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  • Bishop Dag Heward-Mills at First Love Centre Headquarters Accra Ghana, Sunday Service.
    I am going to be sharing with you on the Burden of Love, this is last part of the series and you can call this – TRY LOVE.

1 Corinthians 13:4
“Love is thoughtful” – Jesus Himself displayed the thoughtfulness of Love on the cross when He said “Father Forgive them for they know not what they are doing”. It’s only if you are thoughtful that you appreciate how someone got himself in wickedness.

Love makes you understand that this people don’t know what they are doing. If they know, they won’t do what they are doing.
I heard there are some couples who argue about who loves who more. If you are that kind of couple, you have to argue about this details, argue about who has more patience, kindness and that is where those quarrels would end since you are fighting over who has the crown of love in your house.
“Love is not jealous” – remember that Jealousy is the grave of love. Once you start been jealous, you destroy the foundation of the love. You can’t love someone you accuse or suspect because the person represents something evil happening to you.

Been suspicious, afraid, checking phones, tracking people and whatever is the direct opposite of trust. Some people that is how they know how to love. They love by tracking, suspicion, putting their lover under surveillance, so if you marry such a person welcome to the prison house.

“Love does not brag neither is it boastful”- as soon as pride and arrogance come in, ugliness has come. A prideful person becomes ugly. Satan was called shiny until sin was found in him. The sin that was found in him was pride. Instead of been called beautiful, he is called the accuser, the enemy, the attacker. Beauty is gone, Satan is now in the dark world. When you see pictures of demons coming out of the abyss, it’s always very ugly and frightening.

Is there anyone here who wants to become ugly? You might be the most beautiful queen but pride will remove every inch of attraction from you. I tell you desire is something you don’t have to joke with. That is why you see a person who is so beautiful settle with some one you think is ugly and you say why will he be with such a person.

The person with humility is nicer than you with your beauty and pride. Humility is far nicer than your Coca-Cola shape and your whatever put together. Today you must take away from your self pride.

Two men went to the temple to pray and one was bragging “Lord, thank you that I am not like that man over there, I have never committed adultery, I have never been unjust like him and I am not an extortioner”. The one who stood there bowing his head and saying “Lord I am nothing, have mercy on me”. Jesus said “I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted” (Luke 18:14). Jesus said the first man was proud.

When you look down on people and say “thank God I don’t smoke, thank God I am not like him, I have never drank alcohol in my life”. It’s surprising that you that have not done all these things, God still doesn’t like you, but rather the man who was beating his chest and bowing his head and couldn’t mention what he has not done.


That story shows that you manifest pride by your thoughts. Watch out, love does not boast like that guy in his head. Privately you are thinking, thank God I have never smoked before.

“Love does not act unbecomingly and love does not seek it’s own way” – it takes the love of God for us to seek salvation and help for others who are not here because we are okay as long as we saved ourselves. It takes the love of God to seek things that are not yours.
“Love does not take to account wrongs suffered” – as you go on in this world, you are going to have a long list of wrongs done to you. As you live life, the list goes longer and longer.

Acts 19:14-15
[14]And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so.
[15]And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?
As you stay with God, you start to gain the attention of devils. As you serve God, you start to gain attention of evils spirits. The Sceva guys were exorcists but they were not on the radar of the demons at all.

The reason I am saying that is; by the time your life is over, you are going to have many hurts and wrongs done to you. It is because once you are a worker, you start to gain notoriety and attention comes on you from demons.

As you go on you have to overcome all the wrongs that have happened to you. Anytime wrong is done to you, you have to develop some form of wisdom to face the wrong done to you. Otherwise the wrongs will change you into a caricature of what you were originally. Some of you see your mother and she looks very bitter and hardened, the reason is experiences. She was also sweet like you but through experience, you just get changed in your soul.

Even when you meet a person who wants to give you a real and genuine relationship, you are already armed with shields and weapons of bitterness.
“love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, love rejoices with the truth” – if you live comfortably in sin, then you don’t have love. one of the things you must pray for as a Christian is the spirit of truth, some of us even as religious beings lack truth. Pray that you work in truth all the time, truth will guide you and make you do what is right.

