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-Pastor Faith Oyedepo on ” ENGAGING THE WONDERS OF DIVINE PRESENCE. ” at International Youth Alive Convention 2021
Day three evening.

Let somebody shout Hallelujah.

Put your wonderful hands for the Lord and please you may be seated.

Tonight, I want to congratulate you for being a part of IYAC 2021 because your status has already changed and your surname has been changed to Excellence.


Exodus 33:14-15, Romans 8:31.

How many of you want to keep enjoying Divine Presence after today? Wave your hands to the Lord.

And I pray that the God of heaven will establish your desires in Jesus Name.

But it cannot stop there, there is what to do. Remember today is the third night and on the third day the Bible tells us that He shall raise us up. Hosea 6:2.
Somebody today is rising up in the Name of Jesus. Rising up from obscurity to light. Rising up from mediocrity to Excellence.
And I want you to be sure that you are desperate about it. Tap your neighbour and say be desperate.

To enjoy Divine Presence, to enjoy excellence, you must be desperate about it.
Remember that Excellence is not a state. It’s a journey, it’s a step by step process. And it demands constant building up. As you depart from this mountain, that journey will be stronger and faster in your life.

Very importantly, we must understand that Divine Presence is one major channel to manifest the Spirit of excellence. There’s no way you and I or anyone at all can manifest Excellence without Divine Presence.
Genesis 39:5.
There is another Joseph tonight under the sound of my voice. Wherever you came from, your family, your village, your city, wherever you come from, God will bless that place because of you.

You know that there are some individuals people are excited to associate with. Why? It’s because they have become pathfinders, trailblazers.

Light in the darkness that can no longer be covered. That’s you!
Genesis 41:38-40.

Divine Presence is a major channel if you must manifest excellence.

What is Divine Presence?

1. It’s God working through you, working in you. It’s God working around you: it’s the aura of the Almighty, it’s the aroma of the King of kings, it’s the backing of the God who is too faithful to fail.

You know as a woman, when you are cooking in the kitchen, the aroma fills the kitchen. Oftentimes when I walked through the door, right from the entrance of the house I know what they are cooking in the kitchen in my house.
I can tell this is the kind of food that is going on. Why? The aroma comes out from the kitchen and fills different parts of the home.
It’s the same thing with Divine Presence.

When you carry Divine Presence, the aroma, the aura, that backing is always there. From today, you won’t lack God’s backing again.
And it’s this Divine Presence that guarantees exploits in life.

That causes you to be distinguished in your studies. Others may fail all the courses, it shall be minus you.

In actual fact, you are here today and you have been finding it difficult with your studies, with your academics before, I have got good news for someone today, as you depart from this mountain, your story is changing for the better.

If you have ever failed in time past as a student, the last failure you experienced shall be the last you will ever experience.

God will Supernaturally by virtue of Divine Presence catapult you from the back to the front. Can I hear a youthful Amen?

Wave your hand this way and say bye bye to failure. Divine Presence. In your work place, they used to look down on you but by the time you depart from this mountain, you will become sought after.

Divine Presence is what clears all oppositions and grant you access to triumph in life. From today that will be your testimony.

How to facilitate and sustain Divine Presence:

1. Be born again and remain so: young people hear me and hear me well. Divine Presence is only available to those who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. I know you have heard this over and again since you got here but it’s never too much. Because you are not permitted to return without a definite encounter with the Almighty God.
God’s Presence releases the Spirit of excellence but you must be one of His children. And please remember that being born again and salvation is not a church emblem. No.
‘ I am a winner, I am a winner’. Thank God for you but does God know you?

O yes, I have always attended all the youth Conventions since God created this Commission. Congratulations! Is your name in the book of life? Is your name in book of eternal life?

Are you sure when you leave here, you have a place in Heaven?
Remember one of the testimonies tonight.

She said as she got there ( hell), she said let me enter and they told her your name is not there. May your own testimony be stronger but thank God they didn’t open the gate of heaven to her because it wasn’t her time yet.

You won’t die young.
Anyone among you under the sound of my voice that is be threatened by the Spirit of death, I stand upon this altar today and I cast it out of your life.
I command that spirit to loose it’s grip off your life now. And in the Name of Jesus the Christ, I decree over your life, you shall not die.

Again, I say you shall not die but you shall live and fulfil your Destiny.
So, salvation is a critical issue that must be settled. Salvation is an encounter, it’s not issue.

God’s Servant has shared his testimony time and time again.

He said he was born inside the church. Yet that was not equal to salvation.
Are you safe? Are you a child of God?

If you are born again, you must remember that our God is a God of excellence.

At salvation, you are born into the realm, wiring of excellence.

You know when you change the oil to the engine, by the time that flight will fly, he will be with our Passports.

Salvation puts a different opportunity with you.
You must guard your salvation because one saved is not forever saved.

Thank God you gave your life to Christ far back in the past but are you still connected?

There are many people in church, they have the source of religion but the supply of life is gone.

Remember Adam in the Bible, he had the life of God but he lost it.

you won’t loose yours.
Remember Saul in the Bible, he was the first king in Israel but he lost it. You won’t loose your own in Jesus Mighty Name.
What about Apostle Paul, he was a persecutor of the church that later became the chiefest of the Apostles.

2. You must continue to hunger and thirst after righteousness: Matthew 5:6.


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