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The fact still remain that even when many people think or say all that comes out of Nigeria is all termed dubious and fake, due to the fact that some set of people as diligently and intentionally drag the name of this country in mud via robbery, fraud, kidnapping, embezzlement and so on, both in the business and political world. Even in the midst of all this, we won’t let you be ignorant of the fact that there are still men and women of good reputation amidst Nigerian entrepreneur that really worth admiring and celebrating, in which their unquenchable attitude towards entrepreneurship in a very successful way as keep them in a very good pace and they have really been making a real good name both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

I tell you this men and women has really proved to us that leaving our dear country Nigeria all in the name of bad economy didn’t worth, they are men and women who stood amidst all odds and still make waves in this country and outside the country.

This write-up is not to just talk about this great men and women, but to bring to the understanding of any young growing entrepreneurs, who is thinking in one way or the other if staying in Nigeria to do a business really worth it or not. This is to bring to your notice that even if travelling abroad to do business is not bad, but leaving our dear country all in the name of all kind of things you can call it do not worth it. If this great men and women can make it out of the nature and condition of the country, I tell you, you can also do very much better in spite of all odds, if your desire for entrepreneur is strong and unquenchable.

We will be running through the names of these great men and women, and what they are doing that as keep them in a valuable plain. These men and women has really proved to us that truly wealth lies in this nation despite all odds or any internal/external affecting conditions, they still stood very well on their feet.

List of Some Nigeria Entrepreneurs

This men and women are among the best and outstanding in their respective industry.

  1. OBINNA EKEZIE – CEO, Wakanow.com (Travel and Tourism)
  2. TONY ELUMELU – Chairman, Heirs Holdings, United Bank for Africa, Transcorp (Banking, Hospitality)
  3. NNAMDI EZEIGBO – CEO, Slots Nigeria (Retail, Computer Gadgets)
  4. JASON NJOKU – CEO, Founder, iRoko Partners (Online Media Distribution, VOD)
  5. SIM SHAGAYA – Founder, CEO, Konga.com (ecommerce, Retails)
  6. LADY KEHINDE KAMSON – Founder, Sweet Sensation Confectionery Limited (Confectionery)
  7. LINDA IKEJI – Founder, LindaIkeji Blog (Internet, Blogging)
  8. IBUKUN AWOSIKA – Chairman, Board of Directors, First Bank of Nigeria Limited. CEO, the Chair Centre Group (Furniture, Banking, Security)
  9. INNOCENT CHUKWUMA – Founder, Innoson Motors Manufacturing (Automobile)
  10. FEMI OTEDOLA – Chairman, Forte Oil and Gas (Oil and Gas)
  11. COSMOS MADUKA – Coscharis Group (Automobile, manufacturing)
  12. JIM OVIA – Zenith Bank, Visafone (Banking, Telecom)
  13. PASCAL DOZIE – MTN Nigeria, Diamond Bank (Banking, Telecom)
  14. TONY EZENNA – Orange Group (Pharmaceutical)
  15. IFEANYI UBAH – Capital Oil (Oil and Gas)
  16. LEO STAN EKEH – Zinox (Computer, Technology)
  17. FOLA ADEOLA – GTBank (Banking)
  18. HAKEEM BELLO OSAGIE – Etisalat Nigeria (Telecom)
  19. VINCENT AMAECHI OBIANODO – Young Shall Grow Motors, Rock View Hotels (Transportation, Hospitality)
  20. ALIKO DANGOTE – Dangote Group, (Manufacturing, Foods, Bureau De Change, Oil and Gas)

Having gather the name of these great people, it now got me thinking about what is it that is so special about this people and what is it they have that has keep them going despite the economy crisis we are having here and there in our country, I now find that there is not so special about them than been a focused Nigerian that desired to make a good name and create wealth in their various industry despite all odds.


  1. They know and believe in their line of business. It is very easy to bring you out of the way, if you don’t know where you are heading to, I tell many are they that this people started with but are no longer in the race, probably because they don’t know and believe in their business, but these ones has stand despite all odds.
  2. They have mission with a clear vision. These guys know what they after they have a stated reason for doing their businesses and they are running with same insight; they are not moved with what is happening around. They focused very much on their vision and many of them are making their way out gradually. The likes of Aliko Dangote, Fola Adeola etc.
  3. They are much focused. Having a vision and mission without being focused is as thou wasting your time, I tell you it may not go the way you planned it, all may be turning against your plans and mission, but they level at which you focus on what you want to achieve will tell how far you can go. Many of these men and women have days when their products are not relevant but still they focused on their intentions and we can see what they have become today.
  4. They are opportunistic. I tell you this is one of the characteristic anyone intending to be a great entrepreneur should possess, because it is of necessity that you are able to take advantage of any opportunity, as we can see in this great men and women, great entrepreneur are those who see opportunity to create business out of every problem not to sit down and complain about every problem.
  5. They are persistent. I said early that things may happen not to go the way you planned it, it may turn the other way round, but the fact that it is looking like that doesn’t mean you won’t make it out what you have chosen, no good thing come all of a sudden. Your ability to stick to that which you have chosen will determine how far you will go. Linda Ikeji as a case study, when she started her blogging I don’t think too many people are aware of using internet then in this part of the world, but she stick to it and today she is making it real big out of what she has chosen.
  6. They are good thinker. As an entrepreneur you can’t underestimate the power of quality thinking, the ability to think big and think wide is one of the characteristics this people possess, who can ever imagine how big Dangote group is now when he started, that is the power of quality thinking.
  7. Flexibility. They are flexible, they are not affected by any condition, they understand their mode of operation and they know how to manage their games, flow along with whatever changes that occur within their environment and get themselves stable with it.
  8. They compete with each other. I tell you no good business comes without competition, you think you are the only doing it, saying it or thinking about it, try to Google search and see many have been doing it and many will still do it. These are the things these guys are aware of and know how to manage their things and come out strong in the midst of all competitors.
  9. They are good networkers. They really understand this aspect of business, they understand ways via which they can interact socially and get connection, and they know the right endorsement to make that will increase their products.
  10. They have quality management team. There is this saying that says “if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to far go with a team” that is it you may go fast and not go far. Understanding the power of a good team has helped this people and will help any entrepreneur who desire to go far. Having a quality and delivering team will help you move faster and farther than you can ever imagine.

Having written all these about this great men and women is not to the end that you just read, but coming to the understanding that it can be you and it can be anyone. Nobody is limited to some certain thing. You can achieve what they achieved even more than that with a prepared and focused heart.

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