• Bishop David Oyedepo at Covenant Hour Of Prayer
    May this month be to every one of us a month of revival next phase in the name of Jesus, may the Spirit of all men and women, Boys and Girls come alive in the pursuit of their God in Jesus’ precious name.

Give the Lord a big hand of praise. You may please be seated.
We are living in the most prophetic days of the Church; the last days are the most prophetic days of the Church. Acts 3:19-21. We are in the most prophetic days of the Church and we must be acquainted with it to experience the fulfillment of prophecies in our lives.

We must get properly acquainted on how to see prophetic words come to pass in our lives, this is very crucial, this is very vital. No matter the validity of a prophetic word, without your personal faith, it will never see the light of the day in your life. No matter the validity of a prophetic word, without your active faith, you never see them come true in your life.

No prophet under Heaven can make you experience a Prophetic world that you have not truly believed. No! No! No! Every prophetic word delivers absolutely at the mercy of your unwavering faith, your unstaggering faith, your solid faith.

I was up down this morning and I kept hearing it shall be the month of answers and somebody will say I have heard that before, it’s your disposition before that won’t let it come to pass, you’re hearing it again, if you maintain the same old position, the same defeating position, you won’t see it.

We are in the most prophetic days of the Church, you’re wearing a suit, you’re looking nice, you’re been in church every day, you’re even preaching the word it won’t make you a partaker of it. It’s not to you according to what you preach, it is to you according to what you believe.

Please, come awake. I can’t help you experience the fulfillment of prophecy, only your faith qualifies you for it. I cannot help you, neither can any apostle under Heaven help you, they can only take advantage of you. You better come awake, all this sleeping, halfway half up in Church won’t get you anywhere. Awake, alive.

So, we have people now who ask within themselves when the first word was released: shall these things be, it is inside nobody can see them except God, shall these things be. Me, four quantum leaps, how? What way? Four quantum. So, from the inside, he disqualified himself. For with the earth man believes not with the face. Romans 10:10. it doesn’t matter how you look; it doesn’t mean faith.

Jeremiah 17:10. So, when there is no faith in your heart, you won’t see prophecy fulfilled in your life. Let’s come awake, let’s speak straight to ourselves.


I have heard so much prophetic word from the Word of God, from his prophets and what’s happening to me. Unbelief is tormenting you. Now, in the name of Jesus, that spirit of unbelief that robbed you of too many things that cannot be counted, I cast it out of your life.
Therefore, never ask again, shall these things be. 2nd Kings 7:1-2. If the Lord makes windows in Heaven shall these things be and you know what he suffered.

You will see with your eyes but your mouth will not touch it. Now, wait a minute, imagine that Israel will not go forward when a Prophetic word came and said go forward.

Exodus 14:15. They would have been eternally in bondage, when Egypt will bring them back, he will be killing them on a daily basis, so that they will just give up forever, not trying to be free.

You better move when the word says move, that is why I told them to cut short the prayers this morning, because I need for you to know this, there is no man that does not carry a heavy prophetic package. Every month comes and goes and there is nothing.

In the name of Jesus, this month will mark a new beginning in your life. In that he died, he died once unto sin, in that he lives, he lives forevermore. My God! This would be the last month that God’s Word will be falling to the group in your life.

Now listen, whenever God speaks; he speaks according to what he will do, not what you can do. God speaks according to what he will do if you believe, not what you can do, stop sizing prophetic words with your capacity, they have no connection. Now, how could they have pushed the red sea apart, he speaks according to what he can and will do if you and I will believe, how could they have had food supply for forty years, bread in the morning, flesh in the evening.

No! He speaks according to what he will do. How could we have built the Faith tabernacle in 1 year. He speaks according to what he will do. How could we have invaded Nations without a budget, he speaks according to what he will do. How could we have acquired an aircraft in 6 months without a budget, without a reminder, without a private telephone call, without borrowing? He speaks according to what he will do.

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! You’re sitting in a place where everything is working before your eyes, when will they start working in your life. God does not speak according to what we can do, he speaks according to what he will do if we would care to believe and blessed is she that believeth. Luke 1:45.


A virgin thou shall conceive and bear a son and call his name Jesus. Luke 1:34-35. Mary asked, wait a minute, how shall these things be since I know not a man? She asked a genuine sincere question and He said, the Holy Ghost shall come upon thee.

So, God speaks according to what his power can do and the power of the highest shall overshadow thee. Luke 1:35. So, he speaks according to what his power can do.
So, every time a Prophetic word lands, just compare it with God’s power, is God’s power up to this. That will help to stir your faith, all this counting yourself out of God’s agenda, you’re losing out too much. You’re losing out too much, but no more, it’s ending on this first day of April, you will be walking in the center of fulfillment of prophecies. Let me hear your loudest amen.

