I WAS 27yrs old WHEN I MADE A VOW NEVER TO BORROW – Bishop David Oyedepo




-Bishop David Oyedepo on “In Pursuit of Excellence” at International Youth Alive Convention 2021
Day One
*The fountain of excellence dwells in you. The wisdom of the ancient now lives in you
*You are redeemed to command excellence in all your ways.
*The spirit of intelligence and the breath of the Almighty gives understanding.

At new birth, your spiriteless mind has now been re-spirited
*Catch your picture from the scripture, walk in line with that picture and you have created your future without stress.
At new birth, Jesus comes into your life and the word says He is the wisdom and the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:24. Jesus the wisdom and the power of God comes to reside in you and me at new birth. Revelation 3:20.

At new birth, you now possess a fountain of wisdom and power on your inside.

Jesus born of the Holy Ghost, at the age of twelve, they were astonished at His wisdom and answers. At the age of twelve, the fountain was oozing forth water. It is that Jesus that now lives in you when you are born again.

The Bible says Christ in you the hope of glory.
The fountain of excellence dwells in you.

The wisdom of the ancient now lives in you. The innovative and inventive wisdom of God now resides on your inside. We lived in this place for years before the air-conditioner was installed, nobody was choking with that crowd.

The wisdom of a kite that catches the wind from every direction was at work, there was a night we needed to close the windows, the wind was so strong. Why?


The wisdom of the ancient now dwells in you at new birth. May that fountain never be blocked again.
The wisdom that made Shedrach Meshach, Daniel and Abednego ten times better than their colleagues now lives in His New Testament dimension. You are leaving here as a sign and wonder to your world.

At new birth, your three-component personality that died in the first Adam just came back alive after his original kind. So now, you have the mind of Christ. We now have the mind of Christ. The mind behind the excellent creation of God. John 1:3.

The mind behind the creation of the earth, the fullness thereof and the heavens, the galaxies.

That is the mind we now have as believers, unlimited capacity to create, to innovate, to invent now resides in us. 1 Corinthians 2:16. We now have the engine of excellence in our inside. Not just excellent results in school but excellence of experience in life. Everything working at a frequency unimaginable.

You are redeemed to command excellence in all your ways. Jesus said to His disciples, “ye are the salt of the earth… the light of the world” You show the world which way to go, which step to take by your order of excellent result.

The world wants to learn where you got it from. I am releasing you as a guide to your generation to show them how things work in season and out of season.

To show them the way to go by the way you are going. To turn you to study subjects in life. To send researchers to come and study your steps.

A city set on the hill that cannot be hid. A life that commands positive attention. A life that commands supernatural influence in your field of endeavor by virtue of he order of results you are commanding.


Please listen, the day you discover your redemptive roots, your frustration ends. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. You God’s choiced vine planted on the most fruitful hill.

He’s built a tower in the midst of his vineyard so as to check out all strangers from molesting them. (Isaiah 5:1-13)

Everything that will make you he envy of your world is inside you, in the person of Jesus Christ. He said you are to do greater works than He has done. (John 14:12). If you know what deposit Jesus has made on our behalf, you will do more works.

There are many of you if Jesus tarries, a thousand years after your journey is over, you will still be a point of reference. If you allow what God is saying in this convention in you, years and years after you have gone, you will still be a point of reference to your world.
Jesus is the creative power behind the whole of creation. Imagine that power is what lives on your inside.

The word says of all born of women, there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater he.

(Mathew 11:11) That statement means that every born again child of God carries greater potential than Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Daniel and all the Old Testament mighty men. By redemption, we possess greater potentials than all those Old Testament saints. It means if they were ten times better than their colleagues, you should be hundred times better than your colleagues.

Daniel remained relevant to the Government of Babylon for 65 years. He remained a life long consultant to the world around him yet you possess a greater potential than Daniel. (2 Corinthians 3:7-11).

Paul was saying here that the glory of the New Testament is an excellent glory. It means there is nothing to envy in Daniel, Joseph and Abraham by reason of what is loaded in you. May every spiritual blindness tormenting anyone among you that are saved be healed tonight.

