Living a Purpose Driven Life



  • Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA Sunday

Thank You Jesus. He is a Mighty God. We give You the praise, in Jesus Precious Name.
Father, this morning we honor You, we decree and declare that there is none like You.

We have been around for a while, not as long as You have been but Lord, since we have been there is none like You. This morning we ascribe all greatness to You, we decree and declare that You are our Rock. Your works are perfect and all Your ways are just. We handover our lives unto You, we decree that our times are in Your Hands, we bless You Lord Jesus, help us to hear, help us to see that both the speaker and the hearers will never remain the same, we silence every activity of hell, we put a stop to their work and we decree that in the Name of Jesus that the ministry of the Holy Ghost is strong in this room.

We pray for those who are watching in the diaspora, those who are watching through the Tv, maybe someone is sick in the hospital, maybe someone is watching from a prison yard that Lord, Your Hand be strong upon them.

Thanks be to God, the God of all mercies and the Father of all comfort, who comfort us in all our tribulations, Father comfort Your son, Father comfort Your daughter. Let the Word they need to hear be the one I will speak. Guide me like a Guilded missile.

Let lives not remain the same, let nobody under the sound of my voice remain the same, we give You the praise in Jesus Precious Name.
Come on, clap for Jesus, exalt Him high, lift Him up.
Please be seated God bless you.
Romans 8:28-30.


Rick Warren did a great job, you might want to just buy the book, Purpose-driven life.
Purpose-driven life, very very important that you just keep breathing or existing, you must understand where your life is headed.


There is no point running when you are running towards the wrong direction. You will waste space, you will waste time, you will waste grace, you will waste purpose.

And everyone in this room right now even though I don’t know everyone under the sound of my voice, you are matured to know that you have wasted enough time, there is no point wasting more time.

As we are seated that people are looking good, everybody is speaking good English, everybody is smelling fresh, not every life is purpose – driven.

Some are just hustling just to eat, just to wear clothes. If you get to Lagos you will see people from my natural descent, who when you met them at parties they dressed like they just came out from JQ Magazine but their house you will need to bend down to enter, that is what they live for, they live for the weekends.

By Thursday they are smiling from side to side. You will see a kid on the internet that says,” I don’t care about my future, my future is not going anywhere”, that is how some people live, it is just for the weekend.

The enemy has deprived them so much that they have been blinded, they don’t see more, they are consumers, they are takers, they don’t contribute to anything and the worst thing is they know what is wrong with every other person but themselves.

You know, because you must be busy, Satan must give you something to work with.

You know what they call them? Busy-bodies. They are busy but they ain’t going nowhere. You can’t say my husband is rich and I have purpose, you can’t say my wife is putting food on the table. Everybody came on the surface of the earth with a purpose. You can’t say my parents are rich and then I can relax. We are not talking about being comfortable, in fact most people that are purpose – driven in their lifestyle may not even live in comfort.


There are people God will go and throw in the middle of somewhere, you look at them, they look like ‘go nowhere’, or like failures going somewhere to explode but they are in the middle of their purpose. The best place to be is not to be in the oilfield of Saudi Arabia, it’s not to be in the Gold Mines of South Africa, it’s not to be in the Metropolitan cities like Manhattan, the best place to be is to be in the centre of God’s Will for your life.

My prayer for you this morning is that this message will not frustrate you, that in the Name of Jesus, one way or the other in God’s faithfulness and in his Mercy your eyes shall be opened.
Verse 28 is my deliberation in this first service and if you are a Bible student like me, you won’t read this verse and let it pass.

The Bible says “all things work together for good”, the Bible did not say, ” all things work for good”, never teach your children to follow their joy because dogs may give them joy, never teach people to follow their passion because the devil can give you a passion and you will think it is permission.

There are people who think it is their purpose to destroy humanity. Some people have been so damaged that when they see you smile on the social media or the Internet, they are depressed.

They didn’t planned it but life has so much battered them. That is what they live for and if you are like that you should seat down today and ask yourself, is this what I want to do with my life?

So you can’t just say I am following my purpose, I am following my passion, I am following this, No!.

Things don’t work always for those who follows God’s purpose but they work together.

So, when you look at how you grew up, your mom had to go do a course in America, your dad had to work somewhere and then they took you to a village.

As exposed as you are now, as educated as you are now, you have some fundamental training that people wonder, how did you get it? It was when you were in the village using stone to mesh pepper and you are wondering one day if they will introduce another mother to you saying that mother you knew was not your mother.

