Five years ago, I received a call very early in the morning (4.47am); the voice at the other end wanted me to pray with a family she sensed was under severe attack of the devil.
5 siblings, highly educated, great family background, highly connected but no job, every business they invested into collapsed. None of them is married.
They are living in their father’s house, living off him.
I asked the person if they are born again, he said yes, I was furious in my spirit while the devil still had his way in the family.
I required them to come over to the church.
As the call ended, I heard the Lord, He said don’t waste your time, they don’t want to be free.
I probed further He told me that all I needed to do was to lay hand on them but they will not agree. I was grieved in my spirit.
On the said date, they came with their mother and the person that brought them.
As they stepped into the church, the Lord opened my eyes, I saw rusted crown on their head and they were all on tethered clothes.
After the initial explanation, I asked if they fasted as I told them, they said No, that they have ulcers, that doctor said they must eat before 7.00am everyday if they don’t want to have problem.
I was not surprised though, the Lord had told me earlier, I then told them the Lord said I should lay hand on them and pray, to my surprise, they refused.
The last child told me that their Bishop said no one should lay hand upon them except him.
I said can I talk to the Bishop, I will follow you to him, he will lay hand on you as the Lord directs and you will be set free. Again, one of them told me, the Bishop is not in town and even if he is, we will have to book appointment to see him.
At that point, I was sad, extremely sad.
Let God be true and everyman a liar, I felt like crying but I held back the tears. I pray for them and let them off but I couldn’t take it in.
These are God’s children under the bondage of the devil.
From that day, I began to intercede for them, with fasting. I didn’t hear from them nor did they pick my calls.
So I asked God what else I should do, He said nothing.
After we started our ministry last year, one of my fathers in the ministry invited me to pray with a family, he said the Lord said he should call me to lay hand on each and everyone of them.
To my surprise, it’s the same family. The pastor have gathered the whole church prayer team to fast and pray for 9days, taught them the word of God but they refused to fast nor joined in the midnight prayers.
On the 8th day, the Lord told the Pastor, call your son to lay hand on them. He heard my name in his ears.
On seeing me, they said we know this brother, he is a pastor in one small church in Ibeshe, ikorodu. At that point, I got the message the Lord have been trying to pass to me.
I didn’t get it, I didn’t know that pride is the reason the devil have held them captives. I was moved to tears, father, I am sorry for not being calm enough to know.
I wanted solution to their problem but not patient in the spirit to bind the spirit, called pride.
What am I pushing at?, be patient whenever you’re ministering to people, don’t allow whatsoever problem people brought to you to stop you from probing in depth on issues.
When they said no one will lay hand on them, I looked into the eldest son eyes, I said I cast out that demon called pride, he fell and there was demonic manifestations.
God is indeed great, it turned out to be a great testimony.
What is holding you back from receiving from God?
Are you one of those that looked down on people because you think they are poor?
The call of God is beyond a man social status!
Stop looking down on poor pastor.
Those you called your father in the Lord were once nobody in the ministry!
Some people gave them the chance to minister to them while they were nobody before they became somebody.
ArchBishop, stop sharing wrong testimony on how only big anointing like yours can set people free.
God decides how He does His things, He can use that man that no one knows.
Let this noise stop now, Jesus is the miracle worker.
A.T Joel

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