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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success| 1st Service.

Matthew 11:28-29. The Bible didn’t say take my yoke upon you and pray; it says learn of me. So, there is a learning process, that is where many people miss it, they want rest but they don’t want to learn, they say just pray for me. Pastor I think I will have rest if you pray for me. Jesus said come and learn, which means without learning there will be no rest.

Prayers of a pastor does not bring rest; you have to learn to know the truth. Lord what is it that I need to learn to get into my own rest, show me this morning I want to rest on every side, there is something I need to learn, go ahead and pray that prayer, I need to learn how to enjoy rest.

Talk to God that he should show you things you do not know. Thank you father, you will hear and increase in learning. the Bible says a wise man will hear and increase in learning. You will learn something that you have never known before, if you know it a better one will be revealed to you in the precious name of Jesus. God is ever faithful to his Word, glory to God. Just worship him with a song and then we will go ahead to hear his word.
🎼🎼You’re mighty and holy, you’re lifted up above all, so we worship you, almighty God, you are lifted up above all.🎼🎼
We have prayed for healing but this morning before we go into Glory Reign, I want everyone in this service to ask for the Spirit of Excellence.

This is a church where one thing that we are known for is excellence and during Glory Reign we are going to have visitors from every sector and facet of life.

Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way. Lord, I ask that I can’t be a part of Salvation Ministries and not have the Spirit of Excellence, where things are done decently and in order, it is a Spirit. I hate mediocrity with everything inside me, if a sound is distorted it can disorganize everything in me.


If there is a humming noise in a sound I can’t flow, that is the level to which I like excellence, as an usher you should know when to usher people, you don’t cause confusion and then you’re told to stop, you should know what to do. Everybody this morning you’re part of this Church you just ask for the Spirit of Excellence, you are a member of the Church, even when you’re talking, your talks should speak of excellence, the Spirit of Excellence was upon Daniel and he was different, he was peculiar, he was not an ordinary person, he reigned in four regime when others stopped at one. Lord, let the Spirit of Excellence come upon me and upon Salvation Ministries, you should know that every equipment should have a backup. Lord, I can’t be part of this ministry and remain a mediocre, don’t say I am just a member, even as a member when you’re inviting somebody, the way you invite the person there should be excellence in it, don’t invite the person like a market person who is trying to sell crayfish. Don’t say anytime you like come, you should know the service time. Go ahead and pray for yourself.
Be baptized with the Spirit of Excellence by the Holy Ghost himself in the name of Jesus, you will never settle for mediocrity in Jesus name. There is someone with haermorrhage here, this morning you’re healed in the name of Jesus, someone sent me a text yesterday, a very touching text that his wife has been bleeding since December, a non-stop bleeding, he said he has sent a text online, maybe they will read it later, he said as I came up to make the announcement, on the spot the bleeding stopped, Jesus healed her not me and I know someone is healed of Haermorrhage this morning in the precious name of Jesus. Before the Glory Reign your own will begin right now, your testimony starts immediately, everything on your expectation form before we start the Glory Reign on the 24th yours has been answered in the precious name of Jesus.
Father speak to us in this first service, let your Word bless your people, change the story of everyone that is part of this service and let them come out first wherever they go to, let the earth hear from you, give him a big hand and please be seated.
Praise the Lord!


To become means it is a process it is not automatic. Deuteronomy 28:1,2,13. I will be the head is not automatic, you have to hearken to his voice to be the head, you have to do what he commands you.

God said you shall be above only no option to be average, God did not give room for average. You’re either above or nowhere, to be average is against the scriptures, are you hearing what God is saying? God did not give option for mediocrity, no option for an average life, if you are not the best then forget it.

Its either you’re excellent or not nothing like very good or good.
God wants excellence and also, thou shall not be beneath, you are not permitted to be at the back. say with me “I will never be at the back”. The world will not recognize you if you don’t take note of what you’re noting down today, what you’re about to write if you don’t take note of it, the world will not take note of you. So, everything I want to share with you make sure you take note of them.

Writing without putting into practice is mere record keeping, copying note every Sunday, staying for services and copying note without taking note of what you’re copying is just record keeping.

Many people are copying note and saying that they have the best service note. Are you practicing what I preached? No. What are you doing? You are keeping record but today something will change in your life.

The best of God is for every child of God, it is the best of God that makes you the best in life. But you have a role to play, that God wants to make you the best does not mean that you now transfer your responsibility to him.


You have a part to play, oh God I want to be the best, can a student make first class without the student reading? God will give you grace to understand but you also have to read. Everytime you say God do something for me ask for your own responsibility. This is where the Church has missed it, we always want God to do something, we don’t always ask for our own role.

Now, God make me a first-class student, God will give you intelligence which is the Spirit of God but you have to read, you can’t transfer the reading part to God is that clear? Oh God I want to be a great preacher, you have a responsibility to pray and study, is that clear? Then he will back you up with signs and wonders.

Oh Lord I want peace in my marriage, you have a responsibility to love your wife and submit then God will now back you up by making sure that there is peace in your family. You’re saying oh God I want peace and you’re not walking in Love.

You’re not submitting, you know these days submission has been rolled off, especially in the Western world, they want the men to love them but the women don’t want to submit, they say “No! No! we are equal” that is why the rate of divorce is so high and now it is high in Africa I hope you know? An average marriage there is divorce and that is the problem no love, people are defining submission in a very funny way.

I told them when we went to Pennsylvania, well since you don’t want to agree with the truth, you will keep divorcing.

In America it’s a very few percentage that are not currently in their second marriage, very few, otherwise all of them are in their second marriage, the first one has been dissolved because they don’t want to obey the scripture.

