By Bishop Okwudili Eze

Judges 11: 1-11
Isaiah 52: 7

The revelation of God’s word creates the boundaries of His everlasting existence. Each time God wants to move in the affairs of men, He’ll speak across the terrains and from the loins of His word in order to paint a particular picture.

When God wants to create a season, He speaks a word.
Proverbs 24: 3-4
Proverbs 4:7

One can be gifted, talented, and anointed but haven’t the requisite platform to exercise those indwelling virtues to a manifestation.

God will never neglect process for progress. Preparation must take place like in did in the case of Jephtah.

There’s a certain level of greatness conferred on a person by heaven, when such one prepares his/her way before the Lord.
2 Chronicles 27: 6

Jephtah’s place of preparation and processing was Tob but when his Kairos came, God orchestrated an aggression from an enemy country in order to create an opportunity that only Jephtah could fill.


God will first make you before He manifests you! For all things works for good to them who love God and are the called according to His purpose.

God doesn’t make champions in the ring but in the back side of the wilderness.

It was Jephtah’s half brothers that thrust him out but when his Kairos came, the elders came looking for him.

Place premium on your value for it’s the problem you solve that determines the prosperity you’ll enjoy.
Ecclesiastes 10: 15

Anywhere there’s a repetition of results, mastery has been established. Jephtah must’ve had a certain level of revelation in order to negotiate and glean good news from the opportunity that was presented him.

There are 3 P’s to God’s word:

Principle (this connotes light and the doings of God. The facts we must be conversant with in order to command a certain dimension of grace and glory), prophecy, and promises.

What was Jephtah’s formula?



1) Jephtah knew his background cannot stop his higher ground.
Mathew 21: 42
Jeremiah 1: 5

2) Jephtah knew who he was from the eyes of divine purpose. Purpose is the force that creates focus. Purpose is the mental picture for a preferred future. Purpose is stronger than your pain. Purpose is self-fulfilling when anchored on divinity.

Jephtah knew himself from the understanding of purpose; he knew who he was. Your assignment triggers your consignment of blessings. Life is a gift from God given to us to pursue the transactions of purpose. You cannot die until you fulfill purpose.
Genesis 2: 15

3) Jephtah knew that men’s hatred and opposition cannot stop God’s purpose for his life. Men’s hatred and rejection can never stop God’s purpose for your life.
Genesis 50:20

4) Jephtah understood the law of process before progress. When you neglect process you’ll miss progress. There’s an ordinance God instituted from before eternity which talks about seed time and harvest time. The time inbetween seed and harvest is the processor of God’s promises.
Genesis 8:22
Hebrews 6: 12

We obtain the promises of God through faith and patience. For until a corn of wheat falls down and dies, it abides alone but if it dies it brings forth much fruit.

Jephtah had an understanding that his presence in Tob was momentary and was necessary for the development of the oil of might. What you don’t develop dies. Those who go far with God are those who have mastered the art of waiting on God. No wonder the bible says that those who wait on God shall renew their strength.
2 Chronicles 27: 6

You don’t build an ark in the day of rainfall. The ark must be built beforehand in order to forestall the devastating effects of oncoming rainfall.

5) Jephtah gave himself to the demand of capacity development. Jephtah sharpened his skills in the land of Tob.
Ecclesiastes 10: 10

We must be able to cross-breed ideas in order to advance the frontiers of our core existence.

6) Jephtah placed premium and value on himself.
Judges 11: 1-11

Value placement on yourself is not arrogance rather it’s an expression of God’s wisdom under guarding your operation. Jephtah understood that God will always have a stage for every man on a destiny assignment.

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