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Download Mp3 Koinonia October Miracle Service with Apostle Joshua Selman

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-Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia,

October Miracle Service (Part 1)
The Almighty God, the Warrior, King of kings and Lord of lords; Alpha, Omega, the Lifter of men, way Maker, life Giver, Restorer; You are mighty. He is Healer, if you call Him Rapha; He will come as Rapha. You call Him Jireh; He will come as Jireh.

Go ahead and worship Him in this atmosphere of worship. Take your eyes away from the pains, the burdens and focus on Jesus. Majesty; the Healer, the Lifter, the Blesser, the Changer, the Restorer; we bless You.

When you worship Him, He comes and reveals His mighty power, His grace, His anointing and His wisdom. The power of God is so strong in this place.
Adonai, we thank You; we worship the Lamb of God. We worship the Lord of glory. Who can heal but You, who can lift but You, who can anoint, who can exalt but You?

  • Ask God for a definite thing tonight.
  • Restoration, that grace is coming heavily on someone. The Lord is drawing back to your life the things that had left you. The Lord is saying, “I’m putting back in order; everything that is in dis-alignment, tonight it is coming back to order. Families are coming back to order.”
  • “I prophesied as I was commanded and there was a noise, the bones came together”. Financial bones are coming together; relational bones are coming, career bones, ministerial bones, bone to his bone in Jesus’ name.
  • There is a very strong anointing in this place right now for creative miracles; whether it is a problem with your body or bone, you’re on a wheelchair or using a crutch, some sort of aches, anything at all; organ failure. In the name of Jesus, right now miracles are happening; organs that are missing or removed are replaced by the Spirit of the living God. Supernatural miracles are happening.
    Let me tell you this; I’ve heard people say a lot of things, I love the Body of Christ and we are sent to the Body but I have, respectfully speaking a word of advice generally for ministers of the Gospel and I say this by the privilege of the election of grace; whatever you do not understand, sustain the intelligence to stay in your calling rather than speaking in an unwise way over what you do not understand. T

he Bible says we see in part and we prophesy in part and there are many people who for instance, I say this and I have profound respect for the Body of Christ and for everyone, but we have to be careful; we cannot carry the limit of our spiritual understanding and make that the standard for the Body of Christ; we are going to destroy the Body of Christ.

We must all together as men of God, admit that we are still students in the school of the Spirit and let’s be careful so that what you criticizing today may not be what you’ll need tomorrow. Are we together? And one of those issues is this issue of the influence of spirits over people.

There’s no time tonight to begin to teach you the operations of demons and why they seem to be responsible for this. If you want to know why many cases of sicknesses are in the earth, you have to know who demons are and how they came. Demons are not fallen angels. No! Fallen angels are not demons.

The Bible says, when these fallen angels came, they had intercourse with the daughters of men and they gave birth to species of people that were half men and something else. After the flood of Noah, everything that was alive died. Now, when human beings die, those who are righteous will go to Heaven and those who are unrighteous, they will go to hell.

These fallen angels who performed this sin by sleeping with the daughters of men, leaving their original estates, the Bible tells us that they have been bound in everlasting chains. They are alive but they are not in this location.

That means it is not necessarily them afflicting people. Now, these embodied spirits that were the products of these fallen angels and women, when they die, where do they go to? Because they can’t go to Heaven, they can’t go to hell.

They are still rotating around the earth; these are the spirits that need human bodies to function. Are you seeing that now and they are very old; they are not new.

They are so in need of bodies that a legion could manage one body; the mad man in Gadara, one legion, they were crying for accommodation. When Jesus Christ was going to rebuke them, they prayed and they said, now You want to inconvenience us and they had to make do with pigs and make people to lose their businesses.

Demon spirits can and do find access to the bodies of men. It is possible for multiple spirits to coexist in the body of an individual. I’m saying this because behind many of the challenges of people like you’ll be seeing now are demon spirits.

That does not mean the people are possessed, if they are in Christ and they are believers, possession is not the only demonic influence that spirits can have over people. There’s manipulation and control, there’s witchcraft, there’s deception.

But when a demon spirit comes into a situation, the drug for malaria will not be able to solve it or when a demon spirit gets involved with that headache, you can say my head, my head and still die. That one is not headache again. But the Bible says, wherefore God has so highly exalted Him and given Him a name that is above every other name.