Some are even in their fourth marriage because they don’t want to obey simple scriptures, they say “NO! NO! I don’t believe in all this we are equal”, any creature with two heads is a monster, any home with two men leading it will be very monstrous.

The woman and the man are both the head, if you see a creature with two heads won’t you run? God gave it and you can’t change God’s plan, that is not my preaching for today, leave it there. I am sure I am speaking to somebody right now, how many of you have been liberated. My friend you must do your part for God to do his part.

Now, how many of you want to be God’s best, you want to be the best in life, the secret is found in Mark 12:30. You will love him with your strength. The question is do you love God? Jesus asked this question three times in John 21: 15-17, when Peter was fishing, he asked Peter do you love me? Are you sure you love me? He asked Peter the same question three times.

If you love God you will know, don’t say God will know. You know why Mark included strength in what we need to love the Lord with? Peter was a fisherman and his strength was in fishing. Tell your neighbor “Are you sure you love God?” The love of God is very important to him.

Those who love God don’t struggle to get his best, God wants us to love him because he loved us first. 1st John 4:19, your love for God is expressed in your total obedience to Matthew 6:33. How do I know I love God? Matthew 6:33 is the greatest proof of love.

Christianity is founded on love, John 3:16. The foundation of Christianity is love, love is the foundation of God’s Kingdom.

Walking in love is the principal condition for enjoying the fullness of God. Now listen carefully, God is love, God is not prayers he answers prayers, God is not miracle, he is a miracle working God, God is not Faith, he works with our faith, God is not word of knowledge but God is Love – 1st John 4:8, is that true? God is not anything he is love.
Ephesians 3:19, when I walk in love I carry the fullness of God, so wherever I go God goes. Listen, you don’t know what you’re missing not loving God, when you walk in love you don’t pray for miracle you become a miracle.

All the books you have read cannot match when you love him.

When a man walks in love he carries the fullness of God, can you carry God’s fullness and fail on Earth? Listen carefully you don’t know what you’re missing not loving God, when you walk in love, when you appear God appears, anywhere you appear God appears because you carry the fullness of God.

You don’t carry fullness because you fasted for 21 days. No! You don’t carry fullness because you’re a prayer giant. No! You don’t carry the fullness because you can quote all the scriptures.No! You carry the fullness of God when you walk in love.

I have seen people who are great preachers but the level of bitterness inside them can embitter a destiny. They don’t celebrate any other person, if you say this man of God; God is using him they are not concerned, have you not seen people in Churches, when they announce glory to God someone has just bought a car and someone says “he is a thief”.
Man is the most complex creature.

They laugh with one face and frown with the other side, he has two heart one pumps blood the other pumps thought, man is very complex being they can laugh with you today and kill you tomorrow.

That is why when you’re dealing with man you have to be very careful. You don’t know the thought of man only God knows, but when you walk in love it just shows. Today, that nature begins to answer to you. Shout a better Amen.

When you access God’s fullness you enjoy his best. The best of God is reserved for those whose heart are rooted in him. Proverbs 23:26, becoming the best is determined by the level of your love for God.

Confession of love for God without corresponding action will amount to hypocrisy. Singing I love you Lord, with all your soprano and alto without corresponding action will amount to noise, when you love God anything about his Kingdom will be your utmost priority, how many of you went for rally yesterday?

If you didn’t go forget it you don’t love God, don’t deceive yourself, you couldn’t go for the preaching of the Gospel and you say you love God, thank you.

Love is not coming to church and just take note.

I told you take note of what I am saying otherwise nobody will take note of you. His first priority is his Kingdom and you’re not interested in telling people about his Kingdom and you say you love God.

You came to Church this Sunday with a good cloth does not mean you love God, that you sang with a very good voice does not mean you love God, if you didn’t go out to tell people Jesus is Lord yesterday, I am talking about Salvation Ministries members not other Ministries that follow us online, that means you do not love God, your love is fake, complete fake.

Love is not in singing. Matthew 6:33, if I say today is anointing for supernatural breakthrough, some people will bring five bottles, that is why you’ve been carrying bottles and nothing has been happening because the foundation is faulty, you have not laid the proper foundation.

There are those who don’t carry oil yet they are anointed. I don’t mean that the anointing is not important, I don’t need to be carrying oil I am anointed. Anointing is not the oil I carry the fullness of God not because I am a pastor but because of the love of God, there are some brothers who have more resources than pastors, it is not about title it is the fullness of God.

You can be a Bishop, an Archbishop or a Senior Bishop, this does not mean you carry the fullness of God.

A sister or a brother who loves God carries the fullness of God more than anybody. A man who loves God will always put his best for the advancement of the Gospel, for the advancement of the kingdom of God, he will give his time and everything. To become the best in life you must give your best to God.

Giving your best to God is engaging in Kingdom advancement activities, as we went out yesterday your heart will be there too.

Kingdom advancement must be an addiction if you must enjoy his additions. You won’t struggle anymore, shout a loud amen.

Those who are addicted to the things of God are those who make exploit. Daniel 12:32b. It is your addiction to the Kingdom of God that makes you to advance in life.

Engaging in Kingdom advancement is to invest in the Kingdom.

Let me say this to you, kingdom investment is the best form of investment in life. How many of you know that? Most of you have invested in wonder banks and the bank wandered away, some in wise bank and they ended up been foolish, most of you have invested in all the wonder banks.

I have never had a wrong Investment you know why?

I invest first in the Kingdom. Long ago I had only #1.2 million in a bank and the bank did not crash and God said to me, do you know why that bank cannot crash? It’s because your money is inside. Insignificant amount yet it did not crash.

There are some of us if we put money in your business, your business cannot crash, most of you invested in WWF, WWF and your money just went away because you didn’t invest in the Kingdom of God.

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