– Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘COMMANDING SALVATION OVER TERRITORIES’ (PART 2B).


There are two basic principles that govern prophetic intercession:
1). You must discern and understand the controlling powers over regions and over territories (Daniel 10:13-14). There are many people who pray and pray amiss. Prophetic intercession is not just prayer request, these are deeper levels of prayer that work with high level spiritual intelligence.

The Bible does not leave the believers in the dark as to the fact that satan has an organized demonic structure. This is not teaching or glorifying satan but it is the truth from the scripture.

It was Paul from his epistle that opened us up to that spiritual stratification of demonic activities to the end that we be enlightened. Satan has devices and many believers are ignorant and satan rise on upon our ignorance to cause us catastrophe.

  • God is bringing us light in the name of Jesus Christ!

How do you know the controlling powers over territories? You study the controlling powers over territories by looking at the prevailing patterns that are within that territory. There are territories where you don’t find old people there; you get to a certain age range, there is a spirit that caught you off. There are territories where you don’t find children, you find very old people but they renew their lives with children. There are cities you enter and you can remember everything from when you were a child, but nothing changed.

You are not an intercessor if you don’t understand the burden of the territory. You come to the root and the controlling power of the problem. Many years ago, you’ve heard it in my teachings, I went to preach in Northern Nigeria, it was a crusade and somethings were happening to the women.

I am not a medical doctor but everytime they gave birth, they became deaf and dumb immediately. What is the relationship between giving birth and becoming deaf and dumb? Once you see a prevailing pattern, it is not sickness; it is a spirit.

  • In the name of Jesus, any pattern that will not allow your family represent the purposes of God; I call upon the God of my covenant, this night, it leaves your life forever!

There are controlling powers over territories, regions and families. Don’t you think the devil will just fold his arms and watch you and your children just go like that; there is a Pharaoh that will fight your exodus. It takes spiritual intelligence to define your possibilities.

God is raising many of you right now because there are age long, centuries old problems in your area and your grandfathers tried to do the best that they could not; here me, let me tell you this, I made up my mind and I made a covenant with God, that everything I’ve suffered in my life, it ends with me. My children will never; whether spiritual or physical, they will never; this is the character of an intercessor.


In one minute I’ll like you to pray; send prayer investment into your future.

I want you right now as you are seated, in one minute, study the pattern you have seen in your family, the region you come from; there are regions that have the spirit of anger, disunity, irresponsibility etc
Lift up your voice in prayers and begin to pray over any negative pattern prevalent in your region.

It was from Zaria that the Lord sent me here. There is a spirit over that region, you start a work, it does not last more than three years. Something must happen that brings you down. You may still be there but you will never maintain the texture of your glory. There are regions like that; “… I sought for a man who will stand in the gap.” Woe betides a family or a business with no intercessor. Don’t you think because it’s a business, you don’t intercede.

I’ve shared with you my vision that I was praying some years ago when the ceiling in my room just disappeared and I’m seeing this spirit looking at me, looking like leviathan, like a dinosaur with a tail that had its own life. The eyes were as big as human eyes and he said, so you think you can bring God’s people into abundance? And I saw that spirit. There are horns that stop the voices of men from rising to the nations. There are many anointed, gifted people in this nation and many families but there are spirits siting on their glory.

The primary explanation to territorial backwardness is not the blindness of the people. Human beings are God’s creation; only God will open your eyes to see the territories assigned the over Nigeria and Ministries. You are not praying this night for yourself. Do you know that in the peace of a territory is your peace, in the peace of your family is your peace.

  • God is birthing spiritual midwives tonight who will hold on the four horns of altar and cry untill something breaks open!

Influence does not just happen because you have what to say, it is victory over controlling powers.
Revelation 18:1-13
The assignment of controlling powers is that, they ensure transgenerational allegiance to satan. They control everything, the system and the structure to make sure that you cannot rise by righteousness. You negotiate with them, they give you access. Why does the devil assigned these spirits in territories?

To make sure no territory is ever saved as a territory. If he tries your individual salvation and it does not work, he can give up but he’s waiting for you at a territorial level. Satan is obsessed with transgenerational allegiance; your forefathers worshipped him through mediums and someone arises and say, no more. Here comes a generation that says we will not bow to Babylon and yet we will prosper and advance.

When God raised missionaries from Africa and when He brought missionaries from Europe and from America, they taught us the evangelical dimension of the Gospel but they did not teach us that there are retaliations for refusing the allegiance of satan. So number one for starters, malaria killed them. We know now that it is not malaria. You don’t step into a shrine and just break it and all you know is just the Gospel of salvation. It takes the Gospel of the Kingdom to walk in dominion. So many of our fathers and mothers and loveds ones innocently said, look, we pledge our allegiance to Jesus, we will no longer worship idols but they did not know that your fortification is based on spiritual intelligence and these spirits came with harsh retaliations.

2). Faith and Persistence. You cannot become an effective intercessor if you do not engage with faith and you do not sustain persistence. It takes an appreciable time period to break through the spiritual limitations that hold unto the minds of families, regions and territories and advocate a release for them.

