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By Taiwo F. Stefan

Ephesians 5:15-17
So, then, be careful how you live. Do not be unwise but wise, making the best use of your time because the times are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.

One of the most tool used by the devil to destroy and frustrate God’s plan for our life is to steal our time.

Time management is an important topic that need to be looked into in this dispensation. What differentiate the rich from the poor is how they manage time.

The rich invest time while the poor spend their time. I read a book by Scott Anderson titled Think like a billionaire and become a billionaire; that book cause a tremendous change in my life. He said _billionaire most valuable asset is his time_ . We all know time is limited resources that once lost cannot be regain.

You can lose your house, cars, money etc and regain it in a moment of time, but you can’t regain time wasted. Is so saddened that most people in this part of the word are wasting their time.

Amazing fact, I saw a survey carried out in 2020 that the most active nation on the internet is Nigeria. While the country that owns the internet and various social media platform rank fifth on the list.

I can see the reason why we are the most unproductive nation. I spoke with a friend in the UK, he told me that they value time more than anything over there. Even at work you are not allowed to use your phone.

Your time and how you use it now is what produce your tomorrow. To be successful man or woman; you have to identify time wasting activities and eliminate it right away.
You don’t have two lives,
why don’t you make good use of your time?

The common time wasting activity in our time and age is social media!!!.

If you are not doing anything to add value to you on social media, you actually wasting time. My beloved mentor Bishop David Oyedepo said Social media is one of the destiny killer in our society and people are criticising him.

Do you know, That Most of the resent smart phones can calculate the number of time you spend on any social media platform just check and see how you have wasted your life doing something that doesn’t add value to you. It beats my imagination to see people log on Facebook and WhatsApp chatting in the church when the Pastor is on the pulpit preaching the word of God. It is a show of disrespect for God and the Pastor on the altar.

The message for that day might be the solution to his age long problem, but because he is distracted he will still be in that bondage. You are sowing seed with every seconds, minutes and hours of your life and what determine your harvest is what you sow. At the cool of every day seat down and meditate on how you spend the time allocated to you by God daily.

If you observed that you have wasted time, identify time wasting activities and remove them immediately.

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God bless you.

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