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– Pastor Christian Mesua | Salvation Ministries Home of Success, 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, Day 2


I want to appreciate God for this rare privilege to stand here today, I also want to appreciate our Father who God has used to train us from what we were to the place God has destined for us to be, I also want to appreciate Mama for being a mother to me, I know she is praying for me. I also want to appreciate my elder brothers in the Faith here and all members present here today, I know because you have come on this day 2 of these fasting period, God will visit you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Father in the name of Jesus we ask that you will visit us today, open the eyes of our understanding in Jesus mighty name


New Creation is the sum total of all God has promised us in salvation – Ephesians 1:11, Revelations 5:12, talking about the various things God has ordained for us to enjoy in salvation, God has given us Power, Blessing, Glory, Honour and strength.

New Creation is simply a changed son and daughter of God who is void of sins with the seal of the Holy Spirit – 2nd Corinthians 5:17, as children of God beginning from the day we gave our lives to Christ our old lifestyles have passed away, we are now new creatures in Christ Jesus, with new form (new birth).

When you are born again you are already new in the Faith. Papa said: New Creation is simply the importation of divinity into humanity, i.e. God coming down to wear you over.

He imputed his personality into you when you are born again, he takes over your abilities, he takes over the you that has sinned and replace his nature into you, by our sincere confession of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour we are brand new persons with new opportunities to live a better life and enjoy our inheritances in Christ.

New Creation is simply leaving the Heavenly life here on earth.

May I ask you, if you are born again are you supposed to be sick? Is there sickness in Heaven?

So, if you’re new and God is now in you, then the Divinity now dwells in you here on earth.

So, if you are still sick or you still have challenges in your life, then you need to go for light – Colossians 1:13, by new birth we have a change of Kingdom, we have a change of Citizenship. What is kingdom? We are talking about the spiritual Kingdom here that is governed by a King.

The word Kingdom is derived from two words a King and a Domain, the domain there is talking about an environ, a territory that is covered by a King and in this spiritual Kingdom we are talking about God is the King in that domain, that is where you and I dwell, by new birth you have left this physical realm you have left this earth where there is sin and corruption, you are now dwelling in a Spiritual Kingdom where there is a demarcation between those that live in the other physical Kingdom and you living in the Spiritual Kingdom.

Where we are now, we have a Father and not just a God, you can approach him as a father, just like the story Papa told us sometime ago that David walked up to him and said Dad I want you to train this my friend, Papa asked him why, he said because there is nobody to help him and as a father, he said yes, my son I will do it, that is the relationship you and I have now that we are born again.

You can ask him anything, you have free access to him, as you realize your position in Christ, I see everything challenging you go down in the name of Jesus.

Now, by new birth we belong to that Kingdom, we do not belong to the natural family anymore.

Permit me to change your Surname, Luke 3: 38, if your name is John, your new name is John the Son of God, if your name is Rita, your new name is Rita the Daughter of God – John 1:12, you have that power to become the Son of God, you are not praying it, you are not cramming it, you have it already, you are there already, all you need to do is to realize that where you dwell now, things happening in this physical realm be it corruption and the likes, they cannot have access to you, so realize it.

Something happened in the branch where I am privileged to serve in Lagos, a man came in last week with blood coming out of his ears and he was shouting Pastor! Pastor!

I said what is it, he said sir, my wife and I were fighting and she bit my ear, I said did she want to remove your ear?

He said pastor I don’t know, this marriage is over, imagine my ear has gone off now, how will I hear again, I said your ear can never go off.

I called both of them together and I counselled them and they came back together.

On Sunday he came back, he said Pastor you told me to go back to the House, see as I am talking to you, the things she told me it is not to be spoken about where I am coming from, I asked him where are you from? He said in my village and my state, women don’t joke with us.

Where are you from? You are now from the Kingdom and where you and I belong to now, we are no longer connected to that background anymore, I told him I can now see why you are having challenges with your wife, you have not renewed your mind, that is why she bit your ear. Hallelujah!

I asked him, are you born again? He said yes, the Word of God says if any man be in Christ not if any man be in his own family.

Hear me brethren, where we are now, we don’t behave like those in the world, we don’t talk like them, we don’t even marry like them, so don’t copy.

Papa has told us times without number, that beating his wife is like beating himself, sir that is revelation, that is how we behave in this kingdom and I pray as you understand where you are today God will do you good in Jesus mighty name.


1) We have a new life that begins in us from the day we gave our life to God – John 3:16, he has given us his life that is why you hear Papa say that since the day he gave his life to Christ till now he has never been sick.

I know there are a lot of us like that here, you have that life in you, the same way you have the DNA of your biological father you have the very life of God now in you.

So, you are not permitted to be sick. I pray for you today for those who are born again and you are still experiencing sickness, I command that sickness to go.

2) We have direct access to the father – Ephesians 2:18, we don’t go to him beggarly anymore, that is why I said he is a father and not just God to you.

3) We are saved from the law of sin and death – Romans 8;1-2, we are no longer under that law anymore, sin will not have dominion over us.

4) We are seated far above Satan and his cohorts in heavenly places – Ephesians 2:6

5) You reign as God in the Kingdom – John 10:34


1) You must be born again. You can come to church and you’re not yet saved.

2) Go for light: Revelation of God’s word, the most important thing God wants us to go for after accepting Jesus is the Light of his Word – 1st Timothy 2: 3-4, after you are born again you are to come to the knowledge of the light of God.

You’re not to jump from church to church. Moving from church to church will worsen your problem, it takes God’s Word to deliver us, so go for revelation.

We are fasting, I brought some of things to remind you in case we have forgotten, if you’re sick or challenged in your body, today is your day start by walking in Divine health.

If your own challenge is poverty go back to covenant wealth, if your challenge is like that brother that his ear was bitten, go back for wisdom for family peace, if you don’t have faith at all such that anything scares you, please go for faith that works.

The forces of vengeance that are tormenting you, haaa! You can kill them, return to the Power of vengeance and as you do all these God will bless us in the mighty name of Jesus.

Acts 20:32, we have those that are sanctified in his Kingdom but may I tell you the truth, it is not all that have received their inheritance, it is the Word that gives you your own inheritances among the believers, among the saint not among the unbelievers.

So, that is to say among believers there are those that cannot enjoy their inheritances, so I want to encourage you on this day to go for light. The reason for the darkness in your life is because you have not encountered light.

The fears in your life are because you have not encountered light from God’s Word, that thing scaring you is because of the absence of light.

So, I encourage you this day while we are fasting, we are not fasting to pray for mundane things, we are fasting that light may open unto us, we are fasting so that we may receive fresh revelational knowledge from his Word that will help us run this year and I see you succeeding in this our year of all round possibilities in the name of Jesus Christ. May you please rise to your feet and appreciate God for his Word.


– Lord, I receive grace during this fasting, I receive grace to study may light be released unto me.


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