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-Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo at CHoP

Father, this morning we are before Your presence, we thank You for the gift of life. We thank You for another day, we thank You for answered prayers, we thank You for these amazing testimonies. Lord, accept our thanksgiving. Now as we go into Your Word, visit us again. Meet each one of us at the very point of our needs and let Your name be glorified. For in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

All through this week in our Covenant Hour of Prayer, our subject of consideration has been:


We must be reminded as we look at this subject this morning, that clearly from the Word of God, we see that every prophetic Word is settled in Heaven forever.
Psalm 119:89
But they are not needed in Heaven, they are needed here, on earth. So for them to deliver here, on earth, to the profit of you and I, faith becomes a must.

That is why in our journey here on earth, the subject of faith is a compulsory course, it is not an elective, if you and I must enjoy the fulfillment of the prophetic Word in our lives.
This morning, first, we must understand that to see any prophetic Word come through in our lives, faith is the last test to pass.
-This year by the grace of God, you will pass every test of faith.

To see any prophetic Word come through in any department of our lives, faith is the last test to pass and we see this all through the Word of God.
The first example we want to look at this morning is that of Sarah
Genesis 18:11,14
The prophetic Word went forth concerning Sarah, clearly from God and remember every prophetic Word is settled in Heaven forever. In Heaven, that was a done deal, but on earth, something has to happen before it can be delivered.
“You will have a son according to the time of life”: But before that could come to pass, faith became a must – Hebrews 11:11
“Through faith” – Hebrews 11:11
Through faith: the prophetic Word took place, however for it to become a reality on earth, Sarah needed faith.
Sarah therefore had to pass the test of faith, even though the prophetic Word had gone ahead of her. Before she could deliver that child, faith became a must.
I don’t know whatever area of life this morning and at this time that you have already received the prophetic Word in your life, faith is the last test to pass.
-By the grace of God, the last one you failed in the test of faith, is the one you will fail last.
-From this moment forward, like Sarah, you will pass the test of faith.
-So Sarah made it, you also will make.
Say with me, “I shall make it.”

What about Father Abraham?
Genesis 22:2-3
God named him so he won’t make mistake of taking Ishmael. Remember, both of them waited for so long for this child. Now God said, “take this child.” Another test of faith came.
Genesis 22:3 – “And Abraham rose us early in the morning”: obedience. He obeyed.
Genesis 22:7-8
Isaac: “…My father, behold the fire and the wood: but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?”
What did Abraham answer? He said, “My son, God will provide Himself a lamb for a burnt offering” – He already passed the test of faith.
So he already passed the test of faith. How do I know? Look at verse 10 (Genesis chapter 22)
Abraham took a knife to slay his son, but he was doing it in faith. We see the end result in verse 13 (Genesis chapter 22). Remember he already declared it, declaring the end from the beginning. Like God, he already declared that God will provide and did God provide or not?
He was not doing that being afraid, he wasn’t doing that in fear, he was not taking steps doubting God. He was taking steps in faith.
-This year, whatever God has declared concerning you, begin to take steps of faith and as you do that, the end that God has declared will become a practical reality in Jesus name.

Among other things, God’s prophetic Word concerning you and I that has gone forth this year is that this year, you are more than a conqueror. You are already more (than a conqueror). Not I shall be more (than a conqueror). I am more than a conqueror.
Say with me, “I am more than a conqueror.”
-As God has declared it, it will happen in your life.
Secondly this morning, we must understand that faith is the last step. Already we said, faith is the last test. Faith is the last step to take to see any prophetic Word come to pass. It happened in the case of Sarah and Abraham.
-It will not fail in your life.

Another example we want to look at briefly this morning is the 12 spies. You know when they were about to enter the land of Canaan, God gave them the instruction to go ahead and come back with the report. Remember the story.

12 of them went, but 10 out of 12, what is that percentage please?
You don’t have to be a mathematician. 10 over 12, is that more than 50 per cent? Is that more than 60 per cent? Majority of them gave a negative report. 10 out of 12 men brought a report of unbelief, but at the end of the day, thanks be to God, they were not able to cancel the plan and purpose of God.
Numbers 13:2,30
Numbers 13: 30 – Caleb, a man of faith. “…we are well able.”
-Whatever God has said concerning you this year, you are well able and you will possess it.
Numbers 13:31-32
Say, “God forbid.”
So they brought up an evil report. 10 out of 12 brought up an evil report, but Caleb stilled the people. Whatever sound of unbelief might try to come your way this year, make sure to receive grace to still that sound of unbelief. It may be thoughts in your heart, it may be imagination, it may be news that we hear around. It may be things that you see around you, saying, “O no, don’t bother. That may not be really possible.”
Still every negative sound and say, “No, God has declared it and I am well able.”
Say with me again, “I am well able.”
-As you have declared it, God will make it happen for you.

Numbers 14:6-7,9
-This year, fear will not have access to your life.
-Fear will not have access to your destiny.
-Fear robbed 10 of them of that good land, it will not rob you and I in Jesus name.
The prophetic Word has gone forth concerning us this year, I am more than a conqueror.
What about you? I am more than a conqueror
-That shall be your testimony in Jesus name.
But the faith of two of them possessed the land. The faith of 2 out of 12, possessed the land.
-Therefore, your faith will possess your own land.
-What God has said concerning you this year shall surely come to pass.

Numbers 13:30, Numbers 14:30
-God will distinguish you this year.
-From the crowd, you will stand out.
-While others may not be able to possess the land, you shall possess the land.
However, for that to become a reality, remember faith is a must.
Say again, “faith is a must.”
This year, don’t allow anything to puncture your faith, because whatever wants to puncture your faith wants to puncture and steal your destiny.
-The devil will not succeed in stealing your destiny.
It is time to build our faith and two major ways you build your faith is:
1. By feeding on the Word of God through the ears. Remember faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God – Romans 10:17
Every opportunity: read the Bible, listen to the Word of God. Attend Services, like you are here in Covenant Hour of Prayer, Midweek Services, Sunday Services, like we are having tomorrow, the empowerment summit. Don’t let anything stand between you and God’s Word.
Become a devourer of the Word of God this year. By so doing, you will be building your faith.

2. Secondly, you build your faith by engaging in spiritual exercises such as prayer, fasting.
Thank God, in the next few days, we shall be beginning the prayer and fasting exercise for this year.
Be a part of it, at your own level.

Partake of it. As you are doing so, you are exercising yourself spiritually and as you do so, God’s prophetic Word concerning you this year shall definitely come to pass.
-Therefore, I congratulate you this morning because this year, you are more than a conqueror.
-Whatever that situation of life might be therefore, you have overcome it already.
Remember the testimonies we heard this morning. The hearing of God’s Word, practicing of God’s Word, continuing in it, refusing to give up. At the end of the day, barrenness terminated, sickness terminated.
-Your own testimony shall be stronger.

Prayers: Lord, I receive grace to pass every test of faith that may come my way. I receive grace to build my faith.
Speak to the Lord this morning and let Him hear your voice with your hands lifted up to Him.


CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer.

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