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Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo COZA’s 7DG2021 Day 7: Empowerment Day of Gratitude (Evening Session)

Tonight is the grand finale for the 7DG2021, I pray in the Name of Jesus, this encounter, you will never recover from it.

Malachi 3:1
God is the God of suddenly, that is why the Bible says He will suddenly come, this refers directly, contextually to the Messiah which is Christ. It is His character, Malachi 3:1, says suddenly, out of the blue, He shows up. I pray that just the same way the testimony you heard just now, a simple prayer we prayed and suddenly the Lord shows up, receive the Hand of the God of suddenly upon your life.

Acts 16:26, the story of Paul and Silas, the Bible says suddenly, there was a great earthquake. I don’t know what the enemy has done in your life, suddenly even as this last service is going on, the Lord will lay hands on you.

Nobody will leave here remaining the same. It says without warning, the jailhouse tottered, every prisoner was loosed.

I prophesy, the God whom you seek will appear suddenly. Everything that has lingered for so long, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I hear the chains breaking suddenly.

What thrilled me in this story was that they arrested them in the morning, God didn’t show up, afternoon and night he didn’t show up, this thing happened at midnight, they were about giving up because the next day they will kill them. I don’t know who is on the midnight hour, I don’t what you are about to lose, I prophesy in the Name of Jesus, everything troubling you, let them be buried.

Suddenly means unplanned, it wasn’t something you budgeted for. He is the same yesterday today and forever, satan is also the same yesterday, today, and forever if he has lost before in your life, in the Name of Jesus he is going to lose again. You are above all in the Name of Jesus.

What does it mean when the Bible says suddenly? It means to be taken by surprise. The Bible says as high as the Heaven is above the earth, so are his thoughts above you, his mercy is above all of that so bring your best though.

I was counseling a lady with my wife a while ago, she brought a guy and I asked her, have you prayed about it? She said he is so fine. She has been raised thinking that if he is too nice it cannot be God, God said bring your best idea, bring your highest thought.

Isaiah 55:9
He is not saying that a Christian thought cannot be in concatenation with his own, He is saying if you are thinking carnally, what you think I will do is not the way I will do. In case you are thinking, God when are you going to do my own, God says to tell you, in the midnight hour I’m going to show up.
I prophesy to you, God will show up suddenly.
We identified that sacrifice makes God show up. When you do what the Lord demands of you, He is more faithful
Psalms 125;2
There is no way you can outdo God. Sacrifice is powerful. The god of Baal is like sango God in the Yoruba land. . Elijah made sure they called that God from morning till night, they started cutting themselves because they understood sacrifice. Elijah brought water and poured, that was a sacrifice at a time because there was no water at the time. One day, David said I want to drink the water of Bethlehem, when they brought the water, he said I can’t drink it because it is the blood of my associate. He poured it before the Lord. Whoever tells you sacrifice does not work, he is a dummy.

One of my mentors went for his Ph.D. in London and one day he saw his contemporary with a masquerade following him, he called him and preached to him, he said I saw a masquerade following you, the contemporary said in London?

You are crazy. After eight years he stood in a room with professors to defend, they asked him the topic of his thesis, he forgot, they kept on asking that same question for fifteen minutes and when they said time up he remembered. He went to look for my mentor and he said, that masquerade you saw, you saw right.

Life battles don’t understand phonetics. Whoever tells you sacrifice doesn’t work, he knows his level.

One of the greatest sacrifices you can give is thanksgiving and normal offering, anything the Lord demands from you.

Bishop Oyedepo my great mentor had one of my best friends as his PA at that time, they were driving inside Agege and all of a sudden, he said driver park and he came down and started dancing, my friend joined him, the police joined him and when he saw the crowd coming, he quickly entered the car and left. When he got to his office, he said son, do you know why I came out to dance?

We were just driving and the Lord said to me, son, can you dance for me and I said yes. That was a sacrifice at that time. Don’t be wise in your own understanding. The wisdom of the Kingdom was designed that way to make the people that claim to be wise to never be able to enter into it.

The Bible says it is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter into the Kingdom of God, not to enter heaven but to enter into the Kingdom of God, to operate the way the King operates in his domain.

The strategy will not make sense for a rich person you need humility, you need believing in God, you need a deep understanding of the Kingdom of God to be able to understand things like that. I pray for you, this 2021 is a year of exponential success. I prophesy you have the kind of success you have never smelled before.

Isaiah 43:21, God was not made for you, you were made for God. The reason God made you is so you can pleasure Him.

All the things we do in the service are for us. Everything except praise, the only thing God cannot do for Himself is to praise Him.

When you do for God what He cannot do for Himself then you are a candidate for God to do for you what naturally shouldn’t be your portion.
I prophesy, as you begin to understand and engage this tool, even tonight, I believe strongly that some people are going to have this testimony, there will be a turnaround in your life.

Isaiah 43:21 – 24, God expects that apart from your singing and dancing, you must bring in offerings called sacrifices.
Every part of the Jewish culture has a sacrifice in it, it was their lifestyle.
Psalms 50:23, some people bring gifts to me and I just take them.

Like flowers, I am an Ilorin boy, cards, I don’t like those kinds of things, where did you keep shoes, bibles, book.

You need to find out what I like if you want to give me a gift I am giving you an example of how people just give God what they like.

Why do you think Esther won the competition?

Because the eunuch that grew up with the King pulled her outside to say don’t wear green, he doesn’t like green.

One day I flew to Dallas for Dr. Murdock’s birthday, I wanted to give him money, I asked the guys that picked me up at the airport what he liked and they said he has been talking about coins, we had to go to a shop where they sold coins. I wanted to give him money but he wanted coins. I had to buy coins with a box, do you know that Dr. Murdock carried that gift to church.

He brought it to church, counted the coins, called all his staff and asked, have you seen this before?

He made me teach them how to honour. What does God like? He wrote a Bible so you don’t serve Him in ambiguity.

Psalms 100:4 says enter His gates with thanksgiving in your heart. Talking about how to approach Him. Some of you don’t understand this dimension.

My father was not a king but he had maybe 40 chieftaincy titles. If he wears those things, you will think he was a king. We woke up every morning with drums and someone who will chante and chante. My dad will come out and give him money. The guy was talking with my dad with the drums.

That dimension that someone can psych you up to the point that you don’t even know what you can do. The Bible says that God Himself cannot fully tell you what He can do.

A true worshipper can never be broke. You never meet a thanks giver the last place you met him.
Psalms 50:23


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