Because you thought she was wicked. Am I talking?
Together when they are working now, they make sense.
A man was reading a newspaper and his son was disturbing him, he cut the newspaper into pieces and said, listen, when you are done fixing this newspaper together I will answer you. The boy said it is easy.

The man did not know that the boy had a clue to it, he cut the newspaper into pieces, the boy fixed it in 5 minutes. He said, how did you fix it?

He said while you were reading the newspaper, behind it was a map of the world. I beg your pardon, it is was actually the map of the world in front of him and the picture of somebody behind it, he knew the picture of the person, he said if I can fix the man, I can fix the world.
So if you can fix your purpose, everything you want to achieve, you are aspiring for you will eventually fix it.
I pray for you, you will not run after shadows in the Name of Jesus.

So, “all things work together for good to those who love God”. Why will the Bible say that? Because the love of God constrains us. Many people have offended some of you and maybe because of your past, you know what you could do to them but the love of God constrained you. Some of you are so beautiful, you know what you could do, you know people as beautiful as you, how they are brandishing all around that they are successful but the love of God pulls you back.

That love of God is what will guide you into your purpose. That thing that constrains you, that on a very good day you know what you could have done but because of your love for God, that love for God is what will guide you into your purpose.
So doing what God tells you to do is what will make all things work together because God can put you in a place where you will think God is wicked. Sometimes it looks like you have been forgotten. If you are here today, you have never seen your contemporaries overtake you before, you are not working in line with God’s Word. It will be like they have gone, such things drag you to God, such things drag your attention, such things drag you to your knees to pray, to fast, to depend on Him.

Right now at the level of your life that you are in, what makes you when there is an issue, you will say don’t worry, I know how to pray, I know what to do, is because God made you encounter things in time past. You are here listening, you can remember like yesterday that you were a teenager when your father passed, it looked like the world ended but look at you today, it wasn’t a walk in the park but as you were struggling and climbing and going up, you picked up things that you can look back and say, ” they worked together”.
When they were happening individually; while your mom was crying everywhere, it wasn’t palatable, while you had to leave the school you were to a cheaper school, it wasn’t palatable, the relations you had to forgive, people your father helped, they made mouth, after they left first one week after the burial, you never heard from them anymore.

Now you know how when people promise you Heaven and Earth, you believe but you don’t put anybody in the place of God. That paradigm is now working together for your good, while it was working, it was not nice. You thought you will never survived it but you did. Get ready, the next phase you will survive it. Somebody, you will not just survive it, you will thrive in it.

If you believe it shout hallelujah.
All things don’t work together for good for everybody, if you have made your decisions, if you have muddied the water, if you have messed up God’s plans for your life, if you have tried to help God and you messed it up without asking Him, things don’t work together. Sometimes it is damage control after damage control, mess after mess every single day. Think about it today, what untold pain are you going through that you have no business going through? If not because you did not work according to the plan of God for your life. But that is not my deliberation, what caught my attention this morning is that they work together for those who love God. It explains to me why people make decisions even when they know where the way of escape is, even when they know another thing to do. If you are here today God has asked you to do something and you have never packed your luggage to leave what God said then you are not in purpose.
Have I been tempted to leave ministry? Many many times. Sometimes I have even tried to talk to business people and when I tell them, they will say, ‘Ah, you sound like a Consultant’. I talked to interior decorators, I talked to car sellers, I talked to builders, I talked to several people.

I have gone for exhibitions, one of my favorite things to do is to travel for exhibitions and I see things. I mean there are things you could just do now now now, Africa is a virgin place, bring one simple idea, you can blow in one minute.
If you have not been tempted to pack your bag and leave what you are doing you are not in purpose.

Because purpose is not tarred,. You go through roads that you want to turn back. I can never forget the story Pastor Mathew told us, it changed my life forever.
This warlord had taken his war guys to go fight somewhere, when they got to the place where they were supposed to fight, he saw how dangerous the military guys they were about to fight were, immediately he set their ship on fire and they shouted, ‘we have sons and daughters’, he said, ‘yeah, think about your sons, your daughters and your wife at home, this will make you win this battle.

When you win, we will build another ship that will take us back’. When we are seeing this ship at the shore, there is no way when the battle is fierce we will not jump back and leave. Anybody who did not have the opportunity to jump and leave was not called.
Jesus never called anybody on the street, he called them on their career, on their job, making sure they had options but choosing him rather than what they had.

