-Bishop David Oyedepo, 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
Covenant Day of Breaking Invisible Barriers

Success is sweet and highly tasteful. Failure is a burden and Jesus came to take away our burdens. Failure is a burden!
Just be indebted and you will know the weight: when you see your creditor, your heart cuts.

When you see a car that looks like his own coming towards your house, your temperature rises.
-But in the name of Jesus, in this year of More Than A Conqueror, nothing of that nature, nothing of such burden shall be seen on your life anymore.

Arise, shine, when your light comes, as He turns every reproach to glory
Isaiah 60:1
When your light comes, it turns you to the envy of the world that is used to seeing you as a burden; turns you to envy in the place of pity when your light comes.
John 1:4-5
Please take special note of the teachings of this month and free yourself from a world of uncertainties: not knowing what will happen next and you will be glad you did. The answer is in the Book (Bible). All we need is to engage the dictates of this Book (Bible), to command breakthroughs and remain in command.

Not that you will see it once, you can’t see it again. To command breakthroughs and remain in command as you keep engaging the dictates of this Book (Bible).
There are many stories of yesteryears success that cannot be traced anymore, but whatever is accomplished by the Truth endures for life – Ecclesiastes 3:14
-Your days of struggles are finally over. The end of your days of struggles are finally here.


We will be looking at:
(Kingdom stewardship): One of the God ordained platforms to get you and I in command of breakthroughs for life!
Psalm 112:1-3
You may be wondering, ‘what is serving God there?’ Whosoever you yield yourself to obey, his servants ye are whom ye obey – Romans 6:16
The man that greatly delights himself is a joyful servant of God by jumping at His commandment.
So that Word is saying, “blessed is the man that serves the Lord in truth and in deed. And proves it by obeying His commandment” -Psalm 112:1-4
He is just in charge for all seasons. All weather breakthrough through joyful, cheerful, hilarious stewardship.
This man delights himself in serving God and proves it by obeying His commandments
And guess what happens? Whosoever has My commandments and keeps it, he is the one that loves Me… – John 14:21, 1 Corinthians 2:9
Don’t use God, love God.

Stop using God. Love God.
Stop using God: “God, come and help me” and you see one small help, you run away. Love God.
You will lose it: you run away, you will lose it. You disconnect from the pipe, that supplies your means, it is gone. It is a matter of time. You cut down a tree, it still looks green, but in reality, it is gone.
Stop using God: you won’t go far. Love Him. Just love Him for who He is, to you in person. Just love Him. He turns you to a wonder to your world.

Serving God is a vital secret of success. All great success stories in scriptures are from those great servants of God. Great, addicted servants of God. All great success stories of scriptures, all of them:
Abraham: My servant – Psalm 105:42
“Have you considered my servant Job, there is none like him on the earth”: so he became the greatest of all men in the business world – Job 1:8,3
Moses, the servant of God – Deuteronomy 34:5
“Daniel, is thy God whom thou servest continually able to deliver thee?” – Daniel 6:20

A notable, unrepentant servant of God
David: “I have found David my servant, with my holy oil have I anointed him” – Psalm 89:20-24
“My servant”
Peter: the servant and Apostle of Jesus Christ – 2 Peter 1:1
He was the one who said, “we have left all” – Matthew 19:27
Judas didn’t said that, Thomas never said it. Sir, they all disappeared after Jesus left, one by one, into the thin air
Peter is still speaking. Where is Thomas? You can’t find him.

