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  • Pastor Olumide Emmanuel at Kingdom Wealth Conference, Day 2 Evening Session
    Psalms 66:12, Deuteronomy 8:18-19
    Yesterday night we began a series on understanding Kingdom wealth. This is a conference that was set up to help you to get understanding of what God has made available for you and how you can take advantage of it. Understanding is that thing which you stand under and understanding helps you to be outstanding. For any area where you lack understanding, you can not be outstanding. That is why God’s people should not operate from the point of superficial knowledge or emotional sentiment but from the point of understanding which helps to fuel our faith.
    Yesterday we looked at this scripture and we understood that God wants to bring us into the wealthy place. We have come into the realm of the showers of blessings. God has caused us to go through a storm like this, so that through us He will manifest His glory, power and counsel.

We said Kingdom wealth is a wealth that has it’s source in God and the Kingdom as it’s purpose. When you want to come into wealth you have two options – you either do it the Babylon way or you do it the Covenant way.

You either do it the Kingdom way or you do it the worldly way.

You cannot be a part of the Kingdom and want to do things the way of the world. You need to understand that in the world that you and live in today, except you do it God’s way it will not last. You can’t be in the Kingdom and be arguing with the Kingdom.

You cannot travel from Nigeria to India and begin to argue about the side of the road they drive on. You can’t go to London and say you don’t believe in pounds, “forget it, I am a naira person”.

You can’t do that. You can’t go into a school which their uniform is white and say, “I don’t like white, don’t you people know that white can stain easily. You want me to be washing everyday? I don’t do white, I do blue, I do green”.

If all these examples I am giving you now does not make sense, why do you think you can come to Church and be arguing about Church.

Church has been existing before the great grand father of your great grand father was born, you can’t come to Church and think you are wiser that the God that made the Church before your ancestors were born.

God will really have to help us, I heard another one this morning of a pastor’s wife who went to do juju so that her husband’s ministry can grow. She wants to be the First Lady of a mega Church. Thank God say God no be man, because if I am God I would have killed everybody.

After you have prayed for God to give you 10 million, God will say “Ehn Ehn! He wants to give a million naira tithe”. So He will just arrange #280,000 for you to see whether you will pay 28,000. You eat the 280,000 and say God understands that the agreement was 10 million. God says “you have failed”.
Kingdom wealth is entrusted. It is required in stewardship that a man be found faithful. All you need is just one kidney problem, one liver problem to understand the stupidity and the uselessness of your pursuit. Just one major medical problem like cancer and you will understand that all the things you are chasing would not matter anymore.

Do you know how long you have been breathing in since you were born and have never looked for oxygen because you have never had shortness of breath. Imagine if God charged you for oxygen, you can sell all of your family and you would still not be able to pay.

Go and search the history of all human beings, there is nobody who has sat on their death bed and said they regret serving God. But on the death bed of everyone including the atheist we realize how much we need God. Pastor Mildred will be here to share with us the secret of her journey on Wednesday.

I was listening to her one day and she was angry. She said “all this feminist people you will be deceiving people on social media and later you will be DMing my husband to pray for your marriage. It’s just my husband oh, if not I will call their name”. Many people just follow people that are going nowhere and you are listening to people that are frustrated.
We have a meeting at the Sheraton next week and Pastor Poju Oyemade will be my guest. We were in a meeting one day and Pastor Poju said “all these social media pastors that have never built anything physical in their life and they are talking about tithe and offering”. He said if you can grow a ministry from just you and your wife and a few others to a mega Church without collecting tithe and offering, then I will come and be your student.
Addiction to God and His Kingdom is a trigger for Kingdom wealth.
When a man is an addict, he is consumed by what he is addicted to. I am not talking about what you say with your mouth, I am talking about your lifestyle. When God sees that you are addicted to the Kingdom, addicted to His way and His will, it’s a trigger to something in the spirit.
The woman of God this morning said there are some sacrifices that are on the ground that God will not but move. Children’s school fees that has been sacrificed, God must move, God has no choice.
We are addicted to many other things but not God and his Kingdom.

One of the speakers on Sunday said what you are addicted to, you dream about. So when you see people dreaming some dreams, it is because of what they have focused on during the day that they are dreaming about in the night. How many people do we have that are addicted to God and His Kingdom?

But we are addicted to sports and football.

The foolishness of some of these addictions is that it is not producing any result in your life but you are not aware. I was shocked to my bones in 2016, the way people love football. We did a conference “Dominion in the Market Place” and we brought different people from different mountains of influence to speak.

On the day of sports, we went to look for big hall thinking say people go plenty. I was shocked to my bones. That was the day I knew that all these sports people, there is a satanic software running your life. All of you following these different sport and you have not made one kobo, it’s a demonic spirit you just don’t know yet. We didn’t see up to 30 or 50 people, the way people love sport yet they are not ready to learn how to make money from sport. You are following Man U, you don’t even have passport. You are wearing Jersey in Nigeria and you have not crossed the border before.

If you are addicted to something, it is supposed to be making money for you. When God sees that you are addicted to His Kingdom, things begin to open because He knows you are going to stand for Him and represent Him.

