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  • Pastor Femi Emmanuel at COZA 12 Days of Glory 2022, Day 4 Morning Session
    There is something about God and prayer, when God wants to answer your prayer, He gives you prayer points to pray to Him. It’s like an examiner giving you exam questions and the answer to write back for him to mark. When it is God inspiring prayers you can consider it done. Our prayer focus today is removing odd limitations and opening odd doors for you. God wants to break odd barriers in your life so that the best that God made you can happen. You are not yet in your best and God wants to bring out your best. One year is enough for God to give someone a paradigm shift. One year is enough to enter into a relationship, do the courtship and get married. One year is enough for a woman to conceive and bear children. One year is enough to buy a property, build on it and dedicate it. One year is enough.
  • I prophesy to someone: This year is your year. Whatever has happened in your past, this year is your year.
    Revelation 3:8b

  • Whatever has been trying to close your door, today that hands withers
  • I prophesy to you that whoever is saying not you but someone else, the Lord will close that mouth.
  • Whatever is working against your interest is reversed today. Whatever has been hindering you today marks the end of it. I cannot see anything stopping you this year.
    No one can close the door that God has opened. We serve a God that removes limits that men set on other men. There are limits that men set upon other men, there are circumstances and situations that keep people stagnant. We serve a God that says “Loose him and let him go”.
  • Whatever has been impeding your progress is removed today.
    God said to Moses “lift your rod and let the people move forward”. As they moved forward the Red Sea moved backward. What God is doing in this Twelve Days Of Glory is lifting the rod via the Word. I see your Red Sea dividing into two.

God created a Julius Berger express road right in the middle of the Red Sea. What can God not do? I see God do the unusual for your sake. I see natural laws suspended for your sake. This is your year. I know the year God gave me marriage breakthrough, I remember the year He gave our ministry ministerial breakthrough, I remember the year God gave me financial breakthrough, when money was no longer the problem.

  • I speak to someone this is your year. You will hit it big this year. You too will give awesome testimonies. You will do mega projects.
    God said this is your year. I am saying exactly what God said I should tell you, He said “say to them: I will break all limits, whatever has been holding you will leave you”.
  • Your product will sell, your marriage will happen, you will go forward.

What God has set, no one can reset. The door which God has closed nobody can open and the one He opens nobody can close. I see evil doors closed against you and I see doors of blessings opened before you.

There are forces that limit people from manifesting their best. How many of you know that this is not the level you ought to be. You are putting in more effort but not getting commensurate results. God said I should declare that the end has come.

From now on you do a little, much will come. Your help will come from everywhere.

One principal force that you need to fight against for you to have your best is ignorance. Ignorance is a limiting force and I want you to work against it this year. Many people are operating in ignorance and they call it the work of the devil, the work of witches. Africans appropriate so many things to the work of witches. I do not deny the presence of darkness but the Bible says to me in John 1:5 that light shines in darkness and darkness could not comprehend it.

I thank God for a Church like COZA where the truth is shared, where insightful revelation is shared. The only power that conquers ignorance is revelation.

Connect yourself completely to the spiritual food been served here. It is not everything that the power of darkness is responsible for. Isaiah 60:1.

Arise and shine is a command, it’s not an appeal. God will never ask you to do something He has not given you power for. If God says “arise and shine” there is something He has put in you that can shine. There is something in you that the world must see. This year you will shine for the whole world to see.
Removing Limitations that will not allow the best in you to manifest.
Romans 8:19
Get set, you are going to manifest wonders this year. How will I describe a limited life? I describe it this way: a limited life is like a bird in a cage. It is imprisoned. That is not its natural habitat. It’s there to do entertainment. . A held up life is like a lion in a zoo. Lion in a zoo is a caricature of itself. It’s held up there, the best in it is not out for the world to see. Your life is more than coming to entertain people, God sent you as an arrow to hit a target. You are hitting that target this year.

