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I suffered in this Lagos, Pastor. When I was looking for wife, that’s when I knew all the roads in Lagos. Before that time, I only knew my area – Festac. But when I was looking for wife, I heard someone explain Proverbs 18:22, “He that findeth…”. So, he said ‘go and be finding’.

This scripture doesn’t mean for you to go out there and be finding because even some girls do it.
You’re finding – dating site ‘finding’, everywhere ‘finding’. This scripture is referring to someone that has found. They didn’t mention the process of finding. If you want all the process of finding, look at Proverbs 19:40.

He said, “House and riches are the inheritance of the fathers. He said a prudent wife comes from…” where? – The Lord. You can’t find it. It’s not by hustle. He said it’s something the Lord can give you.

You can inherit a house from your father. You can inherit riches from your father but he said that good wife, there is only one authorised dealer.

Eyyyy, Proverbs 31 says, “a virtuous woman, who can find?”. You can’t find a virtuous woman or prudent women. God gives them because they are in limited supply. So God does what? – gives them. You know when drink has started finishing in party; you know at the beginning of wedding, they put it in drums. People are just…waiters are sharing it. When the malt or wine is about to finish, they will now position a strong person there to be looking at face before he gives the malt.

Do you know what I’m talking about? So, that’s how prudent wife is. There is a limited supply because a virtuous woman, who can find? So, they look at face – ‘Oh, Pastor Shola, take one.’ Hallelujah. ‘Pastor Kingsley, take one’. Put your own name there. (Laughs). ‘Take one’. Hallelujah. That’s how they do it now.

So I thought he meant, ‘be finding’, so I started finding round Lagos. I put people in churches – Fountain of Life, Redeemed, I put my scouts there. No joke o. (Laughs).

I said, “if you see any fine Christian girl there, call me”. I’m not joking.
They will just call me, say, “Pastor”.
I will say, “yes”.
“Start coming now. We have seen someone. She will soon leave here. Rush down to church”
I will enter my car and beat traffic to get there. When I get there, they will say, “see her there”.
I will say, “where?”
I will look at the person. I didn’t like her. I will say, “why didn’t you marry her? My friend, this is why you brought me from…”
I’m serious o. Sometimes, they will call me from Festac to Badagry.

I’m telling you. I suffered in this Lagos; until I fell asleep like Adam, the wife didn’t come. I pray for you that are searching, God will locate you in the name of Jesus.


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