About 3 weeks ago, one of the veterans of music in the country, Pastor Wale Adenuga, he has been here before and is a friend of the house. Somebody was interviewing him and they asked him how many songs he has sang. He told them some of his songs and even the person in the studio who does not go to Church knew all of them. And they asked him how come you are still here and some people have come and gone.

He said this money thing, a lot of people don’t understand how to crack the code. They don’t understand that God is our source.

A small Church today will be a big Church tomorrow. The reason why some of them have vanished is because when God began to lift them up, they abandoned all the small Churches and were only going to the big Churches.

There is something about Church some people are big now but they will not be big forever. As you are going for them, they are also eyeing somebody up there so the smaller you become. So when they grow bigger they will go for the one in America and drop you and the smaller ones you have ignored will say “shebi when we were small you didn’t answer us” so that is how they fizzle out.

I have been around for thirty something years and I can tell you about him and Panam Percy Paul, people that have been there for a long time and are still there till today. When I got born again in the 80’s it was the songs of Panam Percy Paul that we were crying to then. That man is still alive and doing well.

They asked him how come his songs are still there all this years and these other ones have been forgotten. He said these people just sing to trend, they don’t speak to spirits. Everybody write songs to fit into one beat, since the beat is a trend when the beat goes, they expire. When you speak to spirits, spirits will trend forever. So when they follow beat, they trend only for a while.

Addiction to the Kingdom, all this “I love God” and when God needs you, you are not there, you are joking. Think about if you have a staff that resumes late and closes early, they always lie that they are at work when they are not and you find out. Would you choose that person if you are looking a branch manager?. If you are that wise, do you think God is stupid to promote an unfaithful person?

I have a staff in my company who used to be a member until she got married. She took two days off work claiming she was sick.

She went for a wedding that same day and was dancing and she was foolishly posting it on social media. Not that they posted her, she was posting it herself. She lied to her Pastor and CEO and we were praying for her in morning devotion. When you are now sick, they will say the devil.

Luke 6:24
The only time God ever compared anything with Himself, it was money. We are addicted to sin, addicted to self, addicted to social media, addicted to movies. Some of these addictions, you don’t know you are setting the trend for the next generation.

One of our sons in the house was addicted to watching porn, He was married. Do you know who caught him watching porn? His son. His son told his mother “daddy is watching something, one man and one woman are naked and they are fighting”. I don’t understand but Daddy is always watching it. Look at how you want to destroy your children. The spirit of the addiction provides for the addiction.

When a man relocates to Lagos from Kaduna, Nassarawa, Benue or Osun, he has never been to Lagos before and he relocates to Lagos and lands in Idumu to stay in your house, if he is a cocaine addict within 24 hours he will locate where they are selling cocaine.

You might have been staying here for 30 years and not know where they are selling marijuana but that person will find out within 24 hours, It’s like a software that connects them. The spirit of the addiction, provides for the addiction. Do you know that drunkards don’t need to save money to drink?

They just show up in a beer palour by faith and the faith would never fail. They just show up knowing they won’t go back empty handed because what God cannot do, does not exist.

Why then is God not providing for you yet? Because you are not addicted. When your heart is right, the earth will respond. In our days we used to sing that if fire is burning I will follow Jesus, if rain is falling, I will follow Jesus.

Whether it is fire or rain, I will follow Jesus. It is to show you how addictive Jesus is. Do you know when we used to trek, it was just normal because it is addiction. I have trekked from Ajao Estate to this Idumu may be like two times, Ikotun to Idumu that one is normal, maybe like 10 times. I was trekking to come and prophesy that we are a global Church, is it not happening now? If you know this God all these your faithlessness will seize.

So ladies and gentlemen be addicted to the Kingdom of God, because all these things that you are leaving God to go after, It hasn’t worked. Every body that does not believe in tithing, where is your Bentley? Where is your limousine? At least if you can say all the tithe, I gathered it and acquired three houses in Banana Island, we will say Okay! All the tithe when you no pay, you take am do something.

You are not tithing and it’s not working and you don’t know something is wrong.
Uncompromising Obedience to Covenant Obligation releases the blessing. Kingdom Addiction will trigger it, uncompromising obedience to covenant obligation will release it and it will just be flowing.
So permit me to go through some Kingdom obligations with you. If you are going to do it covenant way, there are covenant obligations that are non-negotiable. You argue with them to your own detriment.

A lot of people think if they don’t give Church will die. It’s a lie, you are too small to finance Church. God is the financier of the ministry. I have listed out about 15 different covenant obligations that are expected of you as a child of God that you need to align with and activate if you are going to work in Kingdom Wealth.

  1. First Fruit

Proverbs 3:9-10
First fruit is a covenant obligation, non-negotiable if you want to move in rhymes with God then every first belongs to God. How can you be arguing about what has been there even before you were born.

The pastor that is teaching you met it there, he didn’t create it. I have never heard a message of first fruit in my life till after this Church started.
But I was praying by myself in 1995 and God said you have to start the Church this year.
I told God we are already in December, He said I have to start this year.

He said I have to start last Sunday of December 1995 which is 31st December.




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