, unkillable. Men were created to literally enjoy divine protection but man became vulnerable to the devil when he fell through sin and Jesus came to reinstate us back, that is why he said I have come that ye may have life and that ye may have it more abundantly – John 10:10.

We are in a kingdom where evil is not permitted to befall us but how you see it determines how you enjoy it, because what you have not seen you can’t enjoy, I am not talking about physical seeing I am talking about the understanding.

What you don’t understand you can’t enjoy, to be born again is not just a religious emblem it is actually a redemption package to deliver you from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of his dear son – Colossians 1:13, so if you are born again, you have been delivered from where Satan rules to where Jesus reigns, you have been rescued but you have to know it, now he said if I have been rescued you say why?

Knowledge is important he said ye shall know the truth and the truth which you know shall set you free, so if you don’t know the truth you can become a victim of circumstances, that will not be your portion.

Now, let me say this to you very simple when I became born again, I had a deep understanding, the tension was so real, I was delivered from the constant defilement you know some of you still suffer it today, where somebody will take a face of the opposite sex and defile you in the dream.

Now I use to suffer such constantly but when I became born again in less than two weeks that I became born again I picked a book by my mentor Bishop David Oyedepo and I was reading the book from Port Harcourt to Lagos by road I was traveling by road that was the first book of his I ever read “Releasing The Supernatural” that was the title, while I was reading the book I saw that I was seated far above principalities and powers nobody prayed for me, I just got the understanding, that been born again means that you are seated far above that was the last day I had that problem nobody laid hands on me, nobody prayed for me just by knowledge.

Let me show you this scripture, because that was the scripture that rescued me out of it Ephesians 2:4-6 so if you are born again, you are not born a victim you are born a Victor, is that clear? Shall we read verse 6 together responsibly so if I am born again, I am seated with Christ where? That means I am seated in the place of authority with him.

Listen carefully Heavenly places does not mean the sky because once I say the Heavenly the first thing that occurs to you is to look up inside the sky that’s okay, how can I be seated in the sky and then I am seated on earth you know mindset matters a lot, Heavenly places is simply your faith.

Romans 10:6-8, just for better understanding I want to buttress something because it is not the Oil that matters most it’s the understanding, carrying oil without understanding is like carrying a gun without knowing how to press the trigger you know a trigger?

That small knob they press, if you carry a gun and you don’t know how to shoot is it of any use? In Romans 10:6-8 don’t say it, how can you say I am in Heaven? That is to bring Christ down from above, don’t say it even in your heart or who shall descend to the deep that is to bring Christ again from the death, Romans 10:8, that is the word of Faith you preach to sit in Heavenly places, it is simply having faith in God’s Word, do you understand what God is saying? Having what? Don’t say in your heart how can I say I am in Heaven? Ahh this thing I don’t believe it, he said don’t say it, if you say so protection has left, just saying it what? There are many things we say in our heart that only God sees, ha what can of teaching is this?

I am seated in Heavenly places when I am seating on a chair hmmmm, don’t say it in your heart if you say so the Heavenly reality will depart because Satan is not physical.

Understanding the Word of God, the Word that I have spoken are spirit and life so it is in the understanding of God’s Word that will determine the manifestation in the physical, is that clearly said? Listen carefully when men want to attack you, they don’t come physically, before any man is killed physically, he has been killed spiritually, no man dies physically except he dies first spiritually, the witch doctor that kills people do they come to the person and kill the person?

They do evil spiritually so it your spiritual understanding in God’s word that will make you overcome those forces, are you getting where I am going?

The Bible says the weapon of our warfare are what? They are spiritual now listen carefully now, if I am seated where? Where am I seated? Where is Jesus seated?

Where are you seated? If you are born again you are seated in the same place where Christ is, is that clear?

The President of United States or the President of Nigeria his citizenship and your citizenship are they the same? Yes, they are the same he is only a President you are a Nigerian he is a Nigerian, there is no less Nigerian you see where you miss it? The President of Nigeria his citizenship and your citizenship they are the same are you in the same house? Are you living together? But in the same place.

You are in Christ does not mean that you are not on earth, the citizenship of who you are now is the same thing with Christ, you belong to the same place say Amen.

That you’re on earth does not mean that you are not seeing him, the President of Nigeria is a Nigerian you are a Nigerian but are you together? But because of one connection by being born again you are connected to Christ seating together, two of you are the same Heavenly citizens, you understand what I am saying now?

Glory to God, I believe you understand that simple illustration, what I am saying is that you still belong to God, now if I am seated in Heavenly places, where is that Heavenly places Ephesians 1:19-21 where is Christ? And where are you? Far above what?

Where you are seated is far above witches and Wizard, is that true?

You are seated where?

Far above the witches and Wizard so their works shouldn’t attack you and I say to you new birth has given you a new statue, a new position that you should enjoy as a child of God, let me say this to you, you are divinely protected you are not supposed to suffer attacks anymore and from today that shall be your testimony, shout a loud amen.

In the second or fourth service I will teach on far above mentality, you have to possess a far above mentality, far above the things that kills people in the world is that clear? Hmmm you are far above witches and armed robbers, occultist is a spiritual battle, it is your understanding of this that makes you to be protected in this wicked world.

