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-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘HINDRANCES TO SOUL WINNING’
Dunamis International Gospel Centre.
Combined Service, Glory Dome.

Father, we give You the praise; Father, we give You the honour for Your goodness and Your mercy. Thank You for this moment, be glorified in Jesus precious name.

2 Timothy 4:1-2
The Lord bless His Word in Jesus’ name.
Subject this morning as we round off the entire subject of soul winning, that is in teaching for this month is:
We want to understand the hindrances we must overcome; hindrances that affect our successful soul winning efforts. What are the hindrances?

This month, we have gone through a most intense training on soul winning as a Church, such a training as we have not had before, throughout the whole church. Church Gist. From our studies, we can at least establish three things;
1). Soul winning is the heartbeat of God. We talk about soul winning, it includes discipleship (John 3:16, 2 Peter 3:9).

2). Soul winning is every believer’s responsibility (Mark 16:15-20, Matthew 28:18-20). Soul winning is every believer’s responsibility once you are saved; you are saved to save others.


3). Soul winning attracts rewards and answers from God (Luke 22:35, John 4:35-36, John 15:16). Church Gist. As we attend to the concerns of God; God attends to our concerns.

So, soul winning is the heartbeat of God, soul winning is every Christian’s responsibility, soul winning attracts rewards and answers from God. Now, the devil knowing how crucial soul winning is, he uses several things to hinder our soul winning efforts. What are the hindrances to the lifestyle of soul winning?

1). A lack of focus on eternal values and issues and matters. That is, where a person’s life has minimal value for the things that are eternal, where a life is totally focused on earthly or mundane matters; what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, what to drive.
Matthew 6:19-20, Matthew 6:33 – this is the kind of life that win souls, has eternity in view, Heaven in view. It is like the life of Paul the Apostle in Philippians 1:21, 1 Corinthians 9:16.
You ask someone and say, “what do you want to achieve in life?”
“I want to get my degree.”
After your degree, what else?
“I want to get a Master.”
After the Master’s degree, what else?
“I want to get a doctorate.”
After a doctorate, what else?
“I will get married, after that, I’ll have children and then train the children. After that, I’ll have money and all the investments.
After that what next???

Nobody mentions death but it is inevitable. After that, you are 90, 100. After that… death. Then after death, what next? It is hell or Heaven. If it is Heaven, what is waiting for you there? What is it that is waiting there? Because it is possible to slimly miss hell and arrive at eternity that is almost bankrupt. Church Gist. So, it is important that our lives are lived with the ultimate in mind. After I have done this, I have done that; there is one more thing, it is called death. After that, there is another thing, it is called Heaven or hell. If it is hell, it’s a total damnation; if it is Heaven, what is waiting for me there?

It is important that we live a life that is focused on Heaven’s values and eternal values. Yes, pursue the money, pursue all the things but let all the pursuits assist you in the ultimate pursuit of making deposits in Heaven.

2). Distance from the Vine (John 15:4-5).
Please note this; fruitfulness in life is a product of fellowship with the Vine, that is Jesus; connectivity with the Vine equals productivity in life. Your fellowship with God, fellowship with the Word, fellowship at the place of prayer; your union with God will definitely produce fruit.

A man and his wife give birth to children through union, through koinonia, through fellowship and intimacy. All truths are parallel, as it is in the physical, so it is in the spiritual. If we are going to produce fruits for the Kingdom, we must be intimate with the Master. Church Gist. When a person is far from God, evangelism is not on the schedule; when a person is far from God, soul winning and discipleship are not his issue.

If you want to bear fruit, you must be connected to the Vine.


3). Focus on life’s challenges or distractions. There are times when the devil would tell someone, “let God do this for you first or do that for you first, then you can become very committed as a Christian.”

There are those who said, “I will become very serious with God if only God can settle the issue of life partner. I will become very committed if this issue of the fruit of the womb will not be my distraction.” There are some, the devil would tell; “if God is a good God, why hasn’t He solved your problems? But they failed to realize that your answer is in your assignment. Inside the assignment is the answer (John 15;16, Job 42:10).

Your answer is in your assignment; your fulfilment is in your commitment. A lady by the name, Mrs. Danladi, I don’t know where she is, maybe she may be hearing me in one of the locations now. She was married to a soldier, she was out on evangelism and someone told her, you want me to come with you to church, but God is yet to answer you; you are still trusting God for children. Church Gist. It was like a neighbor that was mocking her and she said, “You heard what they said. It’s not me they are talking to; it’s You they are talking to.” That was how God heard it and God broke the back of that devil and this woman was set free. We dedicated her children on Area One church altar. That woman once confronted armed robbers and disarmed them.

Inside your assignment is your consignment. The very thing that will bring your answer is what the devil does not want you to do; the soul winning, the evangelism, the service to God that will change your story is what the devil doesn’t want you to do. But that is changing right now!
– I prophesy to somebody in the name of Jesus, your change of story is happening right now!

