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God told Abraham to leave his country, the land of his nativity, and his kindred to a place that was unknown to him as at the time God spoke to him and he left. God told him again to go and sacrifice his son, his only son whom he loved greatly and he went; what kind of trust in God is this?

when he was much younger, he couldn’t have a son with his wife, now at ninety nine (99) years of age and Sarah eighth nine (99) – that’s old age: God told him he would have a son and he believed. Ah! No one else could have done this other than Abraham (trusting God with the whole of his heart even if it means being called a fool); no wonder he got a sworn blessing: Abraham was eternally blessed by God. What a life of faith this man called Abraham lived.

The reason many keep struggling to believe God, and follow His instructions, walking in His ways is because they don’t know who has spoken. Abraham didn’t struggle to believe God because he knew the God who spoke to him, he knew the God who spoke to him is the only God, the El-shaddai (the God who alone is more than enough). If you know the God that spoke, you won’t doubt Him.

Many know the devil more than they know the God that spoke to them, that’s why they believe the devil more than they believe God, and fear the adversary more than they fear God.

Many believe in their problems and challenges more than they believe in the God that spoke, that’s why they believe their problems and challenges are more real than God and His word. He is more real than drugs. He is more real than your salary or daily income. Seek to know Him, the day you know Him in truth is the day an end would come to all your challenges: the sickness would be completely healed, the diseases would be cured, and your story would change for the best.

The day God becomes more real to you than the devil is, is the day the devil will live with the fear of you in his heart.
He is the God of Abraham, the fear of Isaac, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and my Father. Let Him be your fear, your God, and your Father.


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