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Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo at ‘UPSURGE: The End of Normal‘ Day One, Evening Session.

We worship you Jesus, without you we are nothing. Thank you Jesus. Father, we honour you, we give you the praise tonight. Who will not serve a God like you, you don’t consult a man to bless us. You are so good you are called God. Father I have a request tonight, that you will take what is hard and make it simple and that we are not just going to hear the Word but we are going to profit from it.

Father I didn’t just fly all the way here to waste my time and people’s time, let there be real transformation, speak to us in the way we can hear in Jesus mighty name we pray.

I want you to know that I am not here because I was invited, I am here because God sent me here. There is no one who knows Pastor K.K. like I do asides Pastor Esther. If you want to know a man, watch them under pressure. I have seen him under pressure and he is a man of faith, so full of faith.
– I pray for everyone that you will have a friend like this.

Some things started happening to me and I went to Bishop Oyedepo and said “Sir, I didn’t know what is happening to me, I am seeing very scary results” and he said “that is how I know that you are genuinely connected”. If you don’t see the results of your mentors in your life, check your connection. When I sat down here and heard the testimonies I thought “this is the way it is happening in COZA”.

Before I start speaking, the first thing I want you to know is that we didn’t come here to teach theory. Personally I don’t take opportunities to speak at Pastors Conferences because Pastors are all-knowing. When you are full, there is nothing they can bring to you because there is no space.

But the truth of the matter is that they are just full of themselves. We know in part, there is nobody that knows it all. What I am about to share I know about it. I don’t fully know it but I know it more than a lot of people. I have proof so you need to listen. To listen is to open up, Nobody gets pregnant closed up. I am not teaching for theory sake, I am teaching for impact and when you are closed up nothing will drop.

Joel 2:23-28
Knowledge is information, understanding is the application. Sometimes what breeds unbelief is how long you have been on that spot. Your father was poor, your grandfather was poor and now your children if you don’t do something they will be poor too.

A history of poverty can create unbelief. There are three harvests that are coming to the body of Christ. First is the harvest of finance, next is the harvest of miracles and third is the harvest of souls.

When you meet somebody who is into the miraculous and there is no finance, he has put things upside down. I was speaking with Bishop T.D. Jakes many years ago and he said to me “to reach the world is very expensive.

Can you imagine how much I spend on media?”. Someone told me how much Pastor Chris Oyakhilome spends on TV every month and I couldn’t believe it because he doesn’t have a TV channel, he has satellites and networks.

God doesn’t bring the spreading first, He brings the prosperity first. That’s why the first harvest is a harvest of finance. The real impact of a meeting is not when the meeting is going on, it’s weeks after. All those Reinhard Bonnke crusades that are parked full, he paid for it.

There are some of our pastors whose job is to wait for missionaries to come so they can collect money “we can reach 5000 people for you but bring the money”. To reach out to souls you need money. God is not bringing a harvest of souls first, He is not bringing a harvest of healing first. He is bringing finance first. Moses met God in Exodus 3, God thought Moses on the same page with him until Moses asked God what will be his confidence to face Pharaoh. God said what is that in your hand?

Throw it down and it became a serpent and Moses fled. He said take it by the tail and after that time it was never referred to as the rod of Moses again in the Bible.

It was referred to as the rod of God and Moses still didn’t have confidence. Have you ever performed miracles and people say you arranged it?

I believe the reason why Jesus left Lazarus to be dead for 4 days was because when He raised Jarius’ daughter they said she was pretending. Jesus left that guy to see corruption so that nobody will be able to argue with that result.

Listen to me, if you raise a dead somebody will doubt it, if a dumb start talking someone will still think you arranged it but if you have money, am I going to give you 10 million just to share a testimony? Am I going to buy many houses for you and give you a company just to share testimony.

Where our church is, is a crazy place everybody you know has a house there. If they don’t live ten minutes from me, they live two minutes from me. Governors, Ministers, Senators. They all wonder how a church can buy a property here because they know how much it costs.

They don’t greet me with one hand, it’s with two hands. That’s why the harvest of souls is not the first. If you go for souls first, when you have all the anointing and put a crusade together there will be problems. The NEPA bill in our church per month is some people’s annual budget.

We have our own transformer and it’s not a normal one, it’s an industrial one. I called someone and I said do you see this small church? We have 137 staff and we take care of their housing and everything. During the pandemic I called them and told them I was going to increase their salaries to let you know that I know something. Principles don’t know gender, it doesn’t know whether you are black. If I cannot repeat it then it is not a principle, it’s a fluke.

