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-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

Thank You Jesus for light, thank You for light that empowers men and women for a flight. Thank You Jesus and blessed be Your name in Jesus name.

We have our special Blood of Sprinkling Service this evening (15th October 2021). The Blood of Jesus is described as the Blood of the everlasting covenant. Every aspect of that Blood is ordained to keep speaking for life – Hebrews 13:20
Now we have the Passover aspect of the Blood that saw all of Israel came out of Egypt in one day after 430 years.

-By the Blood of that everlasting covenant, every single captive that shows up tonight for this special Blood of Sprinkling Service shall be let go.
-It shall be instant. It shall be on the spot in the name of Jesus.

1 Corinthians 5:7 – He is our Passover lamb today and makes available His Passover blood. “This is My Blood of the New Testament. My Passover Blood.”
We sprinkle the Passover Blood, we don’t drink it. ”And the Lord shall be seen over them.” It shows. “and his arrow shall go forth as lightning”, to destroy and devour the enemy – Zechariah 9:14
Watch out tonight.

Romans 1:16, Romans 11:33
We are still uncovering and we’ll keep on uncovering the mysteries, the secrets of the Kingdom that guarantees the dominion of the saints.

So be part of this Service tonight and be enlightened on what this mystery carries and how to maximize the impact of this mystery in your life. Your opinion and my opinion are irrelevant about the truth.

Truth is truth, take it or leave it. And mysteries are largely validated by testimonies, not by arguments.
God spoke to me years ago, at the onset of this Ministry, “this Ministry is not to debate over doctrines but to prove the power of the Holy Ghost”; so we see proofs, unending proofs. It annoys a number of people.

All kinds of rescue and deliverances because that is what He has sent, “To liberate people of the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the Word of Faith as it is unveiled by the mysteries of scriptures.”

Get ready tonight for a visitation you will be talking about all the days of your life.
Get ready tonight for a visitation. Among other things, the destroyer will be kept at bay. “When I see the Blood”, you can’t see what anybody drinks, “I will pass over and I will not allow the destroyer to come nigh thee.”

When I see the Blood, I will pass over. There can be crying and weeping all over town but it won’t come near you.

So it is a Service of Exemption where God will mark you out and keep you away from the reach of the destroyer and the covenant of longevity that you believe in, would have been established to you.

Have you wondered why corona virus could not penetrate here? The destroyer is not permitted!!

We are fully armed by the grace of God with the truth of scriptures to keep the destroyer at bay.
-In the name of Jesus, only the shout of joy shall be heard in your territory from henceforth.

The Lord gave this signal to silence the spirit of death from harassing families in this Church.

-There shall be no old man here that has not fulfilled his days. That means we will have aged people: men and women.
-Many people here, their children will be old while they are still alive. Sons and daughters will be old while they are still alive.
Thank You Jesus, blessed be Your name.

The stone in the sling of David may not look like anything to you, but that is God’s victory mystery over the Philippines.
By the Blood of Sprinkling tonight:
-No one here will speak death anymore.
-No one will think death anymore. It shall be far from your Tabernacle.

Tell every member of this Church, “show up tonight at any of the Zonal Fellowship Centres, it is going to be an awesome time in God’s presence.”

Thank God for the seal of the Blood of the everlasting covenant that is coming upon your life tonight, to keep death at bay, to keep the destroyer at bay, to keep you and your household safe.

Not one was found dead among the children of Israel and in the land of Egypt, there was no house where no one was found dead. He exempted them by the Blood.

Tonight, God is exempting you from all horrors of life, via the mystery of the Blood of Sprinkling and you will testify in Jesus precious name, we have prayed.

Very importantly please, every member of this Church has this instruction: Get someone along with you to Church on Sunday.
Take God serious, then you’ll have your glorious destiny.
Don’t be casual, it is business. The returns are unmatchable, incomparable, never found on the earth. You have that opportunity one more time and you have the provision of the Church for free transportation for all the worshippers. Take advantage of it, no excuse.

Can I hear you say, “I love You Jesus.” One proof is to obey His commandments. If any man claims to love Me, let him obey My commandments, My Father will love him, I will love him and I will manifest Myself to him -John 14:21
-It’s your turn.

The balance of your Turnaround prophetic package for the year shall not be lost to carelessness.
-Your own shall be fully delivered. He has turned many things; He will turn the remaining things.

Do I have a witness in the house? God has turned many things in your life this year, He will turn the remaining things.


CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer.

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