4). Waiting for perfect timings or conditions (Ecclesiastes 11:4). The Living Bible version puts it very sweet; “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” You want to see a man who says, “preach to me, I want to be saved.” You want the condition to be okay, you want the circumstance to be fine; everything is just fine – you will never get anything done.

You may say, “oh, this is a marketplace, I can’t preach here! Oh, this person is looking somehow, I’m not sure you will pay attention to me! Oh, I am rushing somewhere now!” If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done. Church Gist. That is why it is important that we have the handbills, you have the tracts in your possession every single time because you don’t know who you will meet and when you will meet them, if you wait for perfect conditions.

The most critical thing is not the condition but the conviction. If the conviction is right and the condition does not appear right, follow the conviction. The Spirit of the Lord is ministering to you that this person needs God now, or that you should take advantage of this opportunity; if the condition is wrong but the conviction is right, follow the conviction. I’m sure you will not be tired of hearing me talk about Reuben Torrey who felt like preaching to somebody in the restaurant and he felt like, “oh, this is a public place, maybe let me wait a little bit and so on” and then, less than one hour later, the same person he was meant to preach to, a waiter was found hanging in the kitchen of the restaurant. He hung himself, committed suicide. If you wait for perfect conditions; I’ve been in vehicles before when I should have preached, I felt I should preach and maybe I was just considering, these people look like the people of the other religion and so on and kept quiet and then suddenly is disaster and you began to regret that you do not preach.

So, all that matters is the conviction, not the condition. Let God give you the conviction and as He gives you the conviction, you follow the conviction and you will end with the manifestation.

5). The failure of expected results. In this situation, you are experiencing discouraging results, that is; “they asked us to go and preach to people” and you have gone to preach, you have tried to impact people but they seem they are not responding. You invite them to church; they come and disappear. At the beginning of our ministry, at a point, there were people of the other religion that we tried to reach out to at that time, then they will come and they will claim that they have gotten saved, they are born again, they are this and that. Church Gist. Some would tell all manners of false stories of how family rejected them because of Christianity and so on and then we assisted them financially and otherwise, only for you to see another thing. At one time, we were ministering to prostititues and then taking them to rehabilitation homes and we’d spend the money to keep them in rehabilitation so that they change from that lifestyle and move. At a point, they will run away; some will run away and return back to that life. I don’t know whether we had up to 50 per cent at that time. Then why are we wasting our time? But look at Ecclesiastes 11:6; “In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.”

Keep sowing the seed of the Word; preach to as many people as you can, some may change and some may not change. Your own problem is not who agrees or who did not agree. Church Gist. You own issue is that you have done what God wants you to do and God will not hold you responsible for the soul of anybody.

There was an Evangelist in America, his name was Mordecai Ham (an American Independent Baptist Evangelist), he organized a crusade in a small village. He spent money, printed handbills, did everything and when he preached and he gave an altar call, nobody came out. He felt discouraged, the only person who came out was a small boy. Church Gist. You know on crusade ground, children answer altar call like water. They will even run out before you call them out and children at a certain age will go to Heaven straight because they are not up to that stage of accountability yet. But only twelve-year-old boy came out. What a failed crusade! He went and regretted, not knowing that, that twelve-year-old boy was holding the destiny of a generation (Billy Graham). Billy Graham organized a crusade in the Philippines and I think the whole Country was preached to; both on radio and television. In the year of 1968, he had three month crusade in the UK until Wembley Stadium became the overflow (88 days crusade) that time. That was how Mordecai Ham’s crusade failed, that was the failure of the crusade – the failure that produced one man who reached those that Mordecai couldn’t reach.
– God will give you a result that will cancel all the failures you have ever experienced!

So, since you don’t know who will come out of your effort and what will come out of it, just keep at it and let no devil discourage you (Galatians 6:9). Don’t be weary, don’t be tired of doing the right thing; don’t let any form of result discourage you.
– I see great success and great reward coming for somebody!

This is my counsel:
1). Allow nothing to hinder you from existing as a fruit bearing Christian. I tell people; if nobody is learning from you, nobody is following your steps, nobody wants to become like you, nobody is asking you any question; then in all probability, it is possible that your life is being wasted and you shall not experience the wastage of life in Jesus’ name.

2). Determine to prove the faithfulness of God through prompt obedience. Obey God promptly, instantly (Deuteronomy 28:1-2).
We have experienced the whole of the month of February instructions on evangelism and soul winning. The Lord is giving us the opportunity of another full month, four weeks to put these instructions into practice. Church Gist. I received that signal last week Tuesday at the airport because after instruction is assignment. I never knew it was going to be like that. I thought that as we’re hearing, we are already doing what we are hearing but the Lord made it clear that we have passed through a season of instruction and we are going to enter into a phase of compliance and watch Him change our lives

We have the greatest opportunity of our lives within the next few weeks and I believe, you will take the advantage of it.

Lift up your right hand and appreciate God for what you have received. Honour Him and adore Him.

(Altar Call)

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