Some of the miracles here that you see, you know sometimes we have to be very careful to not commonize miracles and the power of God. You can see and hear certain things too frequent that you’ll just laugh over it.

Every manifestation of the power of God is proof that He is alive and let me tell you one thing I know with the Holy Spirit, when you pay attention to Him and refused to get familiar with Him, you will see more of His power and His grace in ever increasing dimensions.

Therefore, we pray right now that every miracle and everything that has happened here, let there be perfection in the name of Jesus Christ.
Good Evening Everybody, welcome to our Miracle Service for the month of October. Hallelujah, praise the name of the Lord.
Thank you for all of you who are here, thank you so much and thank you for the many who are connecting from across the Nations; Europe, America, Africa and every other part, the Lord bless you and God will do us good in Jesus’ name.
Let me honour Pastor Felix from the US, God bless you. It’s so good to see you. Hallelujah!
I’ll like you to please honour a great man of God and his dear wife, Bishop Okwudili and his precious wife. Thank you.
The Church remains a solution center as far as the needs of man is concerned and as far as the purposes of God, the advancement of the Kingdom is concerned.

The Church is not a nuisance to civilization, the Church is not anti-advancement because many people look at the Church as though we are a religious inconvenience to people, as though without us, people will make tremendous progress, as if our presence has impeded the advancement of people.

Maybe there might be a few misrepresentations here and there in the Church that may have justified such statements. But generally, based on the authority of scripture, the Bible calls us the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

The Bible also calls us witnesses according to Acts 1:8. We’ve been taught here that a witness is a validator of a claim.

There is no need for a witness until there is a contention. When you contend in the court of law as to the validity of a statement, then you are asked to bring in a witness and that every witness has an evidence; your evidence is your token of truthfulness. It is that which gives you the credence to defend whatever it is that you are defending.

For us in this Kingdom, the supernatural and the miraculous is our witness. That means, we demonstrate the validity of Jesus, His being alive, His being exalted, enthroned through and by the manifestation of miracles, signs and wonders.

According to scriptures, the authorized instrument of validating Christ and the reality of His reign, His person and His dominion is the miraculous.

John 2:11, 23, Revelation 1
In this Kingdom, the strengthener of the convictions of men is the miraculous. When people receive the Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ backed up with power, genuine miracles, the Bible says, it sustains an ability to compel men to believe.
John 6:1-2
People will also follow you and follow Jesus in the presence of the miraculous. In this end time, men are not stupid, they are not going to find themselves wasting their time in a place where there is no performance of the reality of the power and the grace of God. The Bible says where the carcasses are, there will the eagles be gathered together.

I will continue to emphasize that this Gospel that we have been given is not just a message like a lecture, the Gospel was supposed to be backed up with power; power to change, restore, transform, lift and make. That when people sit under the influence of the Gospel, certain things should happen to them.

They should not only be saved as far as their eternal destiny is concerned but even while they are on earth, the power to transform, the power to lift people out of their yokes and situations.

We need to know and we need to let the world know that Jesus is still alive. I remember R. W Schambach of blessed memory, he would shout and shout and looked at the people whilst he’s doing his radio program and he would shout and say don’t touch that dial and he would ask them to stay because he was about to pray for them and after praying for them and you will see all kinds of miracles, manifestations of the power of God and you will later hear that hardened criminals or individuals who vowed to not have anything to do with Jesus, in the presence of dramatic, notable continuous signs and wonders, they were broken by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Do you know one thing that is powerful about the miraculous? The miraculous forces you to admit that there is a God and an authority above you. We live in a world where people have all kinds of theological opinions as far as God is concerned.

When someone who is lying down on a stretcher or someone on a crutch just stands up like that, it immediately tells you that there has to be a God in Heaven and if that God is truly alive as demonstrated by that miracle, then it means He has the power to turn lives around. I remember a lady who was pregnant and she was about to give birth but it was like nothing was happening for hours and hours.

According to her, she was in the hospital and they told her to be walking around, up and down, she came back, laid down again but the baby was not coming and they gave her sometime that if it does not happen, they may have to perform a Caesarean section (CS) and she was sick and tired.

