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-Bishop David Oyedepo
Day Two, Week of Spiritual Emphasis

*It takes ground little by little until it overwhelms its victims.
* It is what God adds to you that adds value to your life, not what you get by all means.
* Because in most cases, you get it by crooked means, in the name of ‘By All Means’.
* When you find a believer saying, “by all means, he will go to any extent”: the spirit of the world has overtaken him.
* The spirit of the world entices believers to love the world more than they love God or they love the world in the place of God

Righteousness is only accessible by those who truly hunger and thirst after it – Matthew 5:6
It is not for the Jack and Harry, it is for those who truly crave for it, desperately wanting to be like Jesus in thoughts, in words and in action. It doesn’t come to people, we go for it.

“Flee all unrighteousness but follow after righteousness”
Among the blessings thereof, the works of righteousness shall be peace and the effect of it shall be quietness and assurance forever. My prayer is that this weekend will mark a turning point in the spiritual life of every one of us.

Prayers: Lord Jesus we are here at your feet one more time to receive from you. Let Your Word locate each one of us and bring about our long-awaited change. Let it be a change from glory to glory in Jesus precious name.


These forces are out to rob us of access to our promised land; to rob us of entrance into our inheritance as he (satan) did to the Church in the wilderness.
1 Corinthians 10:1-11
They were robbed of their inheritance, their earthly inheritance and the devil has remained on the loose ever since, on a mission to steal, to kill and to destroy – John 10:10
Let’s listen to the sound of the Trumpet, let’s hear the warnings from the watchmen.
-No one here shall be overthrown.

Why this fight?

Hebrews 12:1-4
That tells you and I the reason for putting up a fight. From the time of John the Baptist, the Kingdom of God is preached and every man presses into it, he (devil) won’t let you enter for free – Luke 16:15
Matthew 11:12 – That’s the reason for the fight.

Deuteronomy 2:24 – I have given you but he will rise up against you.
Begin to possess. Contend with the opposition.
-Your gorgeous destiny secured for you by redemption is under continuous contention from the pit of hell.

We can only press our way to perfection and not just hang around waiting for it.

Philippians 3:12-14, 16
Don’t lose your ground in the things you have already found. Don’t let loose your victory otherwise the enemy will take the ground. We are not there but we have the demand to be there.

Then came this big order: “be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect” – Matthew 5:38
What a tall order. But His commandments are not grievous.
1 John 5:3
-I believe from now, we are all going forward. Nobody goes backward anymore. From now, you are going forward.

1 Corinthians 8:2
His commandments are not grievous. There is nothing He commands us that He has not engraced us to do.
-We are getting there.

We will be looking at it from 3 perspective trying to discover the nature of sin, so you can know what you are fighting. We look at only one today.

1.Sin is Addictive
It is from one glass cup of alcohol that you go to two.

From two (glass cups) to one bottle.
From one bottle to two bottles.
From two bottles to four.
From four to five until you drink yourself to stupor.
From a taste of one stick of cigarette, you go to two.

From two to three, to four and then to a packet, then to 2 packets until you become a chimney.
It is addictive and it takes ground little by little until it overwhelms its victims, until one becomes hardened like when concrete is set, it is difficult to break.

Hebrews 3:13-14
Sin has a hardening force within it.
God has not given us the spirit of fear as to bondage, bondage means addiction, but of power: so inside us resides the power to break it.

That is why someone who had been in drug addiction for 25 years, consuming and marketing it, so he can’t lack it. He had it just there and his two sons with him.

It was hell in earth in that family. He met us in one of our outreaches under the bridge in Sango…walked into Church, gave his life to Christ because we were praying when he came in.

Then Jesus delivered him and all his entire family: wife, sons. Everybody delivered. They are solid members of this Church today.

There is no addiction that can make God’s Word and power of no effect.
Sin is addictive, don’t watch this spate of addiction lay hold on your life. You can rise up to that challenge and break it.

Obviously, we have spiritual forces that stir sin in a man’s life like we saw in Zechariah yesterday – Zechariah 3:3
A filthy garment was forced on Joshua the high priest.
Zechariah 3:2-5
It was a spiritual battle. God stepped in and liberated him.
-Every filthy garment must get off your life tonight.

We will look at 2 of them tonight

1. The spirit of the world that makes you crave after worldly things uncontrollably in the name of blessing.
When you find a believer saying by all means, he will go to any extent: the spirit of the world has overtaken him.
1 Corinthians 2:12
There is the spirit of the world, it took up a lot of men in the New Testament
2 Timothy 4:10
Demas: one of the vibrant member of Paul’s team.
Titus: A Bishop
The spirit of the world over ran them. They lost their eternal life to the spirit of this world.
Always lusting after the things of the world.
Money! Money!! Money!!!

“All these things that Papa is saying, pray for us to get money. Give us money.”

1 John 2:15
The spirit of the world entices believers to love the world more than they love God or they love the world in the place of God and so lose their soul.

It is what God adds to you that adds value to your life, not what you get by all means.

Because in most cases, you get it by crooked means, in the name of ‘By All Means’. But when you seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things shall be added, added – Matthew 6:33
They are the things that add real value to your life. Added.

Abraham said, “I won’t take a thread from you lest you claim to make Abraham rich.”
Separated unto God. He became the friend of God.

God is still adding things to his people today, amazing additions and when God adds a thing to you, it abides forever.

God added blessings to Abraham, it went through all his generations up till now.
The spirit of the world operates by an insatiable love for the things of the world.
If you check the Word, “Titus, my own son” was Paul’s introduction – Titus 1:4

The first Bishop of the Cretans Church: he went off. Yet, he loved this present world and went away. I think they met and said, “look, you think we can keep going on like this. O boy, let’s go. Let’s go and see another world.” They went on a journey of no return.

It is an avoidable risk.
Because nature abhors vacuum, without a genuine love for God, you will love the world.

Therefore, keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life – Proverbs 4:23
Without love for light, you will be overrun by darkness.
So simple.

True love for God separates you from being trapped by the love of the world. It is a journey; it is a long, long one.
-No one here will return to his vomit
Proverbs 26:11, 2 Peter 2:22
What does this mean? Mark 4:11, Revelation 22:14-15
Without are the dogs. Returning to your vomit makes a dog of that individual. They can’t understand the mystery of the Kingdom, that goes to confirm 1 Corinthians chapter 2 verse 12.
I once said to God, “whatever You will give me that will make me miss You: I don’t want.”
“Wherever You will take me and your hand cannot reach me again: I don’t want.”
“Whatever blessings I will experience in my life, that will turn me off you: please keep it.”

– No one here will suffer eternal regrets!!
In the name of Jesus Christ.
-Tonight, after this Communion, the crave to return to your vomit is declared dead.

You know we have heard some physical things like that in this Church.

Quite a number of testimonies: people who vomit and eat it. I have one of them on Page 11 of The Miracle Meal.

Can’t tell how, it is an unclean spirit and he goes to tell the reality of that Scripture.

That is just suffering under it, he couldn’t get free from it until Jesus stepped him.
-Every foul spirit moving anyone to return to what he has conquered before, dies today.
Because your inheritance will be robbed you.

He had given all things according to His divine power, but accessible and deliverable only through the knowledge of Him – 2 Peter 1:3
If you can’t know Him, how will you take delivery? The reason why this thief is not known is that he steals in transit, he blocks your access.

If you have it as physical quantities here and it is missing, you will know. But so much goods are robbed believers today through this thief, very experienced in the business.
-But no one here will suffer losses to this thief again


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