God will never leave Himself without an option. When He called Peter they were two boats there, He will never leave Himself without an option, that is what He uses to brag. That is why when someone tells you I don’t have a job, everything ended, I think I should be a Pastor, don’t believe him.

There is nobody, I mean the template is in the Bible. You must have a juicy option. One of the reasons why God gives up on people is when you put your hand in the plow and look back.
The Israelites had Egypt to return to. There must be an option, a juicy one but understanding what I am about to share with you today is what makes you stay. Ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t walk out of this room with a very strong sense of purpose that you are part of the ‘The Called’ then you are likely to miss your purpose.

When you understand that you are ‘the called’ and again when I am talking about ‘the called’, I am not talking about Pastoral office, Prophetic office, Apostolic office, No!

You are running a school and you say to yourself, ‘many of us are not plenty, God prepared me all my life for this, I will make money but there is a reason why God placed me here. Most of the people who are armed robbers today, most of the people who are adversarial towards God today, most of the people who are damaging the world today passed through someone’s primary school.

Do you know that Mrs. Cook, my teacher that came from Britain to work in our primary put some things in me that I would never had known was in me. “Biodun Fatoyinbo, you are taking that song” and I am like ‘I can’t sing’, because in my house they tell me shut up.

My sister could sing, my brother could sing, I have this cracked voice, they will tell you, ‘don’t spoil the song’. She said, “you will sing that song”. And she was teaching me a yoruba song and she will make me sing it a certain way. I never knew I could sing somebody stirred that up in me.

The first time I spent money was in 1986 and I was shaking because they had changed my school. My father was broke, they changed my school and in the school I went to, you could not buy launch. I mean, they will suspend you for finding money in your hand. But you run a school just to make money. You don’t put qualities in people.

When you know you are ‘the called’, it doesn’t mean you are not going to make money in fact if you do well money will pursue you. Imagine COZA saying they want to start a school now, I bet you people who hate us will eventually bring their children because we don’t do small things, we go the extra mile. We are not calculating profits, we have purpose at the end of the matter.

To say in the next 6 years we want our students to be having the highest grades in Cambridge, that is where we start from then we work the rest out.

If we need to be using Church offering to pay one expatriate we are going to bring, when we achieve it then we will calculate profits but we must first of all achieve that thing. What is your purpose? What you do, why do you do it?

If we have a dream to have a Leadership University, so if we start a primary school, we are not going to be raising students that will pass exams, we are going to be raising leaders.

From the beginning, we are likely going to have a school that once you don’t start from the beginning we are likely going to take you. Some members will be offended, some will say, ‘Pastor Biodun, I am a partner, I just moved to Abuja’.

From when your child is in the womb you register that child. We are not looking for crowd, no transfer. Are you following what I am saying? So, purpose guides everything. You are not looking for money first, give it twenty years everybody both people in America will be registering here because you stood with purpose.
That is the way you can stand out in your world. I hope I didn’t bounce you off, I am not saying we are starting a school, it just came to me just now, Amen. I am just telling you that so it is not an advert.

Under peer pressure you know what you want to do. It doesn’t matter how many people are saying it, how many people are dancing it, how many people are posting it, some of you just follow crowd, you are so deprived you just want to belong. When was the last time you stood alone to say this is what I believe?

It is always where people are, even though you don’t enjoy it, you pretend you do. You can’t fulfill purpose following the crowd, the devil knows what can bounce you off.
Check the Bible, those who stood out stood alone. Noah and his family alone, out of the entire known world.

They built the ark for 120 years people did not believe in him and he insisted, he built it and was the only one saved. The crowd is not always right. So you don’t want to go where they want to go because you know what you want to do.

Say, ‘I am different’ and that is why I am ‘the called’. When you understand that you are ‘the called’ in that your field, that you are ‘the called’ in that your business, listen it doesn’t matter what they do, some people’s business is to run other people down so they can matter.

You don’t feel bad that they copied your ideas, who else will they copy? You are ‘the called’. The world depends on you, in that industry for now, you are ‘the called’. Anytime you try to do what they did you always got into trouble, there is a spotlight upon you, you are ‘the called’.You are ‘the called’. Some of you will just want to do what everybody are doing and God will tell you, ‘you can’t do it’.

How many of you have yelled at God? ‘Why are You disturbing my life? How many of you?
You can’t do this, you can’t do that, even when you force yourself to do it, you are at the middle of it and you are not happy. And you are thinking, ‘won’t You leave me alone God? Why are You making my life miserable?