Hebrews 6:15
Some of you today, the dimension of grace God has brought you was a 25 years prayer of your mother, 30 years prayer of your grandmother. Don’t you think intercession just happens in two days. You’ve cried for two weeks and you say, “Lord, I’m tired, I’ve given up”. Go and read your Bible and find out how many years Anna the prophetess interceded for Jesus; from the time she became widowed, she started interceding over a period of 60 years, she interceded for the arrival of Jesus. Go and read Church history, read about the move of God and you will learn that there were people, missionaries who did not really have spiritual powers but they held unto the horns of the altar and prayed and prayed, suddenly the Heavens opened. Go and read the history of the church in Nigeria. You see, many believers, we are not students of history, that’s why the secret to the future is in yesterday; go back and study yesterday. Study the generals and those who serve the purposes of God; men like Archbishop Benson Idahaosa, Papa Babalola; you go and read about them. You may not know but they were prophetic intercessors who prophesied their arrival and prayed. They were not educated and wealthy but they understood the act of prophetic intercession. Our generation is not praying for anything, we are just praying for cars and houses.

An Intercessor is obsessed with seeing Prophecy birthed. When Anna the prophetess held Jesus, she said behold, I have seen the consolation of Israel. Do you know how powerful it is when an intercessor sees Prophecy birthed in your lifetime?

There are many of you here who are parents, don’t weep over your personal failure; begin to invest over your grandchildren; “Lord, grant that in my lifetime, I see a prophet that comes from my loins, one who the government will be on his shoulder.” These are the kinds of destiny prayers, we need to obtain grace to stop praying this tea and bread. You need to go to the horns of the altar and start praying national and territorial prayers. John Knox went on his knees and said, Lord grant me this Scotland or I die. Unfortunately, most of these regions do not appreciate the sacrifices; You see if you don’t teach children history, they will abuse privileges. Blessing people without teaching them history is what leads to compromises.

Galatians 6:9
Don’t be weary, you’ve been praying for the salvation of your loved ones for the past five years, could it be that you are just two weeks left? Don’t give up. Someone prayed for you to be saved, I hope you are praying for someone else?

Let me round up by teaching you the blessing of an intercessor:
1). Intercession is a seed. According to the law of seedtime and harvest, every time you engage in the ministry of intercession, it is a seed you are sowing and based on the integrity of that law, there is a harvest that is coming for you.

Job 42:10
God can turn your captivity as you pray for others, mentioning them by name. Rather than gossiping around with people’s issues; pray.
James 5:13
More than 80-85 per cent of my prayer is not for myself and it is not because I am a man of God and I have a spiritual responsibility; I want to know what is wrong especially for a family that may not have the spiritual intelligence to handle it. My real anointing works when there is trouble. Give me the prayer requests. It doesn’t mean you should go and sleep too. Let me give you a caution; “pray for me, pray for me” has also produced a lazy people in the Body of Christ. There are certain victories that it is you and God that will flog it out.

2). Access to the secrets of God over territories and over people (Genesis 18:17-18).
There are many people today who pray for the spirit of revelation; “Lord, grant me access to illumination.” Many times when people come and tell me, “Apostle what is the secret to the prophetic? I tell them it is love, not power. Can God open you up to the details of a family especially when it is negative; can God trust you with the secrets of men and you pray for them? God loves everybody but He does not trust everybody. You must pray that God will make you a trustworthy person. That’s why those who have the keys of the Kingdom are called custodians; a caretaker, stewards of the mysteries. The secret of the Lord is with them that feared him and he will show them His covenant.

When I started with God, there were times, aside from my encounter with Jesus, this is a true story; I don’t talk too much about my experiences because I want people to build their faith on the integrity of scripture because sometimes younger minister just imitate and copy everything without knowing which one is a doctrine or a personalized dealing.

But I remember when I would have encounters, like the Shekinah glory of God, literally like a mist will come and fill my room and I would lie down and my Bible will physically open to pages that I do not open with my own hands. Till today, that experience still happens to me. I can close my Bible and sleep, there is no fan anywhere and yet I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, I know that the Holy Spirit wants me to study there. This is how some of these messages come. But can God trust you?

3) Authority and power over the assigned territory. There is a mystery called “the decree of the watchers”. Not just the decree of men, it is the decree of the watchers (Daniel 4:16-17).

You know a true intercessor by the territorial power and authority they command. Intercessors are men of power in the spirit. Don’t mind the weakness physically, they are powerful; they can literally shift the spiritual climate of their assigned territories.

One intercessor who steps into a territory with understanding; when I went to preach for Archbishop Duncan Williams, I had an opportunity to go to their prayer mountain where they are building as a platform to intercede for the Nations and when I got there, I had the opportunity to teach and pray with his major personal intercessors, my goodness! You think you can pray, you meet those guys. Those guys are intercessor! Nigeria is not as bad as it is, it is a reflection of the absence of strategic intercessors.

There are things God will never tell you in the open, you will have to become an intercessor. Koinonia hear me, don’t think my preaching is the end of the ministry. What you see me do on the pulpit is only 30 per cent of my minister to you. My real assignment to you aside from teaching you the Word of God is to pray. While you are sleeping, know that there is somebody awake for your sake, praying and crying unto God. Don’t think I am a politician doing some manifestos here. I pray for you.

1). Intercede for the Church in Abuja and in Nigeria that the purposes of God will be established and the counsel of darkness will be far from our habitation.

2). Pray for every family represented here; Every onslaught of darkness against every family to bring shame and reproach, we come by the decrees of the watchers that it must be overturned.

3). Pray for the salvation of Nigeria, our nation. Lord bring salvation to this Nation.


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