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-Pastor Paul Enenche at Early Will I Seek You on ‘LIFE AND LIGHT IN HIS PRESENCE’, Glory Dome.

Give the Lord a big clap, give Him a shout and a leap of joy if you believe He cannot fail. Give Him praise as you take your seat in the presence of the Lord. I welcome everyone here this morning in Jesus precious name.
Psalm 36: 9
Every encounter with God is an encounter with life and every encounter with God is an encounter with light. Whatsoever is contrary to life cannot stand in His presence, whatsoever is contrary to light cannot stand in His presence. So, we are here this morning to encounter life and to encounter light.

  • Everyone here today that is pursued by darkness, pursued by death, today, that darkness is swallowed up.
    Things to Note:
  1. In God’s presence, we encounter quality life: You are not permitted to encounter His presence and encounter a meaningless, low-level or substandard life.
  2. In God’s presence, we encounter durability of life: it is possible to live long and live a uselessly long life. Life that has quality, life that has durability.
  3. In God’s presence, we encounter darkness-destroying light: Whatever is dark, whatever is not of light is destroyed in His presence.
  4. In God’s presence, we encounter direction-giving light: Psalm 89: 15. You were missing the road before because you were in darkness.
  5. In God’s presence, we encounter distinction-producing light: If your life was hidden in obscurity and darkness covered you such that you could not be seen, it is His presence that brings you to light. Isaiah 60:1.
    Get set for life and light this morning in Jesus name.
    Lamentations 3: 22-23
    Father, we thank you for your goodness and mercies. We thank you for the blessing of a new day, thank you for the possibility of this new day. To you alone be all the praise in Jesus name.
    Psalm 107: 20
    Father, thank you for the midweek preservation service of yesterday. Thank you Lord, for the intensity of your word and the move of your Spirit. Thank you Lord, for testimonies. To you alone be all the praise Lord in Jesus name.
    Zephaniah 3: 17
    Father, we ask for the full manifestation of your Almightiness at the Yola, Adamawa Healing and Deliverance Crusade. Show yourself, Lord in this crusade, that you are God. Do what only you can do, Lord in Jesus name.
    Romans 8: 28
    Father, we ask for the safety and preservation of everyone travelling through and from the crusade. We ask for an hitch-free crusade organization. We ask that all things work in perfection towards the success of the crusade, in Jesus name.
    Psalm 2: 8, 2 Corinthians 4: 3,4
    Father, we ask for the salvation of the souls of men in our land. We ask that you break the spell or veil of blindness and deception over the minds and eyes of the people of the land. Give them encounters that will direct and redirect them unto deliverance and salvation, Lord in Jesus name.
    Proverbs 19: 21, Isaiah 54: 17
    Father, we ask that you have your way in our lives and land. We dismantle every enemy, weapon, device or design against our nation, Nigeria and Church, Dunamis, in Jesus name. Every orchestration of the enemy, against my life and destiny, be sentenced to frustration in Jesus name.
  • Father, I am in your presence today to connect quality life. I reject an inferior, low-quality life. I connect, I receive, life in quality from your presence today.
  • Father, I make demands on durable life. My loved ones cannot be cut short before their time. We shall fulfil our days. Every strange force of premature, sudden death targeted at my life and destiny, you are cancelled now in Jesus name.
  • Father, by the light of your presence, we destroy the cover of darkness over our land. Every cover of darkness around my life, around my family, around my destiny, you are destroyed now, in the name of Jesus. Father, by the light of your presence, we confront and conquer every darkness in our land, in our city in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, by the light of your presence, I connect direction and revelation in every area I need direction, I connect it now, in Jesus name.
  • Father, by the light of your presence, I connect distinction. By the light of your presence, I decree that my life, my destiny, our Church, our families cannot be hidden in obscurity in the name of Jesus. By the light of your presence, I step forth in distinction in the name of Jesus.


  • It is a new day and a new season for you in Jesus precious name.
  • Today, every struggle in your life expires right now
    -Low quality of existence expires right now
  • I announce durability of life. Every attempt on your life is arrested right now.
  • Powers of darkness are destroyed
    -Directions are released and distinction is your portion
    -Whatever has made your life look lower than that of others, today, it is over
  • Go forth and return with your testimonies.

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