Have you met people who raised you or in your church that say “I have a covenant with God” and you look at them and say “this person knows God oh. I pray Lord that I will grow to the level that I have a covenant with you”. Why I know covenant is in different levels and dimensions, I want you to know that every born again child of God has a covenant with God. You must have this consciousness, you are not even the one that initiated it. God is so good that He waited for Abraham to be asleep before He initiated the covenant because He didn’t want Abraham to say something that the enemy will use to handcuff him.

Genesis 17:1-3,6-7
If God needs to make a company to move to Warri for His will to be done in your life, it’s going to happen. He is Almighty. Whoever you obey is your master. If you decide to be in Alignment with God’s word you are not doing God a favour, you are not doing your pastor a favour, you are actually setting yourself up to go up. The covenant we have is not addition, it’s multiplication. Exponential Increase.
– I prophesy to someone here that you are the beginning of new things in your family.

When you hear covenant, hear increase. When you hear covenant, what God is saying is increase. If you are looking for a man of covenant, I am him.
-From today everything that has your name on it will prosper.

Galatians 3:13

Those of you who say why do pastors say that prosperity is next to godliness, if you prosper that is the mark that God is with you. That is exactly what we are saying. That is what I am saying emphatically because I read my Bible and once God meets someone He starts to increase Him. God told me that He prepares a banquet but his children don’t show up. They see the enemy at the gate and they turn back. They don’t know that God intended for the enemy to be seated at the table.

Whenever someone is correcting you, separate yourself from what they are saying. The first thing I want you to see is that poverty is a curse. Poverty is not the will of God for any one.

Galatians 3:14-16,27
Every promise in the Bible was made to two people – Abraham and His seed and that seed is Christ. When you put on Christ we don’t know whether you are Urhobo or Ijaw, you become Abraham’s seed too. One denomination brought Jesus to speak at their Church and told him not to do any miracles and Jesus agreed but as He was preaching, a woman came in who was bent over, He couldn’t say no to healing her because she was a seed of Abraham.

Ephesians 2:11

One day I was on the line to sow to Bishop Oyedepo and Bishop Ibiyeomie came to me and said “Biodun you are here to sow? Your money will explode, that’s how I got here”. It happened the way he said it.

Genesis 24:1

Stop saying I am anointed, I should see it. The reason why you are telling me is because your life is not commensurate with the talk. I was at KICC to preach and I saw Pastor Mathew’s two sons the way they behave and I said “Pastor Mathew don’t tell me it’s God oh, how did you raise these boys in London and they are like this”.

He told me he sows seeds on their behalf. I came back home and everyone of my children, I started sowing seeds for them too. I have a school that my daughter runs, she is 18 years old and she runs it. When you talk to her you will be amazed. She is in 200 Level Oral Roberts University. If your kids are going through the challenges that you went through there is something wrong. You have not broken something. God blessed Abraham in all things, there is a blessing of all things. That is the impact of the blessing.

Genesis 13:2, Proverbs 10:22

A house is not a blessing, a car is not a blessing, a good wife is not a blessing. They are babies of the blessing. Some people are here and they still don’t believe that God makes people rich. We are diligent, we are excellent, we get better at what we do but there is a space for God factor. If God cannot make people rich, then Yahoo plus should not exist. When you see the fake, it tells you that there is real. There is an anointing that makes rich.

Deuteronomy 8:12-13

I am telling you the truth, when anybody met God in the Old Testament just read few chapters and God has started multiplying them.
Psalm 115:12
Anybody can keep money and make it. There is a general cliché in the business world that the first generation makes it, next spends it and third destroys. Covenant moves from generation to generation.

Once you are not in covenant you can’t transfer it. One of the things I like about Bishop Oyedepo is that he is able to transfer it. Did you see what the son is doing in America?
– You are going farther than your father.

God is mindful of us, we are seeds of Abraham. He must bless us.
Job 1:9-10
This is Satan talking, it’s not just prayer but I know people that work like elephants and eat like ants because they don’t have this revelation. Satan said Lord I know how Job prospered, you put a wall around him and you blessed the work of his hands.

John 10:10 (KJV, NLT, AMP)
Two people came for you. You don’t need people giving you prophecies, once the thief is coming around you, you carry something. Peter, Satan asked for you but I have prayed for you that your faith will not fail. If the devil is on your case, I guarantee you that there is something you have that you will discover later. It’s not what you have done, it’s what you can do. Attacks can come, The bush can burn but it shouldn’t perish.

