Important Information for all Winners Chapel Members for Crossover service into 2022

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Praise the Lord! Next Wednesday shall be our last Midweek service in the year 2021. We are all admonished to wait on the Lord and gather in the evening to receive the balance of our blessings for the year via the Holy Communion. There shall be no carry – over for you in Jesus name. Time. as applicable to each Station.

Goodnews! Next Friday shall be our cross – over service into year 2022. We shall be gathered in the night to enter into the new year with release of prophetic blessings from God’s servant, the Apostle over this Commission. Time. 10:00pm

There shall be feet washing session during the Cross over night Service this coming Friday. Wherever the sole of our feet steps upon shall be given to us. Joshua 1:5. Time is 10pm -5.00am. Jesus is Lord!
Please rebroadcast on all social media platforms in the church.

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