When we are born again, we are raised up together with Christ in heavenly places. (Ephesians 2:6) Ephesians 1:21, tells us that where we are seated is far above. Jesus took us up to above and whatever is from above is above all.

You will never be found crawling where others crawl. You will never be found crying where others cry. You will not be found struggling. You will never be found suffering. By redemption, you are now a citizen of heaven living on the earth.

I wrote a book, “The Riches of Redemption” Redemption is a treasure, it is gold mine, it carries unfathomable treasures. Whatever is from above is above all.

It is not about noisemaking round town; it is about making news everywhere.
I see many news makers coming out of his convention.


Job 32:6-8
The spirit of intelligence and the breath of the Almighty gives understanding. At new birth, your spiriteless mind has now been re-spirited. Ephesians 4:23. At the fall, your mind died when your spirit man died.

At birth, your spirit man came alive and your spiriteless mind becomes re-spirited.

You now have a spirited mind not just a biological mind. At new birth, there is a rejuvenation of your half dead mind to come back to life through the spirit of excellence.

At new birth, you have come alive so you have access to inspiration. Inspiration is only relevant to the living.

  1. Access to inspiration that stirs excellent output from your newly spirited mind.

Your spiriteless man has now been re-spirited and it generates excellence without stress.

Those that fall behind the Winners system. That was behind Covenant University that came from the blues and leading the revolution that this Nation needs in their tertiary education. That is what happens when you come here two hours after service on Sunday, you can feel that anyone came here. Everywhere is swept and clean.

These are not man-made thoughts; they are products of inspiration that stirs that spirited mind for maximum delivery.

Say with me, I now have a spirited mind with capacity to generate excellence at will. Excellence in all your ways because of access to inspiration.

Redemption offers access to inspiration that causes the spirit of intelligence in you to deliver maximally. We call that spirit a sound mind. You are not redeemed as dummies but as super-kingdom intelligentsia.

People that have solutions to the problems of life regardless of their areas of study.

The wisdom of God in you will not be wasted. It is your picture that you catch from the scriptures is what create your future.

Catch your picture from the scripture, walk in line with that picture and you have created your future without stress.

I knew that if I seek first the kingdom of God in truth and in deed and make it my lifestyle, everything the world is running around to attain and are dieing to attain will be added to me where I sit down. knew it at 22 and I am now “24” . And it is still working. At 16, I knew I have been redeemed as a priest and a king so I refused to behave like a slave. I am not a prince who will reign when my father died, No! I am redeemed as a king.

Some princes will never taste the throne.
My God is the King of kings not the King of princes. At 16, I knew I was to reign on earth.
Anytime I wanted to go out, I will check will a king go out like this?
You want me to shout at you?

No, kings don’t shout. I knew I was going to lend to nations if I will not borrow and I made a vow against borrowing. I think I was 27 when I made that vow and now we are lending to nations. I knew I don’t have to know anybody to scale the utmost height, just know God. (Daniel 11:32). If you are a king, your location is not hidden. A king does not work carelessly, a king does not walk half-naked.

A king does not wear indecent clothes. Check out yourself and ask if you are actually a king. Pick up your royal behavior.
Don’t behave a slave and claiming to be a king.
There are some nonsense clothes that you wear that you should burn with fire.

That is why many fall into wrong hands, they live a wrong life.

They see you as a call girl, so they call you to marry you and you marry into trouble.
There are those Christians that nobody can ever invite to join a cult group because their light is too bright for that nonsense.

They sent a girl to catch you, she sees fire all over you.
Don’t ever tell an elder you don’t know how to be young. Nobody jumps the queue.

You have to be young first before you become an elder.
Don’t tell me I don’t know what it means to be young, I was once young and I knew the playboys when we were young, they are still “playmen” today. I knew some Playgirls when we were young, they are still “playwomen” today. Wake up and put on your royal behavior.

  1. New birth gives you access to the Holy Spirit, the spirit of excellence. (Joel 2:23-27) a shame-free life is an excellent life. Just generating excellence by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Zechariah 4:6.

The Spirit of God searches all things, the deep things of God.
The deep things of God will make natural impact on the earth. Genesis 41:38-39.
The Spirit of God gave Joseph his place in destiny.

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