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  • Dr. Paul Enenche at the Youth Conference tagged ‘ The Ignite Conference’ with the theme ‘ The Days of Youth’
    ( Day 5, Evening Session) – 6th August, 2021.
    Ecclesiastes 12:1
  1. The responsibility of attention to parental assignment: Whatever be the assignment of your father or mother while growing up should interest you. Whatever they do to make your life comfortable should interest you. You can’t desire harvest from where you lack interest. The question is, What was Saul doing when the anointing met him?He was doing his father’s bidding. Another question is, What was David doing before he was called? He was doing his father’s bidding also. While growing up, if your father is a tyre seller, don’t be a stranger to his shop.
    When we were growing up as children, my father had luxurious buses. I aligned myself as a conductor and attached myself to one of the buses.
    1 Samuel 10:1, 1 Samuel 16:16-18.
  2. Potential, gifts and talents development: your lifting is inside your giftings.
  3. The responsibility of the development of strength. Proverbs 20:29
    Departments of strength to develop:
    a. Physical strength: refusal to be lazy, lethargic or tired on time.
    b. Emotional or psychological strength: you must refuse to become an emotional baggage. Develop emotional or psychological strength by the word.
    c. Mental strength: this is a place of wisdom. It involves decision making and making the right decisions on time.
    d. Intellectual strength: Deuteronomy 28:1. I made my mind that since Christ didn’t go to the cross twice, I wasn’t going to repeat any exam till I am done with Medical School. Inside intellectual strength is financial strength.
    e. Spiritual strength: you are not struggling with praying, you are not struggling with fasting, you are not struggling with soul winning.
  4. It’s the responsibility of generating and possessing the anointing: Psalm 128:3.
    I moved with so much anointing that when I was invited to minister at the Medical School fellowship. After I finished, they were wondering where the guest minister (myself) came from and I was only a 200 level Medical Student. To function well in life, you need the anointing.
    Secrets to the Anointing (Oil)
    a. The Presence of the Lord. Zechariah 4:12-14.
    b. Standing in the place of prayer. Matthew 36:26
    c. The garment of purity. Ecclesiastes 9:8
    d. Death to self. Exodus 30:23-24.
    God anoints people who will not touch His glory.
    e. Connection to oil Carriers. – 1Samuel 10:1, 1 Samuel 16:1.
    Anything that disconnects you from your Pastor disconnects you from your future.

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