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We want to bless the name of the Lord for this year’s Youth convention, it has been the best so far. The program started from the beginning of the week and I am telling you that I am tremendously blessed. The hand of God was upon the Speakers, many of them spoke beyond what they wanted to say because God answered my prayers because I wanted a very Special Youth Convention and He gave me one.

I have been bombarded by people who have been asking me about my stand for vaccination on COVID-19, I have not said anything about that because I believe it is a national issue and when something is a national level, that belongs to the big boys, the Bishops and Archbishops, not to a small pastor like me. It is a topic that the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Can speak on. I am a man under authority and I keep my mouth shut.

What I am saying now, I am not saying to Nigeria, I am saying to my children, it doesn’t really represent the view of CAN or PFN, it is just my view vis a vis the RCCG’s, safety is of the Lord. It is by the mercies of God that we are not consumed.
If we are to go by what scientists said, what the highly trained, intelligent scientific people said, we should be counting the number of deaths in Nigeria by hundreds of thousands, that is what they projected but there is a God who answers prayers and He is still here today.

When He told me in January 1, 2020, that the world is going to behave like a child in convulsion, when He said the whole world will have a compulsory holiday, I didn’t know all the details because we only know what He tells us and God is not talkative so those who are always prophesying per second per second, I wonder which God is talking to them.As soon as it became clear that we were going into very serious trouble, the scientists began to say that what is going to happen to Africa now? I cried to God, I reminded Him of the prayers of the elders that a cow that has no tail, it is God who will be chasing away the flies of that cow.

I cried to Him and said God please, we have no help but you, help us, we have an enemy we can’t see and unfortunately, many of our doctors are not even around, they have gone to look for greener pastures, the facilities are not there, many of the hospitals that could treat highly infectious diseases have been shut down for years, help us. He spoke back to me and said, son, I have heard your cry.

I am not talking to the country but my children, He said only those people whose time has come will die from this virus. He told me Himself, He didn’t send a prophet.
Let me tell you one thing, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid does not mean be careless. You know my stand on cleanliness, you know how much time we devote ourselves to sanitation during the Convention. If this thing has taught you nothing at all other than being clean, glory be to God, don’t be afraid, you will not die before your time.
I read it in the news some days ago that the average number of people in Nigeria who die from snakebite is two thousand a year, if that is the case and COVID-19 has been with us for almost two years and the number of people who are dead is less than four thousand that means snake bite is killing more people than COVID-19.

I told you then that this thing is one of the noisy pestilences, the thing is very loud, don’t be afraid, if your time comes there is nothing nobody can do to keep you here.
Having said that, I have never said to you, don’t be vaccinated, you have never heard that from me, rather than live in fear or doubt, get vaccinated. If you believe that getting vaccinated would put your mind at rest, go ahead.
Daddy, are you saying that you too can be vaccinated? Ehhh? If there are nations in the world that say I cannot come to preach the Gospel there because of vaccination, I will do anything for Jesus Christ, if vaccination or no vaccination is going to hinder me from doing the work God has called me to do, even if they ask me to be vaccinated a hundred times I will be vaccinated. Don’t ever say you heard from me that you should not be vaccinated.
I laughed when I heard that some governors were making it compulsory for people to be vaccinated before they can go to church, I said to myself where the devil failed, some people are trying because the moment this virus came, the first place they want to attack was the Church. The very people who are praying to stop this thing said we shouldn’t meet, thank God we overcame that. It is doubly funny when I now heard that unless you are vaccinated you can’t even go to the bank, I think they must have been misquoted because if you cannot go to the bank unless you are vaccinated, the number of vaccines available in the country is less than ten percent of the Nation. That means ninety percent cannot go to the bank, I laughed because they gave us enough notice that those who have money in the bank can quickly go and collect and save it like our Fathers banking, they put it in pots and bury it at the back of their house. All these things are necessary to make us laugh because in the Nigeria of today if we don’t laugh, listen to me my children, tomorrow will be alright so keep on laughing.
The joy of the Lord is your strength, the Bible says to rejoice and again I say rejoice.

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