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-Bishop Wale Oke humours at CGMI (Part 2).

You see, I told Dr Feb, I can talk of Papa forever. I will say a little bit of it. So when I left, eh, Baba’s place, I called my friend on the phone, he was in Kaduna then, Bishop David Oyedepo.

I said – and we are all brothers. I said, “brother David”. He said, “yesssssssssss, the Olubadan of Ibadan”.

That’s how we joke.

I said, “guess what? I’m driving from Benin now, very shortly after I conclude this telephone call with you, but I must tell you before I leave Benin.

I just met with Archbishop Benson Idahosa”. He said, “really?” I said, “sure! And he gave me a date to bring my friends and my leaders so he can ordain me”. He said, “really?” I said, “sure!”

He said, “when next are you going to him? We’re going together”. I’m telling you. I’m on the Altar of God. I introduced David Oyedepo to Papa and he stole my Baba from me (bursts into laughter).

He stole, he stole my Baba – you see, I came from a background of Scripture Union, a little bit with DEEPER LIFE So I was – while I was dragging my feet, my goodness, Bishop Oyedepo came and got Papa’s attention in that, that’s how we’ve been.

When Bishop Oyedepo was consecrated as Bishop in 1988, I was the only minister that Papa, Archbishop, allowed to join in the officiating – as officiating. He said, “you! Dr Wale Oke, you ought to have been a Bishop. Okay, okay.

You can’t run away. I’ll catch you. Join the line! You’re the one who will announce the – make the announcement and all that.

He gave me the privilege, he began to lift me and to lift me and here am I today – an evidence, a living proof of the Grace of God and of the large heart of our Baba, Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Please, give the Lord a – give the Lord – give the Lord a big hand – give – clap like you are serious (audience clapping) clap like you are serious.

I bless the name of the Lord. I bless the name of the Lord.

I give God all the Glory.

Now, let’s go into the word of the Lord because like I told you, if I’m to talk about Papa, no, we can talk, and then we will take a break by midnight and come back again 6am and then, we keep going because my heart is full. But, let’s look into the scripture.

Psalm 90 and I read verse…Psalm 90 and I read verse 12. It’s a scripture we all know and this is where the Holy Spirit laid on my heart to share with us from today. I – Mama, I thank you for the privilege, Bishop, thank you for the opportunity to minister here. Now, Psalm 90:12:

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”

I read again,

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”

This Psalm was written by the Old Sage, Moses, the Prophet who took the children of Israel out of Egypt across the Red Sea, across the wilderness. Moses, the man of God. So he wrote, talking to God in prayer – so teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. I’ve read it three times on purpose.

God – our God inhabits in eternity. He has no beginning of life, no end of days. When time began, when the beginning began, the beginning met God.

The Bible said, “in the beginning, GOD!”

So when the beginning began, God was already there. He inhabits eternity. But He created time for us. He made us scriptures of time, particularly, in our sojourn on earth. Everybody has a point of entry into this world and a point of exit because we are scriptures of time. However, in making us scriptures of time, He has put eternity in our hearts. I will say something about that a little later.

In Ecclesiastes 3:11, if you have that scripture in the New Living Translation, the Bible says there that, “God makes all things beautiful in His time”. New Living Translation now says, “He has put eternity in the heart yet God has made everything beautiful in His own time.

He has planted eternity in human hearts. He made us scriptures of time but He put eternity in our hearts because He wants us to spend eternity with Him. I’ll say more about that.

And you see, He wants us to number our days and if you are going to come down to the season we are now, at the mercy of God, we have spent 321 days in this year. 321 days and we should be grateful to God.

Many people that saw the beginning of this year are not alive today. Many have died of COVID-19, many have been kidnapped and killed, many have been shot, many have died in road accidents, but He made us to see the beginning of the year and He has taken us through day by day by day and day and we are alive. Somebody shout, “I’m alive!”.


Audience Chants, “I’m alive!”

Bishop Wale Oke – “Louder”

Audience Chants, “I’m alive!”

If you are grateful to God, give the Lord a big shout of Hallelujah!

So we have 41 days more to go if we count today. We have 41 days more to go in year 2021. Those 41 days shall be glorious for you.

In those 41 days, you will experience uncommon favour. In those 41 days, God will give you pleasant surprises. You will be far from sorrow.

You will end this year with great joy. If you know you will end this year with great joy, common shout Hallelujah!

So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. 41 days to go. But you know what?

There is no limit to what God can do for you in the 41 days.

Infact as a matter of fact, there’s no limit to what God can do for you today.


Someone say ‘today’. Someone say ‘today’. Somebody is going to experience a miracle today. Who is the person? I’m in a miracle centre – receive your miracle!

Papa ordained me, poured oil on me and he said, “Go and break barriers. Go and take cities. Go and take nations. Go, heal the sick. Go, raise the dead. Go, cleanse the lepers.

Go, perform miracles” and through the Grace of God, I’ve been doing that because I have been commissioned to do it. So today, even today, receive your miracle. If your AMEN is louder, it will happen faster.

Now somebody, you are listening to me today, what you have been believing God for for many many many many many years, you are taking it home today. If you are the one, shout HALLELUJAH.

Let me tell you a testimony, 1984, please sit down. 1984, I was asked…I was invited to do a revival, a 10 – day revival at the Foursquare Gospel Church Headquarters in Yaba, Lagos. It was a very very powerful meeting…

One of the nights, I was speaking about the Glory of God and the Heaven opened to me and the word of the Lord came to me; of course, the son of a prophet is a prophet.

How can you be the son of the Archbishop Benson Idahosa and you won’t prophesy? No, no. The mantle is on you. And the Lord said, “there is somebody here who has been waiting for a blessing for the past 11 years…”, and I should announce to that person that the person was going home with that blessing today, that day.

I say when the prophetic word comes, wherever it is received, it must happen. The moment the prophetic word is received by faith, there is no power in hell that can stop it from happening. I speak prophetically into your life, the remaining 41 days of this year will bring you blessings, will bring you favours, will bring you miracles, will bring you signs, will bring you wonders, will bring you abundance, beginning from today. If that is you, shout AMEN.


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