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Kemi Oyedepo, the wife of David junior, first son of the founder of living Faith Church has said that people forcus way too much on how amazing a wedding should be and put less emphasis on realities of Marriage after the wedding.
Taking to her official Facebook page on Friday September 24, Kemi, the daughter in law to Bishop Oyedepo said,
“If how glamorous a wedding is has anything to do with how beautiful a Marriage will be, there won’t be many broken marriages as there are today”
Running a family requires a life time, not a day. There is way too much focus on how amazing a wedding should be these days and less emphasis on the realities of marriage.
On alot of wedding day, many brides are stressed out grooms are irritated and anxious, family members are fighting all because of that one day! Don’t get caught up with all the fairytales and unrealistic expectations.

Alot of people cheering you on because of how grand your wedding should be, will go their way at the end of the day and leave you to handle the issues in your home by yourself.
When too much focus is on the wedding day, the attention you should give to the journey ahead is diverted. Be real, Be prayerful and spiritually alert, put sensible plans in place. Your adversary, the devil doesn’t care about your wedding day; it’s your Marriage he’s after!
Don’t let all the glitz, glam, pictures and magazines blind your eyes from what really matters.

” Absolutely have the wedding of your dreams ( as long as you can afford it, even if you can afford it, it’s not a MUST) and enjoy your day or days! But please be more focused on having an even better marriage.
Don’t have a” talk of town” wedding at the expense of your marriage, that is called foolishness with a capital F.
Seek godly counsel if you need it. You know I wish you God’s best! Blessed weekend! Cheers”.

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