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1. Honor him/her

2. Prayerfully Guard your relationship with Prayers.

3. Give Value : A Destiny Helper may need a little help in an insignificant area.

4. Speak well of your relationship.

5. Pride will always kill a relationship with a Destiny Helper.

6. You may not be able to give your Destiny Helper everything they want but work hard to be everything they need.

7. It’s obvious He/She was sent by God to help you, but one way to facilitate the Help is for you to behave like you are there to help your Destiny Helper

8. Sometimes, you have to make what’s important to them, important to you even when it’s NOT important to you. That shows the relationship is important to you.

9. Remember, in a Relationship with a Destiny Helper, its little things that define it.

10. Be willing to always apologize even when you think you aren’t wrong.

Hope this made little sense???

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