Jesus came that you might have and enjoy life. There are Christians listening to me that when life is too sweet they are afraid. Your path is like a shining light. My question is what does the devil want to steal?
Mathew 13:11-12

If your eyes are opened to the mystery of prosperity in the kingdom, nothing can stop you. Satan cannot afford for revelation to grow in you because if it has a root you will see the fruit.

My son was 16 years old when I took him, when we passed the airport with a bag of money, the EFCC almost arrested us.

We were going to see Bishop Oyedepo in Kwara State.

We landed in Illorin, drove to his village and they said we left and we traced him back.

When I saw him he was very tired all he said was “you are blessed in Jesus name” and he flew away in his jet and my son said is that all we came to do?

He just spent 5 minutes with us and I said Shut up, you will see.

That was 24th of December a day after my wife’s birthday and we gave everything we had in our account. It was little but everything. On the 28th of December a man showed up at the gate of our church with almost that same bag. We gave naira but he brought dollars and I said go and call my son. I showed him the money. The greatest thing that happened to me was not the money that came back, it was my son that the revelation got into his heart.

So not too long after that we came to Warri to preach for one of my sons and the man said he wanted my son to preach, so he preached and the man gave him dollars as honorarium and I gave him the envelope. We got back to one of our churches at Gwarimpa Campus and my son gave out all the dollars. Not so many days after, one of my sons came and gave a Porsche to my son.

I was worried about what I should do because I didn’t want my son to start life like that. One day he said we should drive the car around, after we have driven the car, he said he wanted to sow the car as his first car. Pastor K.K. came to our church and he preached a strong message and my son came to me that night and said I want to sow to Pastor K.K.

I started crying because these are things Pastors don’t know. Strongholds are what holds you strong. If you can’t sow then you are not just poor, poverty has held you as a stronghold. Satan is not everywhere he just puts something in you that will make you self destruct. All my kids are like that.

Nobody can ask me to come and talk about money, it’s my calling. It’s what I have eaten for 22 years. Years that we could not buy bags of rice in our house, so we were giving bags of rice to mentors. Offering is what you offer, a seed is what God demands. If God had to follow that law, who are you? God had to release his son to bring many sons to glory. If you don’t like your harvest, change your seed.

I had a childhood friend who wasn’t educated and he was our barber and suddenly he gave his life to Christ and he was into the prophetic. I also started COZA 1999 and I didn’t know how to tell my father whose dream was for me to become a politician, so I was doing it bit by bit. I didn’t want him to know. So I was telling God when you called Mary you didn’t tell Mary to tell Joseph.

You visited Joseph so talk to my father about me. So one day my father just called me and said “so what is this your ministry all about?”. I almost died. So I didn’t get support but this my friend even had one of my uncles supporting him. My own uncle didn’t support me because he didn’t believe in me.

So my father called all my siblings and said I should not disgrace him which theology school did I go to that I am doing ministry.

So my sister said I will talk to Daddy for you to allow you fulfill your destiny on one condition, you have to attend WOFBI. She paid for me to go to WOFBI and I went to WOFBI in 1999 and I met this my friend. We were coming home together and in the car every day he is sharing testimony.

One day I went to his office, he had an office and I had nothing. He showed me someone bought him a set of generator, a set of speakers and I went home and was thinking am I really called. This guy was a great giver.

One day I went to Lagos to meet one of my friends and he also took me to another friend who just came from America. I was excited to meet young pastors like myself so we were with him and his associate pastor walked in and God said “that’s your friend”. He was the one who introduced me to materials of Creflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland. I watched all the messages and they were talking about giving and from that moment anytime I read the Bible that was what I was seeing. Someone came to preach in our church from America and God said your account and I did that.

That was how everything changed, members increased. Some one heard that there was a church in the city with 500 members and no signboard and he said it was a lie so he drove down with his Prado. After the service I took all the offering and gave it to him and he prayed for me that the city will open for me and that was it. Corpers started coming to our church so I was the Corper Pastor.

That was how the Presidents mandated all the banks to put a branch in every city, so the corpers started getting good jobs and our offering increased. My seed also increased.

What you hold on to that is what you will have. If it leaves your hand, it doesn’t leave your hand.

Luke 6:38 (NLT) 1 Corinthians 3:3, 2 Corinthians 9:6

If you don’t like your harvest, change your seed. The first time I pledged 1 million I paid it 12 times but from that day people began to give me one million. This year alone I have never seen what I have seen in ministry before.
– Every stolen revelation that you lost is coming back to you.
– I decree that your water will turn into wine.

There are anointings in Africa that could have become global but it couldn’t because of money.
– Every limiter of your destiny is torn in pieces


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