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It’s becoming alarming and we see it as Normal.

I don’t know when abnormal becomes normal, I don’t know when seduction becomes a way of life.

I don’t know when harlotry and indecent dressings become a norm even in the church.

We are comfortable with it and no one is pointing at it.

We started from the way you dress doesn’t matter since we serve God with our heart not our dress now we are moving towards your cleavage is nothing so far you cover the nipple.

Haaa, when did harlot dresses start fitting our sisters?

Can someone explain to me how we claim we serve God on Sunday with a touch of an harlot even the weekend is nothing to write about.

Do you mean your body is still the temple or a den of thieves or an altar of seduction?

We started from Crop top, we are moving to off shoulder, from off shoulder our sisters are now going out with tubes.
Tube is outdated, the new order is a cloth that exposes all the cleavage but cover the nipple and we claim we are born of God.

Maybe I need enlightenment, is breast still part of private part or a public part?

Many lady walk around shamelessly without caution, bending down is difficult or else the bread will fall, we celebrate indecency and encourage Nudity.

Some of us are part of the problem, we are promoting people we ought to rebuke, a daughter in Zion posted an half naked picture you wrote keep it up, you mean she should keep growing in mediocrity, you mean she should ride on in nudity, you mean she should progress in harlotry?

Haaa, where are ladies like Esther that kingdom dressing manifested through them, kingdom principle is not far from them, they are conscious of how they live their life even in a strange land not an environmental Christian who dress nicely at home but naked on Campus.

No matter where they are, they wear what pleases the father and bring glory to the Kingdom not a clothe that bring reproach to the Kingdom they claim to represent

Our sisters dress half naked to attract, oppress, for likes and lovely comments because they lack purpose, a lady of purpose work according to plan and pattern with divine assignment conscious and careful of her garment.

If you like, dress to kill, no one will die but remember the ultimate death and curse attached to seduction. Read Rev 2:20 – 22

When will you start dressing Godly and from a glance, we can say, truely she is of the Lord and not of the world?.

Say no to indecent dressings.

A lady that has intimacy with the holy spirit will not dress half naked because she is conscious that her body is a temple.

_Temples are sacred, honoured, preserved, protected and kept._

Be Heavenly Minded!!!

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