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Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA 7 Days of Glory, empowerment day of Gratitude, day 7.
Prayer: Make way for me in a strange place, decree and declare, make a way for me.
Good morning Everyone, today’s morning and the evening session will crown what God has done in the last 100 and something days. I thought your amen is going to show it. I want to salute all the pastors here, whether you are in front, at the back, or online. For me to leave what I’m doing and follow somebody online shows I believe in the person. I don’t have time to look into what other people are doing and I hold you in high esteem, that despite the great work you do, you still find time to come and see the little things we do here. I appreciate and thank you.

Even though you submitted to my ministry, you are doing great. I want to specifically appreciate pastor Korede Komaiya; though he isn’t on the lineup, he chose to come, we appreciate you. Before I move forward, one of the speakers in this conference is still here let’s appreciate pastor Mo. Please be seated. I need the speed of Angels this morning. In Malachi 3:1, I need you to know what am sharing is not what I planned to share, because as you proclaim it, He will wrought something In the atmosphere. Malachi 3:1;

The God that you and I serve, is the God that takes people by surprise, He is the God of suddenly. The word suddenly means unplanned, you thought God was going to do it this certain way, you thought of your uncle, your contacts, or some other things, but God’s ways are not your ways, his thoughts are not your thoughts. The way you think I will do it is not the way I will do it, because you’re ready to give glory to some people along the way, you thought it should happen this way. Enlarge your mind, God may not use that route, by the end of the entire thing, when the dust settles he wants you to sit down, say God you are awesome. If you haven’t shaken your head in the last 60 days to say God you are awesome, get ready, you are the next candidate for surprises. you believe it shouts hallelujah.

  • Suddenly also means unexpectedly ;
    Your expectations are high, but I tell you the truth, because I was minding my business when the Lord said I should do this, and sweatlessly is the way the testimony will come. When you are trying to twist God’s hands and say, I want you to do this, is a different kettle of fish, from when the Lord tells you tomorrow when you get there to do this, say this, it’s snow left for you to believe it. How many times -ask any preacher, when they go to a place where nobody knows them, they don’t know your story, ask those people who see them, particularly if the Host minister presents the guest properly. That’s the way they will receive him and when you receive him properly, the supernatural will be delivered. Last day of the program, you may say what will the pastor do, I had already planned myself, but the Lord said no, this is what I want you to share. I prophesy; the Lord you’ve been seeking will suddenly appear. If you believe why men like thunder.
    The word suddenly means something not anticipated:
    It was not the regular day, Jesus was among the people, by the Jewish Law, the woman with the issue of blood shouldn’t have appeared. It was unlawful, guess who would have judged her, the ruler of the Jews – Jairus, whom her miracle delayed Jesus and made his daughter die. This man will have ordered that she be stoned. The man did not know it was the year his daughter was born, the sickness started. His daughter was 12 years old, the sickness was 12 years old. How do you encourage somebody who has been delayed with something for 12 years not to be discouraged? She heard about Jesus, Faith comes by hearing what you hear, who you are hanging with, your belief system, your paradigm affect what you get, I heard that some 27 years ago and I made up my mind to guard my space. I prophesy that God whom you seek will appear suddenly.
    The word suddenly means to be taken by surprise:
    That woman said if I can just touch the helm, do you know that even God was taken by surprise Jesus said wait a minute, someone touched me, he didn’t even budget for her. The woman enforced something God could not resist. In Jesus’ name, in these last two sections, something you didn’t budget for will be delivered to you! If you believe roar amen like thunder. Act 9:3 talking about Apostle Paul l, he was on his way to Damascus going to kill Christians, when God encountered him. He didn’t budget for it. Can I pray for you, every unrepentant pursuer will receive a sudden judgment! Those who have said you won’t make it, those preoccupied with your downfall, in the next 7 days they will receive a sudden slap from the Lord.
    Tell this to three people; God is a God of suddenness.

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