Is it everybody that armed robbers attack? No there are people who armed robbers see and they say we are sorry for coming here, have you not heard it before? Because the devil in the armed robbers knows the God in this man, so the moment he dares he says don’t go near that man, if you near him you will not come back. It’s a spiritual battle, they say we are sorry we didn’t know, you are not the one we are looking for, because your mentality is what? Okay

There are general in any military whether Navy, in the armed forces Navy, Air Force, the generals do they carry pistols or they carry real gun? They don’t carry real gun no general carries gun.

The highest any top officer carries is a pistol but the Recruits do carry machine gun, The “okrofors” do they carry machine gun true? They are the ones that stay in the vehicle with armor tanks.

So, when the general is coming without a gun, without anything who gives who salute? Go and watch it again, why will the man with a big weapon give a man without any weapon salute? Now if a general is on short or on casual wears but he is a general and he is walking towards the man who has all the uniforms and weapon on, who gives salute? Why will the man with weapon give salute to the man with short?

Simple consciousness, that man knows he is a general and says morning Sir that’s how they greet whether it is evening, they say morning Sir even if it is midnight, morning Sir so when the devil and his agents sees you what should they say? Because they know you know who you are in Christ shout Hallelujah!!! and from today, even in the spirit realm they will recognize who you are, shout a loud amen, shout a believing amen.

That you are in the world does not mean that what happens in the world should happen to you, now I am going to show you from the scriptures how the children of Israel enjoyed divine protection while they were in Egypt in a place called Goshen, they were in Egypt and all the things that happened in Egypt did not happen to them because they were a peculiar people and you are one.

Let’s look at some things that God averted from their lives, there was an exemption he made sure that what happened to others did not happen to them and the same God who have done it for them will do it for us. Because we are in a better covenant with better promises is that clear?

If he did it for Israel he will do it for us – Exodus 8, there was an exemption plan of God in Goshen Exodus 8:22-23 swarm of the flies implies stench anywhere you see swarm of flies the first thing you will notice is stench, there was so much stench in Egypt while Israel was progressing stench represent smells, when you say “that man is smelling” it is not a physical smelling when things are not working they say forget it you are smelling, man common get out, that’s stench, they say forget this man who is smelling, he may wear perfume but he is smelling please forget that man who is smelling he is talking anyhow, even his mouth is smelling.

People now use it as a proverb: he is smelling, she is smelling up and down nothing to show in her life, it is a stench but while Egypt was with stench which implies stench and decadence Israel didn’t experience it, from this day every form of stench happening in the world you will be exempted and I will be exempted in the name of Jesus.

No swarm of flies was there, that means flies was everywhere, but anywhere the Israelite dwells fly was not there, it is a strange thing true? Are you hearing what I am saying?

Anywhere the children of Israel where there was no what fly.

From today whatever form of stench and decadence, you will be exempted from it, it is what you say Amen to that God confirms.

Exodus 9:3-6 How many of us like this kind of exemption? The cattle then was their source of business, it signifies collapse of businesses, the second thing God did was undue collapse in Egypt they suffered Economic regression and business collapse all businesses collapsed but Israel enjoyed Economic boom in Goshen, from this day your business, your career, your academic will not suffer crash, if you say amen then you have it say my business, my career, my academics whatever concerns me will not crash no matter what is happening in the world it will not happen to me, shout a better Amen.

If you think it is not real, it was in the midst of pandemic when people were crashing that this Church had the highest income, the income of this Church grew by 100s up, that is when we are saying businesses closed ask our staffs.

It was during the Economic thing all our staffs salaries were increased, we increased the salaries of our workers when people were cutting salaries we didn’t stop paying our teachers other schools were closed they didn’t pay but we paid our school teachers that period we didn’t stop paying them, even though children were not in school, you think the Bible is not real we didn’t stop paying our staffs while most schools were cutting, even Oil Companies cut by 50 per cent we didn’t cut any salary we didn’t cut allowances of staffs, hello!

Are you hearing me?

If you think Bible is not real the income of this Church grew, attendance grew we had more than 60 thousand people in the Foundation class in one month, hello do you believe this Bible?

It is what you believe that God will confirm, when there was Economic hardship, it didn’t affect us, okay to tell you how this Bible is real nobody was coming to physical Church true?

We were doing online the heat was very hard when it was online nobody came around, this church income grew, attendance grew everything grew up in the midst of things not working, you will be exempted, if you don’t believe that is your problem, if you believe those who say amen will have it.

Now, look at Exodus 9:26, I am just telling you how it works, hail implies flood, loses, destruction of properties, there was flood in Egypt, their properties were destroyed but in Goshen there was no flood, they enjoyed all round preservation. Goshen is in Egypt but never experienced what the entire Egypt experienced. You may be in your Country where things are not working but after today you will never be a victim of it – Psalms 91:7, say there shall be no loss, fire disaster will not come near your own house in the name of Jesus.

