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The Bible speaking in Psalm 133, says, “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity, it is like the precious ointment upon the head that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s Beard, that went down to the skirt of his Garment, as the dew of hermon, as the dew that descdended upon the mountains of Zion, for there the Lord commanded the Blessing even life forever more”.

God is Love and if we claim to belong to God, the only way we can prove that claim is to love one another, if we don’t walk in love, we are not in any way connected to God.

The true symbol of our Christian Faith is that we are a people who walk in Love, not in hatred, envy and strife, God commands us to love one another in the body of Christ, not just in the body but also even to love our neighbor, no matter what they are, whether they be Muslim, Buddhist or whatever, love is a paramount factor. It is unfortunate that in the body of CHRIST today, we have such a severe magnitude of hatred on display, people hate one another, people hate people when they leave their church, others hate the members of other denomination, this is a major distraction to the kingdom of God and our heavenly race, no matter the basis of the hatred, some Pastors even encourage members to hate other pastors or denomination, this is not the Gospel of Jesus, because in the kingdom, there is no denomination, we only have the kingdom of God, the harvest field filled with the souls of men who are willing and ripe enough to be harvested into the kingdom of God and labourers who are going out to harvest souls, what we call denomination today is actually labourers who are willing to go and work, so we should not be distracted from the main goal which is to reconcile the world back to God.

To bring Jesus to the dying world, I also want to bring to your notice that, it is the operation of the spirit of Devil to bring the church to disunity, because mighty things happens when we are united, but when we are scattered the enemy can penetrate, Love strengthens us, because God is Love.

The way out starts with me and you, let us love one another, let us get rid of hatred, bitterness, envy, learn to forgive your brother early, no matter what they did to you, forgive and let it go.

So that the Love of God can dwell in us richly, let us take a look at the example of Joseph he was sold into slavery by his brothers, they wanted to kill him at a point, they literally plot his destruction, and you can imagine the pain and agony of going through such a cruel hatred from your own kindred? It is indeed painful, but yet, Joseph did not take offend, he did not let go of his integrity, he did not let go of the love of God, even in the prison, he was ministering to those he met there and asking them, why are they sad, and why is their countenance sad, that is a man that as let go of what he is passing through.

And when God raised him and remembered him, the bible records that his brothers came to Egypt looking for food, he recognized them right from the first time they came, he gave them all they wanted but at the second time, he revealed himself to them, I know they must be terrified, on getting to know he is the one now enthroned, yet even though he has the power to deal with them and do as he please, yet he was full of the love of God, and he wouldn’t do such to them,  because he was filled with the Love of God, this is what should be in us as Christians, the love of God should be strong in our heart, that is why Jesus said, forgive your brother 70 x 7 times in a  day, now is it possible that your brother offends you 70 times in a day? Not to talk of 70 x 7, what Jesus is trying to say there is, don’t give a place to the devil, don’t breed hatred, envy, bitterness and unforgiveness towards anyone, because these are the works of the flesh, and they carry the tendency to choke the spirit of God that is within you.

That is why the Bible says, when you stand to pray and someone offends you, go and forgive the person, settle your issue with the person so that your prayers can be answered, this means anytime we harbor hatred in our heart, God cannot hear us, but why is this so? Because God is love, and anything of the devil in you will make God to look away from you, take away every sin that defiles and come whole to God, he will receive you.

There is a faster open heaven and answers to prayer that we enjoy as believers when we pray together in Unity, when we come together as one, the heavens are open upon us, God is in a hurry to pour down his blessings upon us, when we are one.

I know some people have had terrible experience from people, family, loved ones, friends, brethren and so on, I am not saying you should give them the opportunity to strike you again, we know some people are agent of the devil, but what am saying, forgive and let God, remember God is the one that can truly keep and watch over you, and he is the reason why we are not consumed, trust and believe God more for his protection and preservation over your life and you will experience it in abundance in Jesus name, Amen.

Receive Grace to love more from now, receive healing for every past pains, hurts from loves ones and brethren in Jesus name, Amen.

God bless you.

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