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📜TEXT:PSALM 72:1-20📜

🔑📖 KEY VERSE: _Give the king thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the king’s son. He shall judge thy people with righteousness, and thy poor with judgment”_

_(PSALM 72:1, 2).

The qualities that make a good leader are much talked about but less practiced by many in positions of authority.

The leader, we are often told, must act wisely at all times, deal humbly and with integrity and serve the interests of those under his influence.

Regrettably, these qualities are missing from the actions of many that occupy leadership positions in the society. To some of them, leadership is about showing strength, exploiting the aspirations of the led and promoting their own self-interests.

From the text, the psalmist prayed that the Lord would grant the king and his son the grace to lead the people aright.

This, he said, was the only way to ensure the reign of peace and tranquility. David was actually looking beyond his reign and that of his son to the divine rule of the ultimate Leader, our Lord Jesus Christ.

He anticipated the endless reign of Christ who alone can enthrone perfect peace. His reign shall cover the whole earth; all men shall bow and serve before Him. He will care for the less privileged and save them from evil. He will reign forever and ever and His name shall be blessed in all nations.

Leaders are found at all levels of human endeavours, whether in the family, society or government. And those who lead must follow the example of Jesus Christ.

They must live righteously and uphold justice at all times. Like Jesus, such leaders must care specially for the poor and needy.

The question is, how much of the plight, interests and aspirations of the weak do we defend and promote at our various levels of leadership? We must remember that we will account for whatever we do with our leadership privileges.

✍🏽“`THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:“` _To follow Christ, you must walk in His steps.



Leadership tips: A case of the coming reign of Christ.

1. The leaders’ mandate
a. Justice and righteousness should characterise their administration, v2.
b. Their attitude towards the poor, orphans, needy children, widows and the disadvantaged people in the society should be the standard of measuring their effectiveness and success, vv4,12,13.
c. The security and protection of the weak and vulnerable should be their priority, vv13, 14.
d. They shall attach utmost value to human lives and do all to protect all from violence and blood letting, v14.
e. Economic properity policies will be pursed for all classes of people, v7.

2. Our Lord’s millennial

The prophetic insight into how the 1000 years reign of Christ will look like.
a. Righteousness and justice will be uncompromisable, v2.
b. There will be full peace and security of lives, v3.
c. The poor and the needy will be given special attention and supplies, vv4,12.
d. Prosperity to all and end to all poverties, v6.
e. Righteousness and peace will reign everywhere, v7.
f. There will be global pure worship of the Messiah, vv10,11,18,19.
g. His reign will be eternally blessed with all curses removed, v17.

3. The led mediatory prayers
a. The people who want to enjoy the benefits of good leadership must be ready to stand in the gap and pray for leaders continuously, vv1,19.

b. The saints can have a taste of the millennial reign of Christ on earth if holy worship, obedience to the Lord and constant prayers are offered for our leaders at different levels.

Prayer points

Pray for wisdom and knowledge that will make you a leader like Christ 🙏
Ask for the attitude that intercede for leadership rather than criticising them🙏
Pray for abundance grace and strength for your church leaders🙏

Pray for political leaders that they will have fear of God, be subject to divine guidance and that Jesus will reign in our nation🙏

HYMN: Jesus shall reign.

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