Enduring success, lasting success: they are the heritage of genuine servants of God.
Abraham was not a preacher. Business emperor. Job was a business mogul.
So you don’t have to be a Pastor to serve God. I have been serving Jesus consciously, heartily since I was 19. I didn’t become a servant of God because I am now a Pastor.
You get to a town, you say, “this place, Jesus must be mentioned here.” Whose interest were you serving? Whose interest are you serving?
You are a servant of one that you serve his interest genuinely from your heart.
It is not a title you carry: Archbishop, what is the meaning?
There is no reward for Archbishopric.
-God will daze you.
Don’t make this a spare tyre
Seek you first, serve you first the interest of the Kingdom and all these things shall be added to you – Matthew 6:33
God doesn’t need you and me for nothing, we need Him for everything. You better agree. God doesn’t need you for nothing, you need Him for everything. He doesn’t need me for anything, I need Him for everything.
There is no point pulling your shoulder, “Yea, you know. I am a Winner.” And so what?
“Obey God”, I am saying.
-Where God is taking you, you are not near the place, but you will get there.
Those using God never last with Him, it is those serving God that do.
All those great names.
Romans 1:1 – Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ
Acts 19:15 – Jesus I know and Paul I know, who are you?
Titus 1:1 – Paul, a servant of Christ
These are all clear definitions of the success virtues embedded in serving God.

Let’s look at two specific outcomes of serving God and the interest of His Kingdom.
1. Serving God is a platform for supernatural breakthroughs.
Luke 5:3
Jesus said to Peter, “push your boat a little.” In his frustrated state, Peter responded with delight and after Jesus was done with preaching, no matter how long it took – Luke 5:4,6
“Cast your net into the deep” and when they had this done, he saw the biggest miracle of his life: boat sinking, net breaking order of breakthrough.
Luke 5:5-8
Supernatural breakthrough is one of the virtues embedded in serving God.

Exodus 4:22-23
God saw that they turned their hearts to Him. Did He bring them out or not?
You enter into a covenant to serve God, you have become a breakthrough candidate. There is no ‘go come’. Enter into a covenant to serve God and you have become a celebrated breakthrough candidate. Until you are ready, it is not your turn. Until you are ready to enter into a covenant to serve God in truth and in deed, it is not your turn. God is no respecter of persons.
When any believer enters into a covenant to serve God and the interest of His Kingdom, in truth and in deed, he has become a celebrated breakthrough candidate.
“Here is a pound each for each of you”: that householder that gave it to them and he said, “occupy till I come” – Luke 19:13
“I made ten more”. Now have authority over 10 cities – Luke 19:13, 17
From one pound. Supernatural breakthrough: 1 pound, 10 cities.
“You made 5 more”: okay, 5 cities – Luke 19:19
You now His Royal Highness over 5 cities in your field.
Luke 19:13, 17-19
He called his servants and when He returned, He just endowed them with supernatural order of breakthroughs.
Well, one reacted negatively.
7 absconded: That is human nature, the human factor is there.
If I cry till now till Jesus returns, some will never pray one line of Kingdom Advancement prayers.

Somebody say, “one line”. They are among the 7 who absconded
If I set my fire, they won’t talk to 1 soul. “That burn yourself, what concerns me?” 1 soul. They are among the 7 that absconded.
Some are very angry with me. He is the one that reacted negatively.
“Carry your 1 pound my friend. What is the matter?”
That is the human classification. Anywhere in the world.
There is this Philosopher who said, “only 5 per cent of people make things happen.”
How many?
25 per cent are entertained by the happenings. They watch the happenings.
70 per cent don’t even know anything is happening. They are just on their own. They don’t know nothing is happening.
-May you be among the 5 per cent.
That is the story of that Luke chapter 19 verses 13 to 20
I know how many of us were in the Power House and I know how many are near this Commission today. Maybe 5, if I am right.


That is a lot Sir.
It is a race. Life is a race, it is a marathon race. So dropping off on the road is so easy. That is why Red Cross vehicle follow them. As you faint, they just remove you, they start putting water on you; opening your water for oxygen.
-You won’t fall off on the way.
He said, there must be first the falling away of many.
-You won’t fall away.
-The good news is God has ordained you a breakthrough candidate on the earth. May you not sell off your birthright for a morsel of meat.

