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  • Pastor Paul Enenche at Day 5; Worship, Word and Wonders Night
    Kingdom Power and Glory Word Conference 2021
  1. Access to Divine Ideas, Creativity and Inspiration.
    God uses wisdom to create wealth. All the people of the earth came to seek Solomon for his wisdom and as they came, they came with their wealth. What Jacob used to overcome Laban was a technology from heaven that make him paint the wood and made the animals to see the wood and deliver according to what they saw.

The wealth of Solomon was wisdom rooted, the wealth of Job was rooted in light and secrets. The wealth of Joseph was wisdom rooted. Many of us, we believe so much in labour and that is good but there is a dimension of ideas.

Most of the billionaires of the world are idea based billionaires whether it is Facebook or Twitter, they never really did anything much in terms of physical things.

They just generated an idea or making people talk together without seeing each other and before you can know it billions. The Amazon guy was just an idea, people were labouring and selling things in physical shops and he created a shop that you couldn’t see and then before you knew it, it went up.
These things belong to the Church because Jehovah is the father of light and we are the ones that have access to original light.

  • I speak now, between now and this time next year, idea made billionaires are rising out of the Church. Creativity generated billionaires are rising up in the Church.

For me to preach on this in a Convention like this is a serious matter because most Churches are choking for financial scarcity. Those days are over forever. The days where the children of God will look to the world for help are over.

Genesis 30:27

  1. Existence as a generational solution provider
    Don’t just look for money, find problems to solve. Let God open your eyes to the needs of society and how to meet the need. Russell Cornwell, founder of Temple University said “if you love your neighbors as you love yourself in reality, you will never be a poor person”. What he meant is find where people are suffering and do something about it.

Joseph became a wealth commander because he did an assignment of interpreting dream.

He did that and refused to stop there, he went further to provide solution. Most times everybody is running in the same direction, everybody wants to do government contracts, everybody wants to do real estate meanwhile there is a vacancy somewhere, there is a realm where people need help and nobody has seen it.
If you can pray and say Lord show me the needs of my generation and show me what to do about it, you just stepped into billions.

One of the billionaires that gives us his aircraft free of charge anytime we are going for crusades heard about a need somewhere and decided to deploy himself into that need as somebody who had nothing. From zero he deployed himself into that need then he stepped into billions. In the realm where he is, he is number one in this country.

He got his first aircraft at 27 and he has bought 9 since then. If you see him and they say he has this you won’t believe it. Very humble, epitome of integrity. He said just give me crusade schedules so that we can schedule it into our availability of aircraft. There are different realms.

  • I prophesy to someone here today God is going to open your eyes to a need where you are going to deploy yourself.
    Identify a need, are you running a transportation business? Identify places where the people are most stranded. When you meet peoples needs they will gladly pay you for meeting their needs and thank you for being available.

I heard a story of two people who went to India in the 60’s one saw poverty in India, the other one saw opportunity there. He saw everybody barefooted in the middle of the 60’s. These people are so poor and he said “let me make the lowest quality of footwear for them”. The people rushed at it and paid the guy billions because one saw poverty, the other one saw opportunity to change the lives of people and he didn’t go empty-handed.

  1. Walking in Divine Favour

Favour is superior to labour, Psalm 44:2. Favour will give you what the sword can’t give you. The favour of God can give you a whole property without spending a kobo. Anything you need to do to have favour, do it. If you carry the presence of God that is the fragrance of favour. If you are positioned in his presence at the place of worship, at the place of prayers, at the place of communion and the Word.

Anything you will do to get the presence of God, it will guarantee you favour. When you become favourable to people, God will become favourable to you because He will be merciful with the merciful. Favour is something to cry for in the business world. Father shield me with favour against the attacks of the enemy.

  • Somebody is stepping out of here with the kind of favour you have never seen before.
  • This year of 2021 is not permitted to end until that favour manifests in your life.
  1. Walking in Financial Integrity

God wants to give resources to people who can be trusted. Why did God allow Joseph manage the wealth of Egypt? Because He gave him the wealth of Potiphar and nothing was missing. There are so many people who will go to hell if God makes them rich, God says “remain poor so you can go to heaven”. Financial crookedness is the reason for material wretchedness among the saints.