Whatever God says he create, He’s not asking you to go and bring raw materials, God does not need no raw materials to get anything done. Whatever he says is created. He says it to create it. When he says it and you believe it, he creates it. He creates it in your life, he does not need a factory, he creates anything he says.

One woman came to our crusade in Bauchi years ago and then came from Jos and went back home and told the husband I’m pregnant, the man asked him, between last night and now, she said yes. The Word from me came and she believed it and she became pregnant, she believed it, she got it, don’t sit down there and say I am waiting for Papa to come and lay hands and legs on me, it doesn’t work.

Jesus laid hands on them; it didn’t work. Mark 6:5. Without your faith, no man laying hands on you will make it happen. Your faith in God, your faith in his word, your faith in his prophet when they are involved, faith, nothing but faith. Luke 1:31-38. She shows that she now believes and that was it.

Here comes another month, pregnant with matters, the month is pregnant with matters. Why seek ye the Living among the dead. Luke 24:5. So, you cannot be found again among the dead.

Why seek ye the one I have fully paid for his total health among the sick, you will never be found among the sick, if you care to believe.

We are not in Canaanland by consensus. We are here by embracing Prophetic instructions. Not that some people cane and said can we go. No! No! God said this is the place, you want to be here, good luck, and we came, the glory of Heaven came, the cloud moved from where we were and landed here.

The world never knew where we were when we were in town, they knew where we were when he brought us here. God is taking you somewhere.
Let me conclude with what we have today. We do not beg for a turnaround in the Kingdom, we serve to experience a turnaround, we will look at two of them before we share the goodness this morning.

1) We do not beg to be free from the oppression of the wicked, we serve our way into liberty.

Everybody going after God and the interest of his Kingdom, he’s given power and authority over all devils. Luke 9:1. 2nd Timothy 2:6. So, as long as we remain on the go for Jesus, we become partakers of his endowment for stewardship. So, power over all the devil is yours. He gave them power and authority, what I say to one I say to all. Luke 10:19. Mark 13:37. Like 10: 17.

Jesus said; when you went, I saw the devil feel like lightning, he couldn’t stand you. You have been empowered by me. So, serving God makes you unhurtable.
He called his 12 Disciples and gave them power against unclean spirits and to heal all manner of sickness. Matthew 10:1.

So, all manner of sickness can’t torment you again because you’re carrying that virtue to others. You need that mentality, that you’re not exposed to danger serving God, you’re secured from danger.

In the days of T.L Osborn he was in one of the cities here and this occultic man had a rod and when he pointed it to any preacher, the preacher would dry up and that was the end of him. He pointed it to T.L Osborn the rod broke into two. He carried his two broken rods to the front for altar call. I give to power. Luke 10:19. Also, the labourers are few.

So, every labourer is given power. Luke 10:2. Well the good news is the last hurt you suffered is the last you will know in your life.

Israel is my son, let my son go so that he may serve me. Exodus 4:22. You don’t let him go; I will kill your son. So, when you’re out to serve him, God is all around in you as a wall of fire, no devil can toil with your life, when you’re on an active service for the Lord.

2) We do not beg to be free from generational curses, we serve our way into freedom. Abraham his servant, I will bless them that blesses you and curse him that curses you. Genesis 12:3. Curses can stand where blessings stand. It’s like light and darkness, thou shall serve and he shall bless. Exodus 23:25.

Thou shall serve and he shall bless. Jesus said this is your hour.

So, when you’re in service with Jesus, he keeps company with you and he is the light if the world’s darkness can’t survive around you. It’s when blessing stops that curse can reign.
Keep serving, blessings won’t stop flowing and curses will have no place around your life. If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasures. Job 36:11. Now, ladies and gentlemen I am not where I am by grace, by anybody’s vote, I am here today by the vote of my faith in the prophetic word that came my way.

So, let your faith come out. I know I am unhurtable and I didn’t know that yesterday. Why? God’s Word said so. You’re on the go for me, let me see who will hurt you. I know I can’t carry God’s blessings and still be under curses. Genesis 12:3. Something good is on your way.

In conclusion God is not looking for who to disgrace, he is looking for who to empower for triumphant living and that is you. You will never know disgrace anymore in your life.

  • This shall be your month of answers. Every bugging question around any winner’s life shall find express answers from Heaven.

And one covenant facilitator of answers is obedience. What do I call it? John 2:5. Because obedience speaks louder than voice.

You want answers, walk in clean, delightsome and enjoyable obedience and then answers will be coming your way expressly.

Make a list of questions to which you require answers for the month, make it today and watch how God begins to provide answers to them as you keep doing what he says to do.

Remember, everybody is absolutely responsible for the outcome of his life. Everybody not somebody.

  • Somebody’s stories is changing. Now, write those questions down and believe in the God of answers. Sir, from the first day God will start releasing answers to you.
    Prayers: Thank God for this month of answers.

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