One day in prayer, I told God I feel so sorry for Him. People don’t love God at all, you think you can be a traitor to a human being, God has many traitors, liars, deceivers.
“love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” – when you see people celebrate fifty years of being married, forty years of marriage, it means that they have been believing for a long time that certain things will happen. It means they have been hoping and are still hoping. One day I met a lady who doesn’t like cooking, I think she was in her twenties then. She doesn’t like cooking, won’t cook, can’t cook and shall not cook.

It’s been twenty five years and there is no iota of change in her, so who ever is married to her would keep hoping that maybe in her 70’s she would learn to cook.


One day I gave her husband advice to buy bananas because they are very nutritious, in situations of hunger you eat it. Another brother like that, I got him a chef’s course so he can learn to do the cooking himself. Since you love the person you have to bear it. Love bears all things, love hopes all things and that is the burden of love.

“Love doesn’t fail” – love doesn’t fail when other things fail. Try love for things that are not working. Love is a failure proof method of attaining your goals. Love doesn’t fail where tongues fail.
1 Corinthians 13:8 – “Love never fails; but if there are gifts of prophecy, they will be done away; if there are tongues, they will cease; if there is knowledge, it will be done away”
Mathew 26:14-50
Jesus gave a prophecy that one of them would betray him but it failed to change Judas. The Bible says prophecies can fail but love doesn’t fail. Don’t be surprised if you teach people about loyalty and they do otherwise, knowledge can fail. The preaching has not worked on many of us. What we have not accomplished with preaching, prophecy and miracles, try love.

Until you learn to love, nothing will work. When you go to the mission field, you may preach a lot, pray a lot but until you have love for the people nothing will work the way it is supposed to work.

John 21:3-7
The love of Jesus for His disciples made Him go to seek them after they abandoned the ministry to go fishing just five days after he was crucified, Try love.

Try working in love in your life. Maybe your aim is marriage and you know everything and can even counsel other people about marriage but do you have love?

Maybe your business is not working, try loving the people. I choose people to work with me by love, when I see that someone loves me, that person becomes a good person to work with.

I choose people by love not by what they learnt in school. Things work because people love. Never step into full time ministry if you don’t love God that much because your love for other things would surface with time and make you unsatisfied.

Don’t let financial problems call you into the priesthood. That would be a fatal mistake. Love is what makes things work.
Jesus forgave all the disciples that forsook him on the cross, he came to meet them as if he didn’t feel what they have done. You would remember those who show you love. Jesus looked around on the cross and none of them was there except John and that was why he gave his mother to him.

. John calls himself the one who he loved, not the one who knew a lot or the one who gave prophecies. That is why many leadership systems are not working, because it is not out of love. There are many people that are committed because they feel loved.

All of the disciples who forsook Jesus on the cross, died and sacrificed their lives for this same Jesus. Tongues failed, prophecies failed, knowledge failed but his love for them is what kept them going.
John 21:15-19
Jesus still asked Peter who misled the others to go fishing and denied him “Do you love me?”. He still gave him a chance and didn’t give up on him.

Brothers and Sisters, what is your aim for your accomplishments?

When I write books, I am not writing it to gain anything, I am writing it from love for the people. Try love and you will find yourself succeeding much more.

Do something you love, marry someone out of love not because the person has a British passport.

The things you do for God, are you doing them out of love? If you are then no one should force you to pray, no one should force you to preach to a soul. You have such a feeling for this people and you don’t want them to die and be lost forever. Try doing something out of love and you will see that has been failing will start working because love never fails.

What revealed to me that I had to come fulltime was that I always wanted to leave the work place. I was always counting how many days left for leave. That was because I wasn’t doing something I love. When I am working for the Lord I only feel tired for the people that are with me.

Love didn’t fail Jesus, he came to make his disciples mighty apostles and it wasn’t working until love. Love won each and every one of their hearts. It was only Judas who was lost.
Try love, don’t marry someone because of their skin colour. If you have been proposing to people and it is always bouncing, try love.

When a woman sees that you love her genuinely she would not bounce you. Love never fails. I knew my beloved loved me long before I asked her to marry me. I want you to apply love to something that is failing in your love, Try love. People who do business because they love the people they serve are always different. Try love.

  • May God give you the grace to apply love to whatever he has called you to do.
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