She just felt fed up and then she sent a text to me and I replied her and called her, what is this? She was so happy, she said, “I’ve been here for a long time”. I said, that baby without delay, come out now. God is my witness, I stand before the God of Heaven, I don’t think it was up to five minutes and she just gave birth like that.

Let me tell you this, the miracle is not just for her, it is for everyone who was mocking God within that ward or that hospital. If you are also pregnant too and you watched somebody make a call, two of you are suffering and crying and hoping that this thing will work fast and someone called, it doesn’t matter who was at the other side of the phone and she gives birth immediately, what would you do?

Are you seeing that evangelism is easy when there are results. Evangelism is easy in the presence of notable results. Please believers hear me, we are called into a life that demonstrates the reality of the power and the glory and the grace of God.

Most of you are here now seated, some of you have locked up your business, some of you have left many basic things you should be doing; it will be unfair to just sit down and waste your time and share the grace. No Sir! That by the time you are done here, as you are going home, it is testimonies that will be distracting you!

You want to rest and another one comes.
It is good to be a good preacher, a communicator of truth but it is best to be a good and powerful preacher; one who has both the message and the backing.

Believe me, I have with all humility, God has granted me the privilege of working in this reality of the miraculous and you will think that after many years of seeing these things, I will be tired and I will get used to it.

Every single manifestation of God’s power comes anew and afresh again. Do you know why? Because looking at the lives of people who had received these things and you look at the economic advantage that that miracle has brought to them.

You look at the relational advantage it has brought to them. So you are here seated and business is not working, you are in debt and everything is scattered and then brothers and sisters, just like that, something from Heaven through a man just dropped on your life and God says, “I’ve sorted you” and you go back and doors begin to open for you.

In case you don’t believe it, you are welcome. That’s exactly why you should be here. Where else should an unbeliever be? – In an arena where he can believe.
There are conditions for us to receive:
Acts 6:8.
It will always take faith and the anointing; faith in Jesus Christ, faith in the vessel that He will use and then the power of the Holy Spirit upon the vessel that will be used by God.

This is what produces miracles. It is possible for a man to have faith and power but not be full of it. There are certain vehicles where if the gas or the fuel is on reserved, certain features in the car will stop functioning to help conserve fuel. That’s how it can be in your life.

That by the time you are not full of faith and power to be able to conserve you and manage you, some dimensions will have to be shut down but when you are full of power, you go to the gas station and fire that gas into that car and you’ll now see the potential of that car, everything functioning at maximum strength.

This is one of the reasons why impartation is powerful and the Word of God is powerful; you can be full of faith and you can be full of power.
Don’t say I have faith; don’t say I have power. There are different measures of it. In Acts 2, they were filled with the Holy Ghost. In Acts 4, they were filled with the Holy Ghost again. In Ezekiel 47, there were four levels of an encounter with that river. So you might be here as a man of God, a preacher or the head of a prayer group somewhere and you’ve seen a measure of faith and power, it is time to upgrade so that certain possibilities that were not happening in your life can begin to happen.

The assignment of faith is to connect you to the power of God, the assignment of the power of God is to insist that the Word of God that has been declared, that it comes to pass.

Faith in itself does not give you power, faith is a connector, your convictions and the assignment of faith is to commit God. Once God is committed, His power flows through that funnel of your faith to your situation. It is the divine power of God that does the work of correcting, restoring and creating. Are you learning?

Galatians 3:5
If I am to minister, there is something I am bringing as a man of God; I am bringing my faith in Jesus Christ and I am bringing the power of the Holy Spirit invested in me – that is contribution to that miracle. Your own contribution, you don’t need power; your own contribution is your faith in Jesus and your faith in the vessel. This is how the miraculous works.

So if you are in need of a miracle; the man of God or the vessel that will be used by God, what is his contribution in that equation of the miraculous?

His contribution is his faith in Jesus that connects him to the power of God. His second contribution is that investment of spiritual power given to him either by the election of grace or through his personal pressing; the things of God or both.

On you own part, the recipient of that miracle, what is your contribution? Number one, to believe in Jesus Christ and then number two, to believe the vessel that He’s going to be using. It is important that you believe in Jesus and the vessel. When there is that combination, there is nothing that will stop that miracle.

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