In the midst of all of this the protection of God is real, there was so much hardship in Egypt just the way there is so much hardship in the world – Genesis 47:15,27, Money failing depicts economic crisis and hardship, they never suffered hardship rather they lived in supernatural abundance, so the fourth thing here is that God exempt you from hardship, they were in financial bankruptcy but in Goshen there was too much money.

Hear me when men are saying casting down then thou say there is a lifting up, say with me: when things are not working for others things will work for me – Job 22:29, this family of Salvation Ministries and those who comes to this service and those hearing this message you will not be part of such evil, shout a loud amen if you believe it. Say with me: I will never be a victim of what is happening in the World, shout amen.


Every Man lifted by God is an envy of hell, the day God lifts you Satan and his agent will go wild – 1st John 5:9, you need a sense of understanding of Divine protector, you know why? If you don’t have an understanding of divine protection Satan can take you for a ride, God forbid. Job lacked understanding and he became a victim of satanic attacks, until you understand the potency of divine protection you remain a prey to Satan and his agent, say God forbid.

Job was protected by God, yet Job had no understanding so Satan still attacked him and once you are lifted by God Satan will go up very angry with his agents.

When you are trekking nobody will ever notice, you just buy a new car, even your Family member you don’t believe will start talking rubbish, calling you a thief, anytime God lifts you, you must also know about Divine protection, the two must go hand in hand.

Listen, if you don’t understand divine protection, man is the most complex creature on earth, too complex, friends today enemies tomorrow, that’s way no matter how close somebody is to you draw a line, ask me why? Satan was not Satan from the beginning, he was Lucifer, the same person that said I Love you today can turn out to be a demon tomorrow, that is the wickedness of man, but no one will have access to us

1. You must abide in God. The fundamental requirement for divine protection is Salvation – Psalms 91:1, you don’t chant that scripture, until you secure your Life in Christ you don’t have access to divine protection- 2nd Corinthians 5:17, not if any man be in Church, you must be in Christ for crisis to stop, you can only remain under the shadow of the almighty when you’re born again, dwelling outside the secret place of the most high means dwelling in the enemies territory and that is dangerous, when Christ steps into you life, crisis steps out of your life, until you’re saved you are not safe, you must be born again. Say it with me: I must be born again.

2. Be a covenant practitioner, if you want protection be a covenant practitioner, let me show you something very risky to play with – Malachi 3:10-12, the first thing tithing does is too rebuke devourers for your sake, not even money. Listen, first thing tithing does is to protect your Life, who is the Devourer?

1st Peter 5:8, the devourer is the Devil, I will rebuke the Devil, is not your Prayer, listen, I will rebuke the devourer for your sake, all this business clash you’re having here and there you are not the only person, you hear about success syndrome and you rush at it you do deliverance, you don’t need all of this, you need to be a covenant practitioner, be very careful this Festive Season and after Festive Season be very careful, people don’t like paying tithe this period because they say I have this and that to buy, I have to travel with that; hey! Remove your tithe.

That we are saying protection, its not just the oil, there are things it must meet as conditions, so don’t say I did deliverance, I went for protection service how come things are like this.

This condition must be met, so do not think God is a magician. This period in particular most people compromise in their tithing because they remembered the hair they will buy, the man will remember the car he will buy and the travelling he will go with the family, he will start negotiating and cutting here and there, everybody is to pay tithe.

I was talking with a believer in the church and he told me of a Lady who was very rich and I said well as a believer she was not paying tithe so what did you expect to happen to her, he said they stole the whole of her money, I said well she stole from God, so people had to steal from her, she went to the Police to report and you know Nigeria Police, they were posting here to come tomorrow and tomorrow, they were investigating and investigating and that was how everything got messed up, the only person who can rebuke the Devil is God and then you’re now stealing from God for one small kobo, 10 per cent.

If you know the consequences don’t tamper with it o. How many people want God to rebuke the Devourer, so don’t tamper with your tithe. I will tell you another thing that protects, when you pay your tithe learn to give to the poor, that is why we have small home cell in the church, you don’t see someone who has not eaten, take small rice and give them, don’t wait till the person says I don’t have food, you have seen the person, just go ahead and give the person food – Psalms 41:1-3, even if they want to kill you, God will not allow it, this period and beyond, please after your tithe consider the poor, the little God has blessed you with do not eat it alone.

I give not because I have surplus money to throw away but I love covenant practice, there are some people who has more money than I have but my giving is higher than them, I cant stand somebody suffering I can’t, except I don’t have it although people abuse it but I cant stand somebody suffering.

Somebody one time told me that giving money is simple, if it is that simple give your own money, check it if you think it is simple to give money, check it by giving out your own money not the one somebody gave you, the money you have is the most difficult thing to part with, you can part with songs, you can clap for somebody, you can laugh for somebody but money.

Once you’re dead to money you’re dead to everything, so this period look for small money and bless somebody who has nothing, I was given a cow yesterday I gave the cow out to people who cannot afford it, buying a cow is nothing to me but I know people who cannot afford it, I don’t need to pray to go and get cow just go and get it and kill it, the cows I give most times in December is my own not the church own.
Shout Halleluyah!!!


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