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There was a funny list that was released Online last week combined by a twitter user with the handle “Calabar_Sheriff” it’s a funny list though, he mentioned the name of certain people in Nigeria, whom he believe will not make heaven, his yardstick is strictly his own opinion, and does not confirm or justify the list, he however top the list with the name of a major Nigerian music Artiste “Naira Marley” whom has been known for his ungodly attitude of smoking Indian hemp, and even leading a marlian movement, that makes ladies not to wear pants, and sleep with men around, he has also been know over time for various violation of law leading to him having several court cases over and over again, naira marley smokes in public, all manner of hard drugs and still post the picture on his instagram page.

The list released by the Twitter user includes;

Naira Marley



APC Members



Arsenal Fans

Daddy Showkey

Sped Darlington


Those are the major names that he listed and assumed that won’t make Heaven in Nigeria, however, this post is not claiming or supporting this assumption, it’s the opinion of the person.

But in all Sincerity who are really those in Nigeria that won’t make Heaven?

What are the criteria, that will determine who makes heaven and who does not?

Can we really determine who makes heaven? Well, let’s see what the Bible says about it.

For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God Ephesians 5:5.

So who are those that won’t make Heaven in Nigeria?

I will not mention names; I will just give a category of them;

  1. The Bad Politicians: This is the first category of those who will not enter the kingdom of heaven, those who promise people heaven on earth so as to gain their votes, promise all manner of things, but when they get there, they don’t even feel the pain of the people anymore, they began to misbehave and act unfairly to the people they are ruling over. Politicians do all manner of things when they are in Power, some of them their judgment will even start from the earth here and not in heaven alone.
  2. The Wicked and Evil People: These are the people that do evil to others, do go extra mile, to an herbalist, to do charm, and invoke incantation and destruction on their prey, it happens at various levels in our nation; workplace, government, music and other industry. Anybody that does this will not make heaven, some even uses charm against their neighbor or workplace mate, just to destroy them, this category of people cannot make heaven except they repent.
  3. Adulterers and those who destroy other’s Marriage: Yes! There are those that won’t give their partner rest, they cheat, they will even impregnate another woman outside and take care of her, build house for her without letting the original wife know about it, this is wickedness, some others will spend more money on one side chick outside and the wife inside is suffering, this is wickedness and any form of wickedness disqualify you for heaven.
  4. Those who oppress others and afflict them: This is very common; they are the groups of witches and wizards, herbalist, terrorist, thieves, cultist and just name it! They are committed to destroying lives, properties, and destiny of people, they are quick to make War and unrest happen in a place, people in this category are never qualify for heaven, they will never enter heaven, some will even begin to face their punish from here on Earth, anyone that truly wants to make heaven should not bring others down. If you see the manner with which people go extra mile to tie down the destiny of others and ruin their life, it is alarming, sometimes they use padlock to lock destiny of people, some others will use nail to the tree inside the forest to invoke destruction on the life of people, these are all wickedness and will not make it possible for such a person to make heaven.
  5. Those who come against the Church : The Bible says, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail”, God is in support of the church, because it is the only system on the earth right now that prepare people for eternity with God, those that come against the church will have their own share of destruction, some oppress the church and do evil to scatter the church and most times they succeed when the church is not strong and prayerful enough, anyone that does this will not make heaven. Remember the little kids in the bible that mock Elisha, when he turned back and rebuke them, the Bible says that, a beer came from the bush and consume them, this is why it is dangerous to attack men of God and the church, it can bring serious destruction on Life and Destiny.
  6. Those who use Power to Oppress Others: These are the people who have influence and power in certain areas of life and they use it against the innocent, just to prove that they are powerful and in charge. For instance, there was a case of a king in the west that attended a couple’s wedding, and when he saw that the wife was beautiful, he took the wife away, and gave the husband some money, he used the influence of been a monarch to snatch someone’s wife away, this is wickedness of highest order, and such a person is never a candidate of heaven.
  7. Those who encourage others to SIN and Do Evil: Yes! This is prevalent in our world today. These are the category of people that talks other people into doing what God hates; they make sure they cause others to fall. For example, some people will tell a lady that is married but has no child that she should go to an herbalist place in other to have a child, she will first reject and say, I am a Christian and I cannot do this thing, but when the pressure continues and she is not wise to disconnect from such a person., she might end up doing it, even though it is an abomination before the Lord. Some people are the ones that lure their friend into smoking, drinking, womanizing and doing all manner of evil works that is against the ways of God, this is bad, and such people will never make heaven.

Which of the above category do you belong? Jesus can save you totally today and set you free, just come to him today and say; “Lord Jesus, I come before you today, am a sinner, please forget me, have mercy on me, wash me with your blood and cleans me, I choose to follow you today and no turning back, thank you Lord in Jesus name”.

If you say this simple prayer with me, God is ready to deliver you from every wrong ways and set you free completely, make sure you join a bible believing Church so that you can grow in the knowledge of God, God bless you.

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