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Scripture :Psalm 116: 17. I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the LORD.

Beloved, I welcome you to another Moment of Daily Encounter! We established yesterday that light is key to living a life of sacrifice because how sacrificial a man’s life is, depends largely on the quality of revelation/insight/light on the subject of sacrifice.

We intend to extend it to thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving both to man and God at this period is a necessity. There is no man who has assisted or touched your life in one way or the other that does not deserve your appreciation.

However, the greatest of it all is appreciation to God. It is easy to thank God when things are working perfectly, however thanking God when things are no longer working as desired or when our expectations are not met, thanking God is difficult!

Hence the need for the sacrifice of thanksgiving!

What is sacrifice of thanksgiving?

It is giving up thanks that costs you. It is not done at convenience, it is thanksgiving done at inconvenience. It is a thanksgiving that must cost you either your time, energy or resources!

When does thanksgiving becomes a sacrifice?

1. When it is done in the midst of frustration, failure and despair. David did that in Ps.116:17.

2. When it is done in the midnight while others are snoring on their beds but you are awake just to give thanks. Paul and Silas did it in Acts 16;25.

3. When you give thanks in the face of unanswered prayers and seeming challenges. Abraham did that in Rom.4:20.

4. When it is done in the midst of tears and pains and you still choose to give thanks. The disciple of Jesus Christ did it in Acts 5:40-41.

5. When you have every reasons to complain, murmur and be bitter against yourself and against God yet you choose to thank Him from the depth of your heart. Paul and Silas did that in Acts 16 :25.

6. When every thing seems to be working against you, and you still acknowledge the finger of God behind the happenings around your life. (Jam.1:2).

7. When it appears as if your business is on a reverse gear and you seem to be making loses instead of profit yet you choose to thank God.

8. When all that has happened so far are losses or death of your loved ones, and instead of questioning “God where are you” rather you choose to give thanks like Job who lost all his children in one day (Job 1:13-15), yet he gave thanks.

9. When the most trusted lover, suddenly turns his back on you! He broke your heart, broke your engagement and left you alone! Like a dream all hope of getting married suddenly shattered and you return to offer thanks- that is a sacrifice!

Jesus did that in Luke 22:17
10. When in your penury, lack and want, you could still take out something in appreciating the El-Shaddai!

That is sacrifice of thanksgiving. The poor widow did it in the presence of Jesus and was commended as the most sacrificial giver. Mark 12:42-44

Beloved, as the year is rounding up, I don’t know how sweet or rough the year has been for you? I don’t know how many times you have shed tears in the secret? It is time to wipe your tears and offer sacrifice of thanksgiving to your God while you watch Him take over your battle.

You may not be where you desire to be, surely, you are no longer where you use to be! Where you are currently is someone else’s prayer point! Why not appreciate God who has brought you thus far?

Remember this: Heaven is real and hell is real. The decision of where to spend eternity is best made now, give your heart to Jesus today.

Prayer points:
– Father thank you for your word to me today,
– Lord, I receive grace to continuously offer unto you the sacrifice of thanksgiving!

Prophetic Declaration!
– I prophesy, receive the garment of thanksgiving! – May thanksgiving proceed from your life endlessly.
– Any death looking for you and your loved ones before the year ends is hereby arrested.
– Your blood shall not be spilled, your bones are not permitted to break as the year is coming to an end in the mighty name of Jesus!

From your brother Alex
God bless you.

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