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I’m Totally Available (By Dr. Paul Eneche)

Lord I just want to let you know
That you have the final say
In everything that pertains to my existence On the earth
Everything that I can be or ever hope to be
Is a function of your blueprint for my life

Lord if ever I have not done what you wanted me to do
It’s because I’m yet to know
what’s on your mind for me to know
I am totally available to do Lord as you please
On the altar Lord, I have laid down my all

Every stage and phase and season of my life is in your hands
The process and pathway To my future is with you oh Lord
Please help me oh Lord To access your direction for my life
So I can fulfill your purpose for my life

When I reach the very end Of my pilgrimage in the earth
I shall look back and see How much you were involved in my life
I shall thank you for assisting me To do your perfect will
My gratitude shall last for eternity.

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