List of Bᴇsᴛ Rabbit breed for Mᴇᴀᴛ Purpose


According to research by nutritionists, rabbit meat is good for you. It’s sweet, succulent and flavoursome, and the meat combines both healthy eating and good flavours. What else does one needs?
Rabbit meat is not particular to a tribe or a country but consumed all over the world in soups, stews, barbecue, or as a roast. Rabbits are considered one of the easiest animals to raise, and their overall maintenance tends to be less stressful and economical.
Raising rabbits for food has many benefits. Rabbit is considered a white meat and has minimal fat content. It’s also low in calories and cholesterol-free. Compared to other meats, rabbit has less sodium and contains a higher amount of metabolism, boasting phosphorus and calcium. Eating rabbit aids a varied and balanced diet. A balanced food providing energy and fitness.
An excellent source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements: High in vitamins B3 and B12, phosphorus, potassium and selenium. It contributes to a good balance of vitamins and minerals for daily dietary requirements. A meat with an excellent balance of fatty acids (rabbit is richer in omega 3 than chicken or pork. At the same time lesser in cholesterol than chicken or pork, even beef. That makes it even on a high advantage compared to most meats we consume.
To successfully raise rabbits for their meat on your farm, you need to make sure you choose the correct breed.
Listed below are the best meat rabbits in the world and included important information about each breed’s capability as a meat producer.

New Zealand Rabbits

There are two common breeds of New Zealand Rabbits, viz a viz New Zealand White and New Zealand Red. The most common around us remains the best meat producer; New Zealand White.
The New Zealand White rabbit breed is by far the most common and the most popular best meat rabbit. It’s estimated that 90% of the rabbits raised for meat are New Zealand rabbits. One reason may be that this rabbit breed puts on weight quickly and has an exceptional meat-to-bone ratio. New Zealand rabbits grow rapidly as well. By 8 weeks old, pure breed kits with good genetic combinations have reached close to 2.5 kilograms, with adults maturing to 5 or 6.5 kilograms.

Despite their name, the New Zealand rabbit actually originated in America and dates to the early 1900s. They are an ideal meat rabbit in any rabbit farm.

California Rabbits

As the second most popular meat-producing breed in the world, the California rabbit weighs between 5 to 6 kilograms. While considered a fancy breed raised for their fur, as a meat rabbit, this breed is stocky and fast growing. When harvested, they supply a good production of meat. The California rabbit breed tends to have a gentle disposition, making them easier to raise. They are a crossbreed between Chinchilla rabbits and New Zealand Whites.

American Chinchilla Rabbits

The American Chinchilla rabbit breed is considered a dual-purpose rabbit, as they’re used for both their meat and their fur. With a stocky body and a weight of up to 5.4 kilograms, they are considered one of the best meat rabbit breeds in the world.

The American Chinchilla rabbit is often sought for their high-quality deep loin and broad shoulder, which can be found in a variety of smoked and cooked dishes from many different countries. Due to their popularity, the American Chinchilla is listed as an endangered breed of rabbit.


Kindly note that the above three breeds are the few best selected out of others. Also note that the above information is based on good pure and quality breeds of pedigree genetic combinations and not the over diluted qualities we have around. Hence, before you argue, kindly embark on a personal research first. As a matter of fact some of the breeds list (such as the New Zealand Breed) can surpass the above kilograms.

Hyla Rabbit :

Hyla rabbits are broiler rabbits that were developed by Eurolap company through series of genetic selection, modification and crossing of the California, New Zealand White and some other meat rabbits.

They are known for their fast growth rate, speedy muscular development, large litters and resistance to diseases.

Due to their rapid maturation, they reach table size (2kg) at 3 months of age.
In a bid to produce rabbits that are fast-growing, have speedy muscular development.

Higher meat to bone ratio, big feed conversion ratio, large litters and high resistance to diseases.

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