He said, “you are the salt of the earth” – Matthew 5:13
That is a valuable asset that is sought after. Salt is of high-level value to human existence and you are the salt of the earth. You are not a burden to the world, but a blessing to the world. You are the light of the world – Matthew 5:14
A pace setter, a pathfinder and a trail blazer. You are redeemed a breakthrough candidate on the earth. Don’t sell off to junks in town!
Jeremiah 30:19
I multiply them and they shall not be few. I will glorify them, they shall not be small.
How? Because they engaged their hearts to seek unto Me – Jeremiah 30:21
They are actively in partnership with Me, in the advancement of My Kingdom; so I will turn them from people to nobles; I will turn them from riff-raffs to governors.
It will impact on their children – Jeremiah 30:20
“Because they are actively engaging in partnership with Me towards the advancement of My Kingdom”, that is what He says.

Breakthrough is our heritage in stewardship. Breakthrough is our covenant returns in stewardship. Unbelievable explosions. It is our right in stewardship.
1 pound: 10 cities.
1 pound: 5 cities
He came to find out how much they had made out of the assignment He gave them and He responded to their reports accordingly.

2. Serving God is a platform for experiencing supernatural favour.
Say with me, like we always do here, “nothing flies like favour.”
The man Joseph, in his deepest valley, enjoyed favour as a slave. Nothing flies like favour and he became the custodian of all of Potiphar’s estate. He became an heir of Potiphar’s house, as a slave without address.
Got down to Prison, to another dungeon of misfortune, but favour found him- Genesis 39:21-22
Nothing flies like favour.
Genesis 39:1-5, Psalm 30:7, Psalm 44:1-4
Nothing flies like favour and stewardship is one platform that endows believers with supernatural favour – Psalm 102:13-15
I found some humour in the course of the week: 100 of the most reputable people on earth and they put this short man’s name on it.
“All the ends of the earth” – Psalm 102:15
On earth: not in the North, or South West Zone. On the earth.
I am not living for nothing: God knows, the devil knows, I am living my life for God. Absolutely so, unrepentantly so, ‘always-ly’ so, joyfully so, ‘dance-fully’ so. That is how I live my life. I am telling you the truth.
I had no time for honeymoon after marriage: I am not a dummy. No time, I am not joking, I am not saying this to you because I am your Pastor. Before I knew you…

If God says to this man today, “get out of town, your assignment here is over. Come with Me to Benin Republic”: I am gone. You will be seeing me on the screen.
I don’t need your permission to go, because you didn’t send me here in the first place. I have no stake here Sir.

His stake is my stake. I have no stake here.
-I pray that you will find a place for God in the centre of your heart.
It will just turn you to a wonder. They will be telling you stories that you can never hear on your own, because the time to hear the stories is not there.
-Somebody’s story is changing. If that is your story, let me hear your loudest Amen.
He said, “my son, give Me your heart, leave the rest to Me” – Proverbs 23:26
Just do what I tell you to do, leave the remaining. I will take care of it.
-Your days of struggles are over.
-Your life from henceforth shall be like a dream of the night.
Psalm 126:1
I was here in Nigeria when somebody called me from America, he said, “Sir, have you heard?”
I said, “What are they hearing?”
He said: They said, you are the richest Pastor in the world.
I said, “they are not lying, but I didn’t hear.” Even if they are wrong, that is okay.
Is there anytime in my life that I will start checking those news?
What you say against me, I didn’t hear, so you can’t disturb me.
What you say for me, I didn’t hear. It can’t blow my head. I don’t have any problem.
Please let God have His place and the only place He will take is the First Place. God is too big for the second place in your life.
Say, “God is too big.”
When the President comes to your house, which seat will he have? The first place.
You are the head of the family, but not when he came. He has the first place.
How can you try the King of kings the second place?
That is why He won’t stay there. Give Him the first place. He knows your level, He knows my level, He knows where we are coming from, so there is no point pretending.
If you are on a mat and you give Him a stool, He will sit down there. But don’t sit on the stool and put Him on the mat. He won’t sit.
-In the precious name of Jesus, success will no longer be a stranger to you and your household.
-From this moment on, things will be opening up in your favour, as you get committed to serving God and the interest of His Kingdom with delight.
Not testing God, not tempting God. You just love Him and you trust Him for whatever He says.
So you keep doing it with utmost delight. That makes all the difference.


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