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Scriptures : Psalm 119:105. Thy words is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
Romans 10: 17. So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Beloved, I welcome you to another Moment of Daily Encounter! Previously, we established that God is Light, the word of God is Light. Today, we seek to explore the relationship between the word of God and faith.

What connection exists between the word and faith?

1. The word of God is key to faith(1Jn.1:5, Heb.11:3): No man can exercise faith beyond the light of the word of God that he has access to in his life. Men of faith are men of light.

How is the word a key?

The word of God is light;

Psalm 119: 105. Thy words is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

And faith comes by hearing;

Romans 10: 17. So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God*
This implies that the source of faith is light which is also the word of God.

We can therefore conclude that faith comes by hearing the word of God or receiving light from the word of God. If you hear the word and you don’t receive light, there will be no faith.

Light precedes the spark of faith. God began the work of creation by calling for light out of the darkness :

Genesis 1: 3. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

2. The arrival of light is the waking up of dead or sleeping faith! When light appears, faith comes alive because the source of faith is light. Light wakes up any faith that is sleeping or dead because light equals life.

The Bible speaking of Jesus said:
John 1: 4. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

It was upon the arrival of light that God began to call those things that be not as though they were(Rom.4:17).

Beloved, until you encounter the God of all creation, you may never understand the mystery of faith(1Tim.3:9). All things began with God including faith. You may say well I have faith even without God! If God is not the object of your faith, then your faith is baseless. God is the basis for faith, He is the origin of all things including light, the source of faith

3. Light is key to a growing faith! How much faith is at work in your life depends on how much light you have received! If you therefore desire a growing faith, then labour for light! You are where you are right now in your faith because that is how much light you have been able to access, hence you can shift to higher dimensions by connecting with higher light.

Beloved, I don’t know how great your faith is now. But one thing is certain, your faith grows when your light grows. The brighter your light from the word of God, the stronger your faith. Zero light equals zero faith. And little light equals little faith.

4.Light is the fuel of faith. The Bible speaking of the Berea brethren who were more noble than others because, they received the word of God with all readiness and the result is seen in their faith.

Acts 17: 11. These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Nothing fuels faith like revelational light of the scripture. To ignore the light of the word of God is to be bankrupt of faith.

Beloved, I appeal to you that you receive the word of God with all readiness because that is the chief sponsor of light and light is the fuel of fatith.

Remember this : Heaven is real and hell is real! The end point of every mankind is either heaven or hell. Jesus loves you.

Prayer points :
– Father thank you for your word to me today
– Lord give me grace to receive light from your word that will sponsor faith in Jesus name.

Prophetic Declaration :
– I prophesy every dead faith comes alive now by the power of this word in the name of Jesus.
– Your life receive a quantum leap in every segment in the name of Jesus.
It is a new day!

From your brother Alex
God bless you.

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