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If it were to be me and you, we will find a way to ensure all Twelve Disciples sit with us on the Donkey that Christ rode upon during the Triumphant Entry, in order to be seen as a Kind and Good Leader.
Which one is more important; for the Donkey to carry everyone and die in the process, Or to carry Christ ALONE and still be alive to carry others later?
Don’t also forget, the Disciples that brought the Donkey did not sit on it, when coming with it.
Some things are just the EXCLUSIVE PRESERVE of the SETMAN within the SYSTEM for that SEASON and DISPENSATION.
It doesn’t make them Wicked and Selfish.
As a Leader, don’t be afraid or ashamed to enjoy the REWARDS of your LABOUR in Ministry, even if your Followers need to wait for their own SEASON of REWARDS.
It will not always remain that way, but it MUST START that way.
Assistant Pastors who don’t have foresight, will see it as wickedness and selfishness.
The other day we saw on Facebook where the Branch Pastor of the Ministry I also served with, was given a brand new Jeep of over 55 million naira.
As at 1996 when his Spiritual Father was already driving a Pajero Jeep and flying a Private Jet, that Pastor was somewhere serving the same Spiritual Father without even a bicycle to show for his service.
Never mistake your service years under your Father, to mean the same Year of Service with your Father.
The Ordination Date of most General Overseers is older than the Church Anniversary Date Of their Ministries.
This is not to say Leaders should not be sensitive to the plight of their Associates, but must ensure they don’t deny their Associates the experience of growing up in Ministry and not just jumping up.
For those who jump the LEADERSHIP LADDER, cannot survive the LEADERSHIP RADAR.
Assistant Pastors who don’t see the ULTIMATE, are easily discouraged by the IMMEDIATE.
They have told us that Jesus was betrayed and identified by a kiss, Because they all looked alike in dressing and in Packaging.
But this was towards the end of his earthly Ministry. Having followed and served him faithfully.
At the beginning, it was not so.
The realities in the beginning, was follow me and I will make you.
As you follow me, from what God has made me to become, I will make you for following me.
So what we saw towards the end of his earthly Ministry was the reward of faithfulness in followership.
I don’t want to mention the name of any church, but you can go and verify this statement, THE THREE BIGGEST CHURCHES IN NIGERIA STILL HAVE FULL TIME PASTORS WHO DON’T HAVE A CAR OF THEIR OWN. Does that mean their leaders are wicked? The answer is an Emphatic No.
The truth is very simple, All Pastors on the line must go through their own SEASON of WAITING, GROWING and TRAINING, in order to enter their SEASONS of REIGNING, SHINING and RULING.
Any PASTOR who doesn’t understand PROCESS, will abuse PRODUCT.
Thanks for reading.
Irabor Wisdom is My Name.
The Presiding Bishop Answers Assembly Warri Delta State Nigeria.

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