You see someone praying in tongues, fasting and doing all these things until he has a business agreement with another brother and then you begin to hear all sorts of stories.
If you can get to the point where you see money in millions and look away. I have seen people bring money in ‘Ghana Must Come’. I asked them this money is for what?

Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving to who? The only person we give thanks to is God so don’t tempt me. Take it to the Church and let it be received there. Don’t jam my head with God. This is from when Church was less than one month, when there was no Church office and they brought offering to your house.

God is not afraid to pass billions through your hands. This house cost billions for the roof alone and not one kobo was diverted. This is where the challenge lies, there are people who pay their tithe but are very fraudulent.

Once you try them with certain amount of money, you will start hearing stories. We are going to ask God tonight “Lord engrace me with integrity particularly financial integrity, let me be able to see money and look away from it. Let me be trustable and able to be trusted with resources and then you are in effortless wealth.

The man I told you has 9 aircrafts, he said if you give him money to keep for you and you come back in 10 years, he will give you back that money in the same denomination you gave him. It came to a point where he stopped doing government contracts because he doesn’t want all those kind of temptations.

Whatever God has not given you when you take it, it destroys what God has for you. Anything God doesn’t license you to take, once you take it, it destroys the plan of God for your life. An example is Adam. Adam ate a fruit and lost the garden. You diverted one million dollars that God did not give you and then you lost the hundred million dollars he was trying to bring your way.

The reason why many are still struggling with the unbelievers is that we do not align our lives with the principles of the kingdom.

There are people Church will ask them to buy something and they will negotiate with the suppliers. They are not afraid to dupe God. If you steal everywhere until you came and stole in Church, what is your future?

Where do you want to go with such useless profit? Somebody was trying to make some supplies here for 2.6 million, that thing was gotten for 700,000 somewhere else. So you see people struggling perennially even though they are praying mantis.

Change is coming here. That is the good thing about God it doesn’t matter how far you have gone in the wrong direction, a U turn is still possible.

  • God is about to five somebody a second chance to do it right. A second chance to do it correctly.
  1. Walking in the Covenant of Giving and Receiving
    Genesis 8:22
    Before Jacob could step into any level of wealth, he entered a covenant with God (Genesis 28:22). He said Lord from this day forward
    2 Corinthians 9:6-8, Genesis 12:2
    If you cannot be a blessing, you cannot be blessed. Covenant practice of giving includes the tithe which is 10 per cent of your income. It include sacrifices that’s turns around your captivities. Psalm 126:1-5. Sowing in tears is called sacrifice. Psalm 20:1-3. Your alms giving can change your story like Cornelius. From the first anniversary of this ministry, offering was collected and none of it was retained.

As small as this Church is, every single tithe is paid accurately from the beginning till now. One time our income in Church was struggling so I called the Accountant and said “Why is our income struggling, what is happening? I hope you are paying the tithe every month?” he said not really Sir. I said “what! How?” so I asked him yourself do you pay your own tithe.

He said not always so from that day I said anyone who doesn’t understand tithing is permitted to go near the Church income. Since you don’t believe in God enough to give him your income, you shouldn’t manage his resources.

That guy was almost sacked if not for the grace of God. Don’t put this Church into a curse, I started paying my tithe when I was a student and it worked like fire for me because I saw it in the Bible. I preach it because I saw it in the Bible and also because it is my practice.

This Church gives sacrifice yearly, tithe has been paid, everything else has been paid but this is our sacrifice that is far more massive than the tithe to take us to the next level.

Yearly without fail that is asides other giving to the work of God. One time they called us that a Church in Lokoja the property they were using as their venue is about to be bought over by people of the other religion and turned into their place of worship and I said God forbid.

That same day before evening we wired the money to them. I don’t know the Pastor till today. I don’t know the Church till now but the most important thing is that the Church is God’s Church. You can’t buy a Church and turn it into your place of worship, it is not possible. Not in our life time. The CAN chairman of that state wrote us a letter and said “Thank you for bailing the Church”.