And you had to advised people, ‘ oh my God, you are enjoying your life, I see you go to parties, post it online, I can’t ‘. ‘God will not let me rest. I only enjoy it for two weeks, I enter trouble, something will happen. What is giving me joy is God, I will need to run back to that God. Why won’t You leave me alone, God?’

God has put a Finger upon your life. David said, ‘even if I put my bed in hell, You are there, he said where will I run to? That is ‘the called’. You enter into depression for two weeks for what you only did for two days.

Others are living in it everyday and they are wondering what’s wrong? But you know that you just can’t do it. Even though while you were doing it every day, forcing yourself to belong, you just know you couldn’t just do it.

There were things I had to come to terms with myself, I said, ‘Biodun, look these things are not for you’, I tried to, in fact I will pretend to my friends that I was part of them but I just could not do them.

Maybe in Church right now, all your friends are engaged and maybe some of them are not even engaged to people that you think they should be engaged to, it is pressure. You say, ‘look at your friends, look at everybody, what is wrong with you? But God is telling you, you can’t do that, they can do it because you are ‘the called’.

In your office everybody travels and come back with fake receipts of medicals. That was the time you came to church and Pastor fired Covenant Prosperity and they told you don’t walk in fear. You and your friends had planned it and on Monday you say I can’t just do it. ‘What is even wrong with you? Is it not COZA you are going to?

Have you started Deeper life? Is it not just COZA? I know this person, I know that person, I know this person, I know that person.

What is wrong with you?

Why are you always feeling this and that?’.
You will say, ‘I don’t just want to do it. I am not interested’. Don’t think you are strange, you are ‘the called’.

They may be able to pull out your file and say, ‘didn’t you do this last week? ‘I did it with you because I wanted to feel among but as soon as I left I didn’t have peace’, front-end that is what I looked like, back-end this is what I look like because I am not enjoying it, I am ‘the called’. So you don’t do things according to trends, you are do things according to purpose.

Don’t let a motivational speaker mess up your life. They pump you to puncture your destiny. Follow your dreams, follow your heart. The devil brings the synthetic of the authentic; In the aspect of education, take for example, the first thing written in life was written by God, the first building was built by God, every single thing.

You couldn’t do law without referencing God. So education started with God only that God did not intend that your mind should be educated and then you leave your spirit. God wants to educate your spirit and from your spirit, your mind is dragged in to be on the same page with your spirit.

That is why you can have a professor who is a cultist, his mind is educated but his spirit is demonic, that is why you can have nurses who are stealing the placenta of babies because she is educated but her spirit is darkened.

So you think is God against education? No! The devil brought something close. Same thing I am sharing with you, purpose is of God, let me show it to you, Genesis 1:7,11,29,14. Why will God make you without a purpose? Why will God be against purpose?
Is it a motivational speaker that will be telling you about purpose? I am not saying they are demonic. What I am trying to say is that satan designed something that looks like the real to bounce you off. The preoccupation is to take God out of the picture and it will not work. That is why you see some of them teaching it, they are broke themselves. Some of them don’t even have a clue. What they are saying has an iota of truth in it, some of them are Biblical principles repackaged but it is like a pressing iron bragging.

I don’t know if I have shown it to you that God told the sea to produce all the fish. Let the earth bring forth her herbs. Don’t cut the branch of a tree if you don’t want it to produce, disconnect it from the earth. But when God wanted to make you, He told the firmament to bring the stars, where it told it to come from was where it maintained it.

When He wanted to make you in verse 26, He spoke to Himself. He put His breath into you, a part of God is in you. But you said No. Satan says don’t worry, you can survive without God. One of the reasons why most of you are in Church this morning may just be one simple thing. Let there be Credit in Nigeria, let it be 1 per cent, some of you may not pray again, you won’t even come to church because you can buy anything you want. Do you know that in America the manager of the office and the clerk can use the same car?

That guy just needs to work three jobs, he will earn what the manager is earning. There is dignity in their jobs.You buy a Lamborghini, he can pick it the next day if he has built his credit and drive it.
One of my friends said to me, ‘I see them decorate cars in your church every Sunday, what happened? I said, we are thanking God for the cars people bought, he laughed he almost died. ‘They bring their cars to church to thank God? I said, Oga, na car, calm down (vernacular). I humbled his life.
You know when you want to make disposable cups, the process doesn’t take long but when you want to make durables it takes fire, the template, the product, it takes a while.

