If you want to start Blogging Business in 2022, Read this now


Happy New Year, Blogging Family. I have small advice for anyone who wishes to go into blogging, it may also be useful if you’re already into blogging.

1. Kill 😁 yourself with niche/keyword research: There are many adsense approved sites that haven’t earned a dollar although their ads get clicks.
How is this possible?

The keywords you use on your website tells google the kind of ads it should place. So many factors determine the Cost per click (CPC) like country, competition etc. but the most important is niche and keywords.

My main point is, it would be better to take 3 months doing quality keyword research that will help you earn big from Adsense. If you horridly create a blog and get approval, thinking approval is all to it, you might be in big trouble. (Frustration 101 😎)

πŸ™ƒwetin i dey talk be say make you get low competition keywords with high CPC. Thank you 😏
Extra tip: consider sub niches: I call them niche within niche. I recently worked on a health website that got approved. The website has 90% of the traffic coming from the United States.

Do you know why? It’s simply because it discusses a topic that mostly affects america alone (it’s also a sub-niche). I won’t hide the niche, it’s Health and “Vaping” specifically. I said vaping not rape abeg πŸ˜‘(search Google).

Instead of making your blog general like “how to make money online” you can be more specific with “affiliate marketing” for instance.

2. Don’t take SEO for granted: Talking about SEO would take years but here are some basic tips:
==Websites with names similar to keywords stand a good chance to rank, so be careful in choosing your website name. E.g a health website with the name “healthmugul” could rank more easily than “squidgame”. 😁
==Lengthy articles stand a good chance( no go write nonsense shaπŸ’€)
== Add your site to Google search console and Bing web master tools (infact if you fit get any search engine tool like Yahoo, duckduckgo, Yandex, Village people search engine πŸ’€ etc. add your website to it)
Adsense approval should come last. If you have good organic traffic and good keywords on your website, you can then apply for Adsense.
Adsense frustrated me at first but with my current observations, there’s nothing there. Adsense approval is as easy as ABC (Except you have unsettled matters with your village people 😁)
3. If you have plagiarized articles and apply 2million times, you’d be rejected. I think the Google admin that checks plagiarized articles is Koji Agudah 😈. The tool that has helped me for all adsense sites so far is, “seotoolscentre” (Google am 😏).
==For articles, even 15 articles can get you approved (200,300,700 words mix is okay).
==Make sure there are high quality articles with meaning.
== Na mumu dey write unique articles: There is nothing new under the sun 😁 here’s what I do sometimes πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Step 1: Get articles from a website.
Step 2: Read and understand each line.
Step 3: rewrite the sentences in your own words
Step 4: Check for plagiarism that’s all.

Note: Paraphrasing tools can frustrate your life. They just use synonyms that don’t match 60% of the time.


4. If you take blogging as your only source of income, you might frustrate yourself. Here are some basic skills I’ve tried and they’ve helped me earn- I believe they can be helpful.

1. Freelancing: Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal etc.
2. Selling Digital Products: courses, projects etc.
3. Buying and reselling data

Note: Wether you’re a graphics designer, app developer, WordPress developer or teacher there’s a place for you in Freelancing.
Enjoy the new year and remember Blogging is not for lazy people.

Most important advice: make sure you don’t come and go and come and go and kill yourself. 😁 Take a break sometimes, it’s only healthy people that blog.

If you are struggling with getting google adsense approval, you maybe doing few things wrongly, follow the procedure stated below;

1. Quality of Content/-
Don’t copy content, if you do that, you are just shooting yourself in the leg. Write genuine content (I wish I have time to teach this)
Don’t copy contents, if you love the content so much and feel you need it, then just rewrite it and please rewrite it manually, don’t use those online write tools that just change synonyms.

2. Content Word Count/-
I see lots of you saying “I have 30 posts but adsense has not approved me but approved someone with 10 posts blah blah blah”
Your word count per article is 200 words and the person that has 10 posts, he’s own is 5000 words per article. If you are adsense who will you approve? πŸ€” Tell yourself the truth.

So word count is very important, this my blog that just got approved yesterday, I have 3 articles that are over 15,000 words each.
Legit content, it took my days to write.

You can’t be post 200 words article of naija Bob risky gossip article and hope adsense will approve you over my that wrote 15000 medical article. Check am na. So word count is very important, your articles should be at least 2000 words.

3. Niche/-
In as much as people will tell you that you can write on any niche which is true but some niches are approved faster than others and some are not accepted at all, if you like write 2million word count.

Naijaloaded, waploaded, this one loaded and that one loaded, yeah I get you want to be a known blogger but that area is saturated, to break into it you need money to run lots of ads. Think outside the box, leave gossip niche, music and the rest of them, one they are stressful and little reward at the beginning.

Look at other niches like agriculture, job recruitment, poetry, sms blogs, travel and tours. This niches won’t stress you and they are easier to get approved than gossip and general niche.

4. Target Country/-
I was done with Nigerian blogs long ago, now I write for foreign audience.
It’s hard but try and look away from Nigeria, target Tier 1 countries. They are kind of easier to get approved and when you get approved you earn more. I see people posting the adsense dashboard with CPC as low as 0.25. Nawa oh. When will you reach 100usd?

My Tier 1 target blog has a CPC of 1.12, what your 0.25 CPC earns with 4 click, I earn it with one.

You can get 2000 clicks and I will get 500 clicks and still earn more than you, that’s the reason you should go for foreign countries. Remove eyes from naija.

5. Domain extension/-
Get a top level domain. I see people trying to get adsense Approval with dot xyz, dot pk and the rest of them.
Get a dot com or it’s equivalent and you will get approved faster.
Sometimes in 2020 I was trying to get approved with dot xyz all to no avail, I removed it and put dot com and got approved in 3 days.

They accept Dot xyz and other domain extensions but dot come is faster approved.

6. Essential pages/-
Google doesn’t play with these essential pages and make sure you have set them up before applying or else you will apply until this world ends and they won’t accept you.

The pages are.
Privacy Policy page
About Us page
Contact Us page
Terms and Conditions page
Disclaimer page

Some people will say they got approved without setting up all these page, yes it’s possible but setting them all up will fasten your approval.

7. Adhere to adsense policy/-
Create blogs that is acceptable in their terms and conditions.
They don’t accept Hookup blogs and gambling blogs. You can try all you want, I had to finally delete my hook up blog.

They accept gambling blog if you mix it up with sports but it’s hard so just avoid it totally. I’m talking out of experience because I have a sports betting blog which is approved.

That will be all for now. Follow this steps I have outlined and you will get approved in less than a month. I know you will say mine took 3 months, yes that’s because I was working on 3 blogs and they are all approved now, I’m moving towards verification now. If you have ID I can use for verification please indicate (I will pay you)

If you have any questions related to this adsense issues, drop it below and I will reply ASAP.

NB: Don’t come to my inbox without me telling you to come or you go sleep there oh.

Thank You


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