Lists Of Handworks You Can Learn In The Space Of A Month

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Handworks are one of the most reliable means of income in today’s world economy; I tell this has been what many have been surviving on in the long run. If you have a valuable good to offer to people and your goods are reliable am telling you are sure of making regular income all year round without any issue or breakdown as long as your goods is reliable.

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One of the issues that scare people away from learning handwork, is the stress been pass through while working as an apprentice, even some bosses maybe sometimes too hard for them, and many don’t like the ideology of been working for someone for a very long time, but this is the good news if you are the time that loves to learn and handwork that doesn’t take too much time to learn.

Top 7 Best Handworks for A Lady to Learn in Nigeria 2019

Here are list of handworks you can learn and become a professional in the space of 1-2 months with a very good attention, that’s it paying a proper attention will help you to get any hand work that will be listed soon on the space of 1-2 months.

Let’s journey together as we looking into these handworks

  1. Graphic Design. This is a handwork that is getting more and more popular on daily basis almost every organization, churches, businesses etc., now need the service of a graphics designer, and this is a work you can learn in a very little space of time and earn decent money from it, only if you place close attention at learning it.
  2. Phone Repair. Mobile phone is probably part of the most used thing in any part of the world, and all these gadget are what needs constant servicing and repair, learning the repairing of phones won’t take too long to know and the least that you can earn on any issue concerning repairing of phone is about #1,000 irrespective of the size of phone or how much it cost.
  3. Laptop Repairing. This is also similar to repairing phones, and laptops are most time handle with care. Users do not always want to tamper with it themselves they always want to get to a technician at appearance of any defect unlike phone, you can as well learn this in a short period of time and earn real big.
  4. House Painting. This is a handwork that are always ready for sale because new houses are springing up on a daily basis, you won’t regret learning this and this can be one of the simplest thing you can learn and get at a very short period of time.
  5. Wrist Watch Repair. There is nothing much to repair other than change the batteries, cleans the engine, change the coil, change the glasses, or change the entire engine. In which can as well learn in a very short period of time and earn your money.
  6. Hair Dressing and Makeup. This is none of the handwork that command a very good number of attention, and the makeup industry is made up of many professionals and it’s only going to keep getting better. There is really no basis of comparison as all of them have brought the industry to the enviable heights it is now. And you can learn this in a short space of time and there’s real big money in this industry if you have a quality delivering, countless people spend money on makeups and hairdressing.
  7. Hair Barbing. This is an industry that really works out very well because and average Nigerian man will cut his hair in at least the end of every two weeks, and to learn Barbing, you need just a month except you’re a duller. Barbers charge minimum of N200 Naira for one haircut.
  8. Beads Making. Bead making is also a handwork that will bring in cool earning, if you can do it well to learn
  9. Soap Making. This also something you can learning easily and quickly and earn money from.
  10. Website Developing. Almost everyone is putting up one or two website, organizations, churches, individual, and many more and this is what you can learn in a space of little time, even word press or website developing platforms as made learning it very much easier to learn. 
  11. Photography And Videography
  12. Bread And Cake Making
  13. Floor Tiling
  14. Simple Sandal Making
  15. Fancy Brick Making

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