Don’t compare yourself with another person, where you are headed is not where they are headed.
They are like a flash in a pan, they are like shooting stars they land you don’t see them anymore. Somebody left someone’s Church and packed their members, he has about two thousand members within two months, he came to see me and I said to him, can I tell you the truth? You don’t have Church members yet. No Church is a church until after 15 years; have you appointed Pastors? Have you empowered people?

You are single you are doing something, you have not started, let’s see the dynamics of your wife coming in and your children coming in.

There are ladies in your organization that love you because you don’t have a wife, make a decision next week, they will say it is his wife that is teaching him, we can’t be here, it is a family thing they are doing here. They are different phases of life.

So with my small age, I just laugh because I have seen, with this little time I have been on earth I have seen.
Praise God!
God intends to go with you in this journey so you can’t move according to trends, you can’t move with the crowd, you can’t follow the wind except it is the wind of the Spirit. You must get to the level where you will say, ‘Lord, be glorified at my expense’.
Why must I go through the things I am going through? Because I am ‘the called’. Have you tried to take another character like being the devil and the devil the is you, have you tried to write a script how you would have dealt with the devil who is hell-bound, you are heaven-bound. Ask your neighbor, say neighbor,’ if you were the devil would you like me? Never!
If you are one of ‘the called’, God is meticulous about your life; who you marry? Where you are at every particular time? What do you do with your money? Your prayer time? Your study time? Who is your friend? There are places you go to as you got back to your car, God tells you, ‘Never come back here again, I don’t want to see you with that guy again. So one day Babylon had become so big just like Canada wants to expand right now, it wasn’t because Israel offended them, they needed more people but they needed young people, so while young people were playing and all of that they kidnapped them to Babylon in chains. And checked each one of them, anyone, without blemish they set them aside; people with good skin they set them aside, the tall ones they set them aside and they presented them to the king. These ones looked like it and they did an aptitude test for all of them, the ones who passed they took all of them and put them in a camp and a eunuch was in charge of all of them; they changed their names, they changed their languages, they changed their clothes, they changed their literature. Once they change your literature, your language, you should have lost your identity but you see, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are not like some of us. Some of us were deprived growing up and listen to me, having parents who didn’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean you are deprived. Some families only ate once a day but the love and the oneness and the upbringing and the training did not make them deprived.
Some lived in plenty yet deprived. Every judgment is based on money, every decision is based on money, they literally worship money but these children were called three Hebrew children because they were captured as teenagers but God’s original intention was done in their lives because they were not taught the Babylonian education first.They were first of all educated in their spirits; they changed their clothes, changed their literature, changed their language but what was put in their spirits did not leave them. We were designed to function inside – out. Do you know what shocked them? How many of you believe one of the reasons why the Queen of England leaves well is because of her diet? There is a particular she must eat, there is a particular time she can’t eat, there is a particular drink she had to take to sleep, at a certain time she must take fruit, at a certain time she must take a walk, that is how she is able to be like that. Kings were protected because they were raised all their lives for that throne, you can’t afford not to live long and pass the posterity to other people. Are we talking?
It was what the king of Babylon ate, secularism started from Babylon, the secular system is a Babylonia system; they invented money, they invented everything we are looking at right now. It started from Genesis 11. To take God out, that is the preoccupation. Have I lost you?
So they have put things together but in the Jewish law, you must slaughter a ram, you must slaughter a goat, you must slaughter a bull, a cow and let the blood out. They had the delicacies through which they cook it and all of that but they strangled the cow and cooked it with the blood. You don’t become a witch overnight, it is small small. Daniel 1:8. Think about it, they captured some Nigerians going to America and you are one of them, Biden said, ‘you will live in my house, you will eat what I eat. Some of you, you will not pray for one year but Daniel said no. It was from this verse 8 that Daniel began to rise, the ‘purpose’ there means there was pressure, there was tension. The eunuch said, ‘guys if the king finds out that you are lean. I am dead, I will lose my job. And losing of job in Babylon is you are going to be executed. Daniel begged the eunuch, he said, ‘please, I don’t want to defile myself, I have consecrated myself to God from my youth.
You know the reason why our job as a Pastor is so difficult? We are like fire brigades. People have caught fire, they already burnt black, they bring them to us and say, ‘make them brand new’. How can we make them brand new? When they were telling you don’t go into fire, you say I must go into fire, now that your hair is burnt and everything, you said, ‘Pastor, make this hair grow now’. But now that people are not burnt. God is giving you children of three years old, five years old, do you know you can just tell them, ‘hey, this is Scripture for tonight, I want to hear you recite it tomorrow ‘, Purpose is not about those who have pulpit. Ephesians 4:11-12, the reason why the body is not edified is because everybody is not doing the work of the ministry. Did you catch that now?
So the reason for the living should be what God had in mind before He made you. Now we have resources, we have vehicles, we have opportunities like your job, your career but after you have opportunities, you have career, you have influence, from those things your next question you should ask is Lord what exactly did You make me for? All of us cannot resign and come and be preaching in church, so, please take that out of your mind but ‘what did You have in mind before You made me that even without studying much I know mathematics, I know statistics, I understand computers, what did You have in mind? You even see people working in church, you tell them, ‘is that where your life will end? Because your idea about success is all about making money. No! I beg to differ from anybody who is teaching anything, it is not true. And you must do it on time.
A 69-year-old man came to Nigeria, when he was 20 God called him to Africa, he said, ‘no, Lord I need to get married ‘ he got married, he said, ‘no, Lord it is not easy to raise kids in Africa ‘, when he got that, he said, ‘I need to make money so I won’t be a burden to them.
No man goes to war at his expense. If you are trying to raise funds so that you can do God’s work, you will never raise that funds or the power of God will not follow you because you will get the glory for it. No one goes to war at his own expense. One of the best Preachers I have ever listened to is a Nigerian. He left where he was came to Abuja and said he wanted to start a church. So we had a meeting, when I came was when he came to Abuja, he said, ‘Pastor Biodun, I want to do contracts, didn’t you see the way your church is? Till tomorrow, he hasn’t, I am not even sure if he is in the Faith. It is not a funny matter that some who is a Preacher is out of the Faith, it is a dangerous zone that he is treading right now.
Nobody goes to war at his own expense. Part of releasing faith and everything is part of everything that will release your muscles for ministry.
Finally, you must come to the level where you outlined the reasons for living with God’s purpose for your life.

