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.- Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo at “Empowerment Day of Expansion” Day 5 7 Days of Glory COZA

You hide your issues, thinking nobody knows

If God gives you an expanded life and your mind is not expanded, it is trouble

What you hear determines how you end up

Psalm 119:32

I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart. (The Message Translation)

In the word, “Understanding”, there are two words there; “under” and “stand”. I look under but I’m going to stand. I look like I’m going under but I’m standing.

It takes humility for you to ask questions; it takes humility for you to go to somebody and say I don’t understand the way my life is going, can you pray for me?

Don’t act like you always have it together, because you don’t. Say, I don’t need to struggle; God is going to show me how. I know how.

There is a technical know-how about your life; the reason you don’t understand it is because you have not humbled yourself to ask; you have not come to humble yourself to say I need a prophetic push.

You hide your issue thinking that nobody knows. We already know; we just left you to it so that when you’re tired of the situation, you will leave cry for help.

Say, Father, I humble myself under God’s mighty hand; say I humble myself that’s why I’m lifted.

One of the things that show you that you have expanded understanding is when you expose the devil.

How do you expose him? Tell somebody that has a spiritual authority over you what you’re going through. If you keep your problem, your problems will be kept.

You just end up saying you know they don’t care in that church; we care but we just don’t know what you are dealing with. Hallelujah!

Say I receive understanding in the name of Jesus and it is expanded. I see beyond me; I see beyond my family; I see beyond what my mother did. I see beyond what my friends are saying I see beyond my mind; my mind cannot contain me I see beyond!

Say I will no longer make generational mistakes. That is so important. People make mistakes that their children’s children have to pay for. Say I will not make generational mistakes. Saul made a mistake in God and his whole destiny was shut down.

His children’s children lost access to the throne. Say I will not make generational mistakes. It is out of a limited, messed-up understanding that people make mistake and they think it is just about them. They don’t know that a thousand generations are paying for it. Say I will not make generational mistakes.

So, when God tells you wait, you better wait. I don’t care what has happened before, if He says don’t step into it, don’t step into it. There are people that keep walking in and out of different marriages because you feel everybody is not good enough.

You don’t know you are piling it up. walking in and out of different associations, companies or whatever it is. God led you there but you kept running helter-skelter, making mistakes that generations will pay for. Say it ends with me this morning!

I cannot be distracted. The Bible says looking up to Jesus the author and the finisher of your faith. Stop going everywhere! Stop running helter-skelter, be focused!

Say, I receive divine focus, I am so focused on God. I have eyes that see I have ears that hear. The Bible says the Lord leads you by the way you should go and He teaches you to profit. Say I am taught to profit.

My mind is taught to profit. My mind is instructed to profit this morning, from today 5th day of July 2021, my mind, you are instructed to profit.No more delay, no more denial, no more loss!

The first step to expansion is expansion of the mind. If god gives you an expanded life and your mind is not expanded, it is trouble.

God bless Saul with an expanded kingdom but his mind was too small. He listens to the women saying Saul slain a thousandand David slain ten thousand. Who are you listening to? Say my ears are instructed.

The word empowerment means anointing. Something that empowers you to do the right thing. You are the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

Say my eyes are not hindered, my steps are not hindered, my words are not hindered. I don’t speak ordinary words my words are heard from today. There is a shift in my mind in the name of Jesus!

Romans 12:2

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

So, God renews your mind for you to prove to the world that the word works. Say, I am a proof producer. So, be transformed; don’t conform to what every other person is doing. Be transformed!

How do I get transformed? When I stay on the instruction God gave me not the one He gave my cousin. What you hear determines how you end up.

Some people live their lives based on what is trending; you don’t even know who you are you’re just a chameleon. If the world says go this way, that is where you go. Say, there is a change this morning. My mind is expanded.

It is deception for me to just come and prophesy over your life and you just say Amen.

You see, it takes more than saying just Amen for you to see the blessings. After saying Amen, God will sit you down and say let us work it out. How do you work it out?

Yo do that by the word. Are you doing the word? You can’t escape doing the word

If I know what dominates your mind, I can tell how you will end up. Say, I fix my thoughts. This morning, my thought is fixed. This morning, I refuse to be distracted.

I discovered something talking to a dermatologist sometimes ago.

The dermatologist said we shouldn’t even bother putting cream on our body because most of all the creams that we use to do not penetrate.

They don’t go to anywhere because most of them are empty. They can’t just penetrate. So, the best way to treat your skin is from inside. So how do you do that?

When your blood is clean, your skin will be clean.

Touch your neighbour, say, it is a blood issue and I want to get bloody this morning, with the devil. So, devil, I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind. I plead the blood over my mind!

Some people make mistakes. It is when they finish making mistakes that they realise what did.

That was the same mistake your father madem It was the same mistake your mother made.

The devil sets people up and he can wait forever. He was at the naming ceremony just waiting, you can rejoice celebrate all you want.

His aim is that the same mistake of your father, you will make it. He can wait for a thousand generations but I decree today, today is the expiry date!

So, if I don’t deal with the issue from inside, you know, there are some people that wear makeup.

There’s a lot of pimples. Many times we can’t see your issues because you cover it up and I told you the best way to expand your mind is to expose the devil.

7 Days of Glory is not a cover of time because the glory reveals.

Say to yourself, the glory of God reveals everything that needs to be revealed in me. Reveal in my life everything that needs to be revealed in Jesus name!


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