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-Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche

It is very important to know that the kind of company you keep determines the level of quality you will experience in life. There are quality people whose destinies have been corrupted by the wrong company.

Also, there are people whose destinies were corrected by associating with the right company.

Your choice of friends, automatically defines your choice of destiny.

The kind of people you choose to be around you automatically determines the kind of life you have chosen to live.

Your association determines your destination; your association also affects your distinction. You can’t keep the company of vultures and expect to soar like the eagle.

As fire begets fire, iron sharpens iron, and excellence begets excellence. Company defines quality. If you show me a person close to you, I will show you the quality of person you are. Company determines quality.

Lions don’t move with hyenas; Eagles don’t move with vultures because quality provokes quality.

Your friends affect your future; your choice of company determines your choice of quality.

Beloved, to arrive at excellence, quality association is necessary.

If you manage people, they would damage you; so association is not for management, association is for advancement..

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