There are lots of people, you know what they are doing? They are kicking against the pricks, kicking against destiny, kicking against Divine design for your life. You want to do what they are doing, you want to be where they are even if God tells you to walk on water and He tells you to come, that is the safest place for you to walk because the boat will not be safe anymore. Now, you must do it in time and on time.

The 69 years old man finally came to Nigeria, he had not spent fifteen minutes on the stage when he started coughing, he spoke nobody understood him, he gave altar call nobody came out, he broke down after the service talked to his host, he spoke to all of them, he said, ‘do you know God called me 20?

I postponed it, I did this, I did this till 69. He said, ‘I don’t even have the strength anymore but I just at least want to do what God told me. No!

You don’t come to God after you have used your strength for the enemy, your memory is even not sharp and you come and say you want to serve God. That is why some of them find it very odd about us; a young man becoming a Pastor.
Whatever God wants you to do, do it now because you need time to be able to fulfill destiny. Jesus had known that Satan entered Judas to betray him. Jesus said, ‘Judas, that which you will do, do it quickly. Whether it’s evil or good, whatever you will do, do it quickly. I pray for you that you will not run after shadows. Don’t walk into a dungeon just because you want to make money, you want to matter and you let the enemy trick you into that cage and lock you up. Do you know in prisons there are windows? How you know you are in prison Spiritually is when you see where you are going to but you cannot get there.
Ephesians 2:10, Romans 8:28-29. You are the extension of the Ministry of Jesus. You were not mass-produced, you are different. You are not just born again so that you will be heaven-bound, you are born to do those good works you have been predestined to do. Some of you to share handbills you are ashamed because you are a CEO or so. In the words of our former First Lady, Mama Peace Jonathan, ‘Continue ‘. I am telling you continue because when somebody is out of purpose it won’t be long when they will be called home.
Put your hand in your chest and say, Father, in the Name of Jesus, no matter how good my life is, no matter how prosperous I am, may I not miss the life prearranged, preplanned for me to live. Lord guide me, You know that I am human, there is no way I can know everything except You tell me. Show it to me, help me to know it, I want to do Your Will, I know You want the best for me but Lord the path with which I will experience the best, don’t let me miss it. Show it to me, bend over backwards to make me understand it. Thank You Father in Jesus Precious Name.

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