It happens frequently, a Church was struggling to roof their camp ground and we haven’t even found this place, they have a place the only problem is to roof. We asked them the cost and it was wired. That is how to live and how to generate wealth. Our personal giving is heavier than the Church’s giving. My wife told me once “why don’t we bring the Church to our level”.

  • I see some practical keys delivered.
  • Some of you God will drop one idea in your heart that will turn you into a generational wonder. People will begin to ask what happened to this man.
    I shy away from saying these things because when you preach these things people think you are asking them to give to you but each time I give 10 per cent tithe another 10 per cent is Prophet’s offering. It has been my practice for 22 years without fail. It works like Fire. What you give me does not determine my destiny, what I give to God determines my future.

One man sat in my office and he gave me contract paper of 126 billion so I can pray for it for execution and implementation. After I finished praying, from that day he started accurate tithing.

He does not calculate his profit because it is better for God to cheat him than for him to cheat God. I cannot be calculating with God. He said the way you feel when you want to buy Tom Tom that is the way he feels when he wants to buy a house. That is the level of effortlessness.

For 25 years, I have never preached on a subject like this in a Convention night vigil, let’s talk about Death to Self, let’s talk about Evangelism and Prayer but the means… Income affects impact. Vision rides on the wings of provision.

There are things God can lay in your heart to do as a person or a ministry and you won’t do them until you have the resources.

  • Lift your hands and your voice and appreciate God right now for what you have received.
  • Next time these kind of massive testimonies will be about you.
  1. Father I receive the grace to function with the God first mentality.
  2. Father give me a vision of your end time wealth transfer agenda. Father, give me a vision of your supernatural supply.
  3. Father give me creative ideas, world governing ideas, wealth creating ideas. Father I make demands for divine ideas, wisdom and creativity.
  4. Father open my eyes to see the needs in my generation and open my eyes to see the solutions.
    I ask that you will make me a generational solution provider.
  5. Father clothe me with favour, I make demands on the dressing of favour from this night. Favour from Supernatural wealth transfer. Favour for supernatural wealth control.
  6. Father I make demands on grace for financial integrity. Lord grace to walk in it and sustain it. Grace to be trusted and entrusted with resources I ask for it.
  7. The grace to walk in the covenant of giving and receiving, the grace to understand the covenant of giving and receiving. I receive it now.
  • Favour is coming upon you that will give you unusual wealth!
  • Those who hate you with a passion, God is about to transfer their resources, influence, favour, power and authority into your hands!
  • What others are looking for will begin to locate you in this season!
  • Anything that is yours that the enemy is trying to divert, Jehovah is overturning and it is returning back into your hands!
  • If Jesus tarries to come, creativity based billionaires are rising out of the Church!
  • God is going to open your eyes to identify an area of need and will grant you the wisdom to meet that need!
  • Any hitches along the line of solution provision, those hitches are eliminated!
  • You are stepping out of here with the kind of favour you have never seen before!
  • This year of 2021 is not permitted to end until that favour translates into results!
  • Before the year 2021 is over, you are stepping into a realm of massive wealth control!
  • A dimension of money is coming that is going to persecute the devil!
  • The absence of money is no longer going to hinder the work of the Gospel!
  • There are Josephs that God is raising over nations!
  • You won’t end this year empty handed!
  • Wealth transfer and wealth control miracles such as you have never heard before will be your portion!
  • As 2021 ends, you will be dancing into the next year!
  • That expectation that has been hanging, I announce today, they are released!
  • Supply angels are released on your behalf to put systems under pressure; the systems shall lose their peace, sleep and rest until all that is yours is released into your hands!
  • 2022 shall start for you as a blast and as a shock positively!
  • Every spirit of shame and reproach imposed on you by the devil, today they are arrested!
  • Every liability that followed you from the womb of your mother, tonight, they expire!
  • Your battles over your life, destiny and children are over forever!
  • This shall be your best December and your best Christmas!
  • You are going to see favour like never before from quarters you have never expected!
  • Father let your blessing rest on the hands of your people. Do something for someone under 24 hours, for another under 48 hours, for another under 72 hours. But for all before one week is over let there be a testimony.

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