  • The limitations in everyone’s life are hereby removed.
    Which doors have you been knocking? Early this year they will start opening. Open doors for marriage, open doors for academic progress, open doors for breakthrough in life and ministry, open doors to go to a higher level. Things that you need will come to you on its own accord. You will write a story in your life connected to this season. God has put some prayer points in my heart.
  • Oh Lord my God open my eyes to see the doors you have set before me this year and hasten my step to walk into those open doors.
    I know the year that God gave me breakthrough over sickness and disease. For the past fifty years I have never been hospitalized. I have never laid on my bed on account of sickness. My wife of over 38 years has not seen her husband sick once. That is more than human smartness, that is the grace of God.
  • Oh Lord my God, let this year be the beginning of the golden era of my life. Let this year be the beginning of favour and increase in my life. Make this year my year of a paradigm shift for good. It does not take more than a year, within a year total change and transformation. Give me a destiny changing year.
    This year must not be wasted, this year must be a defining year. This year must not be like other years. Claim this year for whatever you are trusting God for. Change my challenges to testimonies for me this year.
    Genesis 2:19
    Give this year names. Go ahead and give this year the names you desire. Whichever name Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. Don’t allow situations and circumstances to name this year for you, name it yourself.
    Psalm 1:1-3
    Look at your hand and speak to your hand. Say “my hand whatever I lay you to do must succeed. My hand you are not feeble, you are not porous. My hand becomes God’s hand”. Go ahead and speak to your hand.
    How many of you know that you are through with this level? Say “Oh Lord my God, I am through with this level, by your power and grace take me to the next level”. Open your mouth and describe the new level you desire. There is no final success, it is from level to level, from grace to grace.
    Oh Lord my God, give me wings to fly, I am an eagle person. I am not a crawler. Empower me to rise, supernatural empowerment to rise I receive it now. Give me the Eagle’s grace to soar effortlessly. This is the year to soar, no fruitless journey, no fruitless effort.
    Oh Lord, I am star. I must shine for the whole world to see in all areas of my life. There is a power to shine in me, I arise and shine. No cloud will cover my shining, no cloud will cover my grace. From now on let me shine for the whole world to see. I must shine brighter than I am shining. Let your light shine through me. Let the light that I am dispel all forms of darkness around me.
    One of the undoing of the black man is ignorance, blaming all kinds of forces for his own failure, tradition and superstition. Say “Oh Lord all forces of tradition and superstition that has held me down, leave me alone. I live only by the word of God”.

Psalm 124:7
Oh Lord my God, all snares on me, my children, my marriage, my marriage you are broken now.

All ensnarement against my life and my activities, you are broken now. Nothing must hinder my progress again this year. Break now and live my life alone.

1 Peter 5:10
This is your year of settlement, this is your year of establishment. Oh Lord my God, establish and settle me all round. Open your mouth and claim God’s blessings. Describe the settlement you desire.
Prayer for Waiting Mothers
I heard God very clearly say pray for waiting mothers, I want to open their wombs. It doesn’t matter the medical report. Nothing has been said until God has spoken. God said “none of them shall be barren”. Lay your hand on your tummy.
God created the womb to carry babies. Whatever is sitting in that womb contrary to God’s purpose, fibroid, ovarian cysts, whatever, we prophesy that the word of God prevails over that situation. I said it does not take more than one year to conceive and to deliver, your one year starts now. The nine months count starts for you now. We are going to have many baby dedication and naming ceremonies.
Prayer for Waiting Singles
Your God ordained spouse, I see him sliding the ring into your finger. I see her sliding the ring into your finger. Your age does not matter. I have wedded a 50 years old lady who never married before. I see your marital destiny clicking. Disappointments over. Your economy situation becomes buoyant. God will put a fragrance of favour and attraction in you to the person He has ordained you for.

  • This year you are getting married. Your God sent spouse will locate you
    Having waited this long, God will give you the best of husbands and wife. You will be happy and fulfilled. I see people joining you to dance in Church. That yoke of delay is over.
    No more tears. God will give you the best in Jesus name. This year it will happen. Your disappointments and frustration are over. Rejoice, your time has come.
  • Every word